Film Turns Lens on Media's Treatment of Women

'Miss Representation' filmmaker: Media is preoccupied with women's sex and youth
3:00 | 11/03/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Film Turns Lens on Media's Treatment of Women
Joining us now via Skype talk more about women in politics is Jennifer Siebel Newsom director of the new documentary misrepresentation. The film explores how -- of women in the media may be hurting their chances to win. Now all those positions of power and influence that have been dominated by men Jennifer thanks for being here thanks for outing me. Right before we talk about the film -- give viewers a taste. -- what it is to take a look. It's that media sound derogatory to the most powerful women in the country and what it's about -- his ability. Take any woman in America seriously. This is not truly 1 of the central arguments in your -- that the mainstream media have contributed to under representation of women in politics. Tell us why that's the case. -- -- -- -- Well and it -- let me look at our numbers and congress and other leaders here is what 3% and 400. -- -- -- -- Unfortunately in the and our culture it's sending mass that -- -- and use her beauty and her sexuality. And not her capacity to -- So it makes it difficult and our. Car owners. -- position. And don't forget this is communicated to -- and our culture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As an amendment agreement that either so we're currently -- time right now and unfortunately the lives her -- acts. And when you say the media -- nail this down a little bit yeah. I. -- and Hollywood. But there's some -- I'm I'm I'm I'm on analyzing. Media unfortunately. -- Is. About -- reason we didn't -- in ways that are holding. Abner. I don't need you like and it it's putting so much. Use her. Sell a lot of the most powerful material in -- documentary is is what you hear from school kids. From that from getting -- young teenagers. What what's your sense how how many did you even making this documentary. How much time do you spend out talking of the kids and what what aside from what I've seen in in the clips that have been made available so far. On this documentary what what how are they reacting to these portrayals of of women in popular culture in in the media. You know I think a lot of thinking we can't you bet your boys and young girls and I think that's frustrated -- -- challenged. And there's obviously this Aaron mean girl culture there's I -- -- Sexual. Advances in and a culture it is and worse actually younger and younger ages. They're. Basically and frustrated -- how we -- credible young. We need a documentary who are the future. And you are leaders in her own writing whatever career path H use -- go into you -- it really hurt -- just frustrated and challenge against the media is. I'm celebrating. Role models aren't necessary talking all honestly don't keep on -- let me is celebrating. For example all of the Jersey shores characters -- card -- is -- And and not sound Smart young people that parents are concerned that these are healthy well all these young people -- election. I -- really we should be celebrating. -- we have accomplished great things are our leaders let that are in congress or whether there. I was -- when -- -- -- heart surgeons and our country female hearts urgent in our country and center. -- asks and immediate treatment he Henry Aaron it would do us all service and media started you and her trade. Women really accomplish great things didn't -- -- -- -- role models for young people. And you start to see. We we talked about women more and and I think it starts this year cultural -- I'm where women were seen as leaders we're women we're seeing more then I'm our sexuality and our -- All right Jennifer Siebel Newsom the movie is the documentary is misrepresentation. It's. Air on the Oprah Winfrey network -- November -- thanks so much for being here John Barnes and to talk politics -- do you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"'Miss Representation' filmmaker: Media is preoccupied with women's sex and youth","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14874403","title":"Film Turns Lens on Media's Treatment of Women","url":"/Politics/video/Miss-Representation-Jennifer-Siebel-Newsom-14874403"}