9/11 Remembered: Senate Minority Leader McConnell's Remarks

Mitch McConnell talks about those who served the country in the aftermath of the attacks.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for 9/11 Remembered: Senate Minority Leader McConnell's Remarks
More than a decade later. Most of us still remember 9/11. Like it was yesterday. The initial confusion. The horrifying. Realization. Of what was happening. The watching. The waiting. The grief. The anger. The result. And we remember how worried some people -- About what the attacks. Would do to America. -- -- -- -- In the world. Would -- weaken us at home. Would we stand up. -- -- -- Well eleven years later we can say with certainty and with pride. That not eleven didn't reveal -- weakness of America. It revealed the -- notion of America. We didn't have to wait very long to say it. In the first moments after the attacks. -- -- the curvature of the first responder. In the days and weeks that followed. Which saw the goodness. And generosity. Of the volunteers who descend. On New York. As the months turn to New Year's monuments were dedicated. Mighty building which rose again at the World Trade Center site. And of course we've all watched with admiration and gratitude. As so many have stepped forward since 9/11 -- to serve in the armed forces. And in our intelligence community. We honor them today to. Thanks to their service. And sacrifice. America. Is a safer polish. Many who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks have been killed or captured. Many of those who harbor them are -- on the run. And across the globe there is little doubt today that ours is the greatest fighting force. The world has ever know. Out of -- great -- We've seen greatness. And goodness. From our country. And from our countrymen. And that's why we can now mark this solemn anniversary. Not simply with pain. Sorrow. But with a renewed pride in our nation. And an unbending confidence in the resilience. And the goodness. Of its people. In her darkest hours America always summon the courage and the strength to persevere. And to prevail. We now know that not eleven was no different. And here's why. Because as Americans we believe that every person counts. That's why we're still haunted by the faces of those who died. By the hopes and dreams that were extinguished. By the families and friendships that were shattered on that crisp September morning eleven years ago. And that's why we are determined to vindicate. -- In remembering those we lost on 9/11 we testified -- our shared. Believe. That each and every one of them was irreplaceable. We renew our commitment to live -- worthy. Of their memory. And we pledge once again to do whatever it takes to keep Americans -- From those who still wish. Into -- --

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{"id":17209585,"title":"9/11 Remembered: Senate Minority Leader McConnell's Remarks","duration":"3:00","description":"Mitch McConnell talks about those who served the country in the aftermath of the attacks.","url":"/Politics/video/911-remembered-senate-minority-leader-mcconnells-remarks-17209585","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}