Aaron Schock Reveals Details About His Allegedly 'Downton Abbey'-Inspired Office

Illinois Republican says he's never watched the show and didn't pick the theme.
3:32 | 02/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aaron Schock Reveals Details About His Allegedly 'Downton Abbey'-Inspired Office
The congressman Jeff selling with ABC how are you get a second horse I gotta run in the eighty minute about a lot with him here. So tell me about your. Your office since getting a lot of attention will drop attaining the easy way letting people right. Why do you dislike it less and less time in the ruling living success confident. The problems of someone in your office said that it was inspired after down it's. I learned that when embedded in it in the newspaper myself really know he didn't commission this to be inspired after doubt. Never seen. Point deficit Downton Abbey but on the substance. Of the matter the cost of this USA today reported this morning it's he spent about a 100000 dollars an office stuff back in Peoria and here. It's on to use of taxpayer money. Well obviously I worked congressional offices and so part of the Emory allotment that he had in his view. Higher staff costs within. Final and so each of those entities. Judgment on what that in Lawrenceville. And again gunmen have your. What about this decorator though she's from your district re going to pay for this is this. In kind efforts free service so she she is the person decorated now this we're years ago in candle right. And I wrote her personal check for her services for how much. I want to see. A thousand bucks patent it was four years ago but around that and so. You know I the same will happen now I mean she's working on the office of one's done. I'm I'm Carol didn't invoices that didn't. The people back home in Peoria think of this. Well I've never been any. Old rusty like guy. And when I at a suddenly when I ran for office well I'm I'm different things like nineteen to tires at 27 right. You know I'm not in it. When I take personal vacation I don't go sit on the beach thank you acted things. And so I'm also not gonna live in the case and so when I posted exit ramp believe me with my friends. You know. You know the Steelers the city leaders are going to be so haters are gonna pay -- so this is about haters are gonna handle I think I think there's obviously some. Street because. You know most members offices are green walls. What shade of red do you think this. I don't know it right it's Brett a column in the Peoria journal star said America deal with we have a fancy congressman. And this column ideas I think you know most people who who voted for me it like it's. Know what they're getting handouts and somebody delivers from district will almost every weekend and it like me like personal touch day that I give them. And Eddie in a today regardless of what color won't you choose your office most important thing is a member congress which your constituents within. And I would say it my overwhelming reelection. Last cycle despite having dollar knee walls. Was over 70% this is progress we defeated the breast shall see what it's British it's also a lot of Republican. Read so I had. I had democratic blue the last four years element you read me the next four years in and maybe we'll do young black apple lady involved you look at congressman thank officially is absolutely.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Illinois Republican says he's never watched the show and didn't pick the theme.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28731693","title":"Aaron Schock Reveals Details About His Allegedly 'Downton Abbey'-Inspired Office","url":"/GMA/video/aaron-schock-reveals-details-allegedly-downton-abbey-inspired-28731693"}