2nd Presidential Debate 2012 Preview: Robert Gibbs

Obama's senior campaign adviser on concerns about moderator, polls and reaching voters.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2nd Presidential Debate 2012 Preview: Robert Gibbs
Robert Gibbs as the former White House spokesman and currently a senior campaign advisor for team Obama. If he gives. Why all this consternation about the CNN. Anchor Candy Crowley was moderating tonight's debate -- all this consternation about. For asking follow ups and we've had a heaven for fend. That somebody holds the candidates are responsible for the things they're saying. Why is this a problem. Few caveats and have no idea why this is a problem IEI I'd. I'm gonna say this and I am sure -- is gonna get mad at me. I don't actually think most problems are solved by getting two lawyers into -- -- -- into a room to write an agreement. I think the president is happy to take questions from any undecided -- that -- calls on. I think the president's happy to take questions and follow up questions from candy -- an -- Candy Crowley show on Sunday. I came away perfectly unharmed and unscathed. Again I don't expect anybody certainly on our side has a problem with taking follow up question. Robert let's talk about the situation we have today which looks very different from the one we had two weeks ago -- first -- were you guys were riding high in the polls now all close showing this race very tight number. -- the president behind. Does to see -- game changer in this debate it is he coming in as the underdog right now. Well look I was asked earlier for the underdog and I'm happy to be the underdog every day for the rest this campaign. That's the way will prosecute this campaign every day going forward. Look I don't actually think we've seen this dramatic sea change in the past few weeks I think we've seen a natural tightening in this race. A tightening that we certainly always expected would happen. I think the president has a couple of missions tonight. To go out there and be passionate and energetic. In presenting what he wants to do to continue to strengthen this economy over the course of the next four years for the American people. Remind us where weaved in and talk about the choices in this campaign if the president does that tonight. He's going to be fine and I think. He's got the better case -- press in this today. I'm Robert -- has -- for 12 of it aren't even natural tightening question. Are you arguing that. Had this debate gone another way -- -- either been attire the president had won we'd still leasing the polls looking like this. What. Saying is this was never going to be if you look at some of these either state or national polling. This was not an eight or ten point race it never was going to be when Barack Obama got 360. Some -- -- four years ago. The F 53% of the vote. But what -- also arguing is we have not seen some dramatically huge. Overarching shift in this campaign that there's not a day in this race. Including today for including the last time we -- in -- Denver that I would rather be part of the Romney campaign and have their political position. Then be part of our campaign and have Arab political position I'm perfectly comfortable with where we are. Robert did you pull back the -- a little bit how does someone prepare for a town hall debate how is -- different from the -- that we had we had last. Yes I mean look I think it's it's I think it's a fascinating and interesting format I think it will seek the president well. You know obviously. The first and foremost you have got to make a connection with. The voter because you're hearing not an esoteric policy issue as you might from a moderator you're hearing this in the voice through the cares and concerns. Somebody that's living that experience right now in this country. So I think first and foremost each of these candidates and -- the president will speak directly to these voters. And talk about where they are and where he is he named in trying to improve their lives. And again I also think if you look back at the town hall meetings in the past. There's plenty of room both for candy do follow ups but also for the candidates. To make their case in the point -- the big choice in this race. I think he you know it's really about making that connection and talking directly to voters where they are. Robert Gibbs thank you and -- your Blackberry -- -- he gets him angry emails from lawyers believe that they can infect underground. We appreciate your time hey no matter. Thank you.

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{"id":17492493,"title":"2nd Presidential Debate 2012 Preview: Robert Gibbs","duration":"3:00","description":"Obama's senior campaign adviser on concerns about moderator, polls and reaching voters.","url":"/Politics/video/2nd-presidential-debate-2012-preview-robert-gibbs-17492493","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}