9/11 Remembered: Vice President Biden's Remarks

Vice President Joe Biden speaks to families at a memorial service in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for 9/11 Remembered: Vice President Biden's Remarks
My experience I mention you'll find solace. In seeing one another. There's not England here. We -- to -- talk or someone you know. You're no understands. And it's an -- is this is -- -- to to keep accurate. But. Like all of the families. We wish we weren't here. We wish we didn't have to be. Wish we didn't have to commemorate. It is this is -- -- moment. For the entire nation. For all of -- country. But particularly. For those family members gathered Saturday. Last year. The nation and all of your friendly members that are here. Commemorating the tenth anniversary. The heroic acts that gave definition to. What is made America such as truly exceptional. Place. Individual acts of terrorism ordinary people. And moments that could not have been contemplated. But you were an issue. I also know from my own experience that today is just as momentous day for all of you. This is momentous day in your lives each -- families. As every September 11 -- Regardless. -- no wonder how many anniversaries. Your experience. For at least an instant. The chair of that moment returns. The -- -- echo of that folk. And since its total disbelief. And embellish. You feel like you're being sucked into a black hole definitely teach us. My hope. A few -- -- every year passes. The depth of your -- receives. And you find comfort. Design and genuine comfort. Recalling his smile. And there touch. Now appears certain -- Certain is that she can see. And wonderful. Personal -- Turned out to be. Grown up to. He knows everything. That your daughter has achieved. Then you can hear. And she can hear her mom. -- still talks. Today he scored when it touched. How bright and beautiful she was -- graduation. Know that. Know that he knows. What a beautiful child a daughter he never got to see -- turned out to be. How much. Should remind you him. For a no you see. Your way -- every time. News leaders smile when your child's face. Remember your daughter. Every time -- hear laughter coming from her -- -- You remember your husband. -- -- -- -- -- I also hope -- also continues to give you some solace. Knowing that this nation. Only two people. Not -- family members. When your neighbors. That did not forgotten. And I forgot the there was. Your husbands wives sons daughters mothers us. And that. For what they did. For this country. Is still etched in the minds. Of not only you but millions of Americans. Forever that's why it's so important. This memorial. -- preserved. Go wrong for children and grandchildren and great grandchildren great great children -- -- it is. It is -- -- -- special exception. And I think they all appreciate -- More than and they can tell you. The incredible bravery. Your family membership and -- that. I said last year my mom used to have nutritious and -- -- resides in every heart. Summed it will be summoned. It's remarkable. Remarkable. How was -- only someone -- actors. Today we stand in this hallowed ground. Places made sacred and heroism sacrifice and passengers and crew in the patriot. And this is -- the flowers as I walked is that the flower for -- testament to how. How sacred. There's -- news. -- -- -- And obviously it's only guest is known to losses. My guess. Is -- living in this moment. That you he's only road when he wrote. -- I will. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I will. See you -- But you know we've. My personal prayer for all abuse every sixty year. You're able to -- more. Than you we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those for an incredible people. The rest.

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{"id":17209277,"title":"9/11 Remembered: Vice President Biden's Remarks","duration":"3:00","description":"Vice President Joe Biden speaks to families at a memorial service in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. ","url":"/Politics/video/911-remembered-vice-president-bidens-remarks-17209277","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}