After: 2nd Presidential Debate 2012 - From ABC News and Yahoo New

Second Debate Recap
3:00 | 10/17/12

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Transcript for After: 2nd Presidential Debate 2012 - From ABC News and Yahoo New
When they are wiping down the -- on Long Island because last night the gloves came off between the presidential candidates and -- -- a full analysis from our political director Amy Walter just a minute but first. Ninety minutes a very intense debate last night. Concentrated down into -- 120 seconds let's get right. Just college student. From professors neighbors and others is that -- -- gradually blue jeans to get employment in -- new ways do you intend to rectify the unit bodies -- place. Governor Romney. What is the biggest difference between you and George W. Bush you can invest in my company bankrupt what the workers strip away the pensions -- -- -- make money. That's what's been squeezing middle class families he said that -- that we should take Detroit bankrupt. And and that's right well the president. It took Detroit bankrupt and -- -- got a five point plan. Up -- -- five point plan is one point point. Governor Romney they'll be plenty of chances here don't -- that at all these a threat to Detroit answer and -- -- the answer I got the mark. We haven't heard from the governor. Any specifics beyond big bird and eliminating. Funding for Planned Parenthood he said he would have by now. Put forward a plan to reform Medicare and Social Security. He hasn't even made a proposal is that we're gonna repeal obamacare first thing America despite the fact that the -- health care plan. But he -- in Massachusetts and is working well. I went to a number of women's groups and said can you help us find books and brought this whole binders full of of women. What he said 47%. Of the country consider themselves victims. Think about -- we was talking about in the last four years you cut permits and licenses on federal land in federal waters in hand not for them around. The world bunch of oil I don't the question and the question was how much like cut the evidence -- -- back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If I become president I'll get America working. I would get us on track to balance budget the president hasn't I will people -- working hard every day I want to fight for them. That's what I've been doing for the last four years because it didn't succeed. I believe the country succeeds that's why I'm asking for the -- that's why I'm asking for another forty. Libya pension binders it ran the gamut of subjects last night and a lot of papers around the country -- the phone with some of the headlines this points take a look at -- -- -- Chicago sometimes think -- brought in fact Amy. It was certainly -- town -- Dallas morning news got that one Denver Post -- point fingers each scoring points the daily news course always -- coming colorful bam boom -- Headline that. President Obama and his democratic supporters really wanted to see they wanted to see -- President Obama that was. -- 180 degrees different from the when they -- in Denver they got that he was aggressive. -- -- those clips right there he went right after Mitt Romney multiple times interrupting him and really be much more forceful in his answers that he was before the -- These guys look at different objectives of going into this debate for for President Obama it was. Lifting up that flagging support of his supporters of that democratic base but they were so disappointed in his performance in Denver. For Mitt Romney it was he had to be more subtle he's got to pull away those disaffected Obama voters. Many of them suburban moderate women some of them -- art did serve soft Republicans who have been moving away from George W. Bush. They voted for Obama in 2008 but they're not convinced they want to vote for him now. He'd address that by looking -- the more moderate Mitt Romney he talked. As he we saw what those clips about the fact that he wants to speak for a 100% of Americans to address that 47 for bringing Ahmanson -- -- head on. He addressed issues like contraception think he would absolutely under no circumstances -- in any form of contraception. He talked about when he was governor that he was going to get that he was able to. Put a 100%. Massachusetts children on health care. That was the -- that he wanted those swing voters to see a -- succeeded there but at the end of the day. They win goes to Obama because number one he I think commanded the stage much more than Mitt Romney did. And number two because he was so different than the demand that we saw. A week -- -- two weeks ago that but that alone. Made him. They -- the winners of last night's event was obviously to help those undecided voters get a clear picture of who both of those candidates were and now today obviously both -- saying hey archive one on this one right. And you know that they had the other piece of this though is I think what this ultimately is gonna look like when we. Again as we talk about the crock pot when we open up -- after we've let it simmer for a couple days is that this race is going to end up. Back to more of a -- then a Romney momentum which is where it was headed for this lasts few days. So I think that momentum for Romney has stopped I think that for President Obama he's revved up his -- once again. I don't think this race is going to fundamentally change it's not going to. How the impact. On the numbers -- on the perception of this race in the way that the Denver debate did and said I think it really sort of freezes the race in place. And we now spend the next two weeks with each side doing everything they possibly can to get. Their voters to the polls river early voting already under -- in a lot of states right and continued to keep them motivated. To turn -- a big victory in Ohio yesterday for the Democrats and for Obama's well who allowing the fact that early voting can -- take place and -- a -- to go to were probably one of the -- this moment that happened last night and that was over question about Libya in fact what the administration knew how they handled that attack and bank Gaza let's take a look at that -- I stood in the Rose Garden. And I told the American people in the world. We're gonna find out exactly what happened. I I think it's Anderson the president just said something which which is that on the day after the attack you -- the Rose Garden garden. And said that this was an act of terror. You said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror. It was not a spontaneous demonstration is that which -- saying please -- cigar. -- Want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president fourteen days before he called the attack and then -- an act of terror get the transfer. It if he didn't and facts are so let me let me -- it call it an act that allowed a candidate elected. He did find active terror it did as well. Take it it is well take that two weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a -- out there about this tape. -- it was a back and forth Thomas Tapeh in this seems to be a semantic debate that is now taking shape I want to know is this really affecting the voter home that is saying. I'm gonna make my decision based on the -- that they're using about whether this attack was a terror attack or wasn't a terror attack. I don't think that that voters looking for debate on semantics what they are looking about -- it that what they are looking for though. It's a candidate who looks like he could be commander in chief the person who could only and both with the vision and -- stature. To handle what is clearly. A very volatile situation in that part of the country. And look I think this is where you know of their a lot of Republicans and sought explode on Twitter -- we're seeing -- still in my email box -- -- -- -- -- on the campaign trail saying that number one Candy Crowley was wrong to insert herself in the way that she did. And number two that when it comes right down to it. President Obama did not declare. Terrorism in the way that we think of terrorism. In that Rose Garden ceremony it did take them two weeks -- really. Admit that what happened was pre planned and was -- rather than just reaction to the video but again. You know if it Mitt Romney's goal in this debate -- -- said was to talk to swing voters about. The issue and one issue they care about which is the economy I think he was somewhat successful -- that but. Concentrating so much on the the wording Brent Rose Garden ceremony that took place -- are press -- -- took place two weeks ago. Is not the kind of messaging that he should be focused on today he's spending his day in Virginia. In its to -- ending -- evening in Leesburg Virginia which is. -- -- Battleground of all battleground. Reporter this election. Vice president Joseph Biden and congressman Paul Ryan had some reactions about that -- tense debate moment last night this morning on Good Morning America let's take a look. Their strategy seems to be too. Try to make it appear that the that the president didn't care didn't know -- was -- the fact of the matter is the president was clear. We are gonna get to the bottom of this the whole world will know -- when the president turned and looked -- governor Romney. And made that assertion saying basically don't don't don't don't question me on this in terms of -- care. I thought was a powerful moments. What's troubling about this thing guys the attack is that it took two weeks for the administration get their story straight. Is that what we now know is that there was even a mob presidents. This wasn't reactions to -- YouTube video. It took two weeks for the president acknowledged that -- still want to do you mentioned YouTube video six times in public administration sent there. UN ambassador to the Sunday talk shows me to suggest that this was the result of a spontaneous mob. That's what's troubling about this Jorge -- all the facts come out hopefully we can learn from this we don't repeat this mistake ever -- -- -- -- merry go again having that same semantic debate. Although I think what Paul -- did was -- -- a little bit further than we saw last night in the debate saying this is really a question. About. You know what the goals of this administration should be. Did they try to cover this up why did we not learn about this for two weeks and then -- to make the point I think that that Paul Ryan did in the debate. That this is an administration. Where the competency question needs to be -- And that was the content that was the concentrated message that Mitt Romney wanted to get out last night when he when he back into that so of course almost ten hours later now we can have an analysis but last night. There was a group of undecided voters Republicans and Democrats that were hooked up to electrodes for lack of a technical term. So they could study in it's certainly does but now we promised the had to sign waivers we got a good insurance plans up. Essentially what this is measuring is the biometrics -- is that the physiological reaction to voters when they see something from the debates and you can see everyone getting hooked up here so essentially. When voters are watching something instantaneously. Their bodies -- -- was reacting -- with body temperature with sweat. Whenever some kind of physiological response and that gets recorded. In this bio metric read out there and let's take a look at some of the reactions some of the more illustrated moments last night and you can see. In the blue -- the Democrats the red Republicans and you can see a nice spike that went for the Democrats neared the you know two thirds the way through the debate and Republicans seem to really have a strong reaction. Near the end some of the specifics he has a one point -- this -- written beginning of the debate folks of the top play by different set of rules that played very well obviously with reactions to Democrats. One of the other points illustrated by the presidents and suddenly your big champion of call again something -- the Democrats seem to have good residents went. And you can see again Democrats seem to be sort of having a bit of a sedate reaction right there with his policies we might be back. In the same -- it's just another fast -- to see exactly how voters are responding as they're making up their mind. Psychologically. What they're listening to. On I think what you -- -- without -- is from the very beginning Democrats much more excited about what they saw from their candidate of fame they went into this debate. Nervous that. After he wanted to get desperate to backlight and what they saw from the minute that this debate started. Was in much more aggressive much more engaged President Obama and I think toward the end where you're seeing you -- the peak from Republicans. Was a sense that you know Mitt Romney might -- had to. To to struggle a little bit to get into the game but he ultimately got right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Mitt Romney said President Bush and I are different people announced interesting question that one of the voters have brought up there. And you can see something else that's that says -- spiked with Democrats when when Candy Crowley said let me call it an act of terror and that was. Of the night for both of them look -- and -- it's Democrats saying absolutely candies right and Republicans saying absolutely she is. This is wrong there and and should and shouldn't have been turned herself -- And as you point out Republicans are playing on that today saying in fact that -- when the rules were laid out for this town hall style meeting it wasn't going to allow for any kind of follow for any kind of sort of holding one of the answers accountable and some Republicans are looking in fact the thing no candy you actually did. Step in and and and violate some of that so I want to bring in -- -- who's a senior editor of Yahoo! News because obviously we can see that kind of biometrics reaction but also. Twitter FaceBook. The social atmosphere which is going to last night he drip of the inner during -- that I was wondering -- trying to get to the metal detectors early this morning -- -- we're talking last night about peaks in volume sparks Twitter traffic goes and kind of how that relates to what subjects were being. So -- appreciation -- -- watching you know Twitter you're watching the debate. You'll see things that start trending -- -- will display things that are Hyundai. Know about that is things can trans because there's some intense conversation. You can still mentioned in your timeline. What you have that that. It may not always -- -- the conversation happening across the United States. So blast -- Twitter actually released. Just this chart of all of their big peaks that happened during the debate there's a couple interesting things to note here. What is look at all of the peaks that you're seeing there much more so than the first presidential debate revealing just how big -- that was the -- that everyone was talking about and the -- -- just didn't really hit. So last at least a lot of great -- what was the total -- -- -- total light up tweets with them point two million tweets over the course of ninety minute he didn't break the record that was set by the first presidential debate twist over time and tweets. That there was a lot for everybody to have an opinion about and of course we know how they like to show their opinion anyways. Very creative -- -- gifts and also they create means we have this great into now -- where they can. The capture and moment from the debate and and comment on it so I know you always have something. -- -- -- -- -- -- Even get that we thought we asked -- who didn't live gifting the debate that's that the cult what was their mother shared -- of the night. And it was very -- against -- -- -- president moving around. The first presidential debate it was very sad -- gift of Lana del -- standing between the candidates running down songstress. -- energy -- was reflected as well -- that didn't emerged because you want to know. It was the binders full of women. That's -- the Internet with having fun yet I'm. Here are more images where people from byters all of women dot com and dot com. That attacks from -- we've got beyond they and we also have the judging -- -- irony. Laps -- it isn't secretary basically has ever regretful of that picture getting out I mean that things got more graphic Jihad that they. In fact right she actually still was and we are coupled we -- -- -- that be the folks who invented it ran actually sent out her own. Hillary tweets she and she -- -- in fact they received tax from -- after starting they've -- the world -- -- around the world are of course next that is going to be the next debate on Monday night about foreign policy that's been taking place in floors after -- rate. That kind of Twitter traffic that kind of social excitement going. All right TV Amy thank you got so much of course always keep it right here on Yahoo! and ABC news. For all of your campaign 2012.

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