ABC News' Charli James Outside the RNC

ABC News' Charli James speaks with Ohio delegates outside the Quicken Loans Arena.
21:35 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for ABC News' Charli James Outside the RNC
Hey everyone I'm Trent. Here in Cleveland the site of the art. Convention which begins today and also starting today is pain rose from. Rally here at a park just ten minutes or so away from mention. And then turn up from the Q where is the RNC convention is happening. Over here I wanted to start down in the parking lot that you can eat them all he is. Motorcycles. They have shown. Bikers heard from him. N two. Join the rally the rally's call and Aaron come first unity rally approach from Alley from people are coming to celebrate from. It coming. Later this week he officially the nominee of their. Sorry that 13 done your mind. Aaron. It. The night sounds like on done as well let's try to talk with. Here we got. One common ground. So every event has been. Then live. Media let's be. Bikers. And truckers. He the truck back there are part of the truckers for. And see what. Brought them down and then we're gonna head up to you. Park. Where most people are out earnings. Take a walk and turn the camera around. Okay. Marlin here like. Yeah. Goes for the past. So I'm here with Iran and then two seen like John. Gold and let them. Then it's on your T shirt there. So tell me a little bit about why you guys deciding that you came from from across town rolled across town altogether why did you decide you. Yeah. You're at it and I yeah. I'm personally here to support him. The military standard with the police. I think they kind of man yeah. And to support don't. And we're from Pennsylvania about a 130 miles. And so we're you guys already a group like and it's not indignant about the do you all. Rode in together this rally. Everybody netted them early. In the treatment room. And so it's people from all over your country on one count locally here that you got from them. And so when you drive and this morning that he. That's dedication. And actually did you know much. About him. Well it was quite a spectacle. All riding together quite loud well it looks like. Getting them the media attention here is it sounds like everyone out another. However another country. It will rule here visiting reasoning but we all come from doctor. I did not expect. Gone up where they for the cameras there somebody that's been translators on time. My half Milwaukee. And how does it feel that Susan adding a lot of people doubted that he could become the nominee under the deal announced here in Cleveland. Conventions start today and here man. Oh yeah. I'm glad of it though it probably interrupted. I. I didn't. I love it. Makes you feel good. And it's gonna be trying to. Take this rally down and there. Watch my party. I really don't doubt we're just. With the rest of the group believe whatever they take as we. Thank you so much anything he. That just a couple of guys and women don't see some women on his group. Higher. We bikers and truckers for trump. I'm as he said they all mad at the Harley-Davidson. Shoppers are meeting point here. But came from all over the country. Imminent turnaround too there's the man. That's been here early I got here about 9 o'clock and he was parties. Sometime in the hands. Is letting people of the pose with his rightful. So easy in here Ohio is an open carry state. You can have your license bring your. Got out in the open dozens of concealed carry. Nothing wrong when what he's doing here. CB napkins and many saw the pictures back. Just clothing. And the man holding. The hat now is July 3 and isn't a question I'm with anything and. Camera around eye sight and out here sent about 9 o'clock this morning at least 9 o'clock I got here. Larry that I was correct that lot of dedication here obviously. And what needs you once you bring all this stuff. Let's see yeah I've been actually volunteer for trumps his New Hampshire. We went after went down two cents. Is there for four days when the Florida for another. I can back this venue and then came to Wisconsin. Did the heavy on the pay sounds like yeah. A lot of work for the men and you know. I'm probably number two in the nation as a volunteer there's another irony here. By name and mark. Expenses that you see him around probably amount to affect me he's got over forty she Victoria street thousand dollars to 43000. Well how much should you do you know roughly like how much you spent on all around one voluntary thousand miles on coming out we're right now. It's it doesn't dedication seeing us he really excited to be here where you from Pennsylvania like entrance. And I think insurgency. Don't win this we need to do someday you know and yet I'm convinced a lot of independents. Democrats and Republicans. Do things one is due to soft drugs second thing as balance a checkbook and stop the corruption. We'll take a country do those things. And a lot of people out and that mr. trump could get to this points. What do you have to say now it feel good. I've got a lot of resistance even my family and I got on board. Junior sixty the 2015. And been within ever since you know and there's still people because it. They don't like triumphantly as things about topics on her man when I look at her pastor. That the thing is we need to do something different is Erica we don't don't feel that. And that's what else do you going to be doing in Cleveland are on the. Well I have a carriage ride to do here about a half barriers. Got to get on a carriage and then tonight I'm going to be in your currency. It's RA as a. I'm so can I ask you real quick I know. People have been coming up and posing with the hat and the gun. What it means you want it is something's open carry state well. This it's actually displays are Second Amendment I'm I'm I've had guns for years. Haven't honor I don't hunt anymore and his our so much to my guns. I kept some. But it we have a we have very. Second Amendment that we. Express. And it seems like people really enjoy coming up and take pictures that's program. This has been from the White House is being. Texas Florida. Has been everywhere. Thank you amendments and he themselves it's all right thank you haven't enjoyed thing. All right so one out keep that number number two volunteer in. The country where mr. Donald Trump. Crisscrossed the country spent thousands of its own dollars. To help get mr. trump to the point that he's out now so fee. Like experts from are still holding courts all around here but we're gonna walk up to with the main part of the rally. Which is. In the park just upstairs. Neighbors packed and it's. To recap if you're just joining this the Aaron Cooper's unity rally and wrote Donald Trump rally going on in Cleveland. We're just hours away from the Republican National Convention kicking off at 1 o'clock eastern time here in Cleveland. And it's about a fifteen minute walk. Down to the Q the Quicken Loans Arena. Or the Q that's known locally. And but it's it's a little longer drive the security is. Quite intense down Aaron this is the first day that the delegates will be coming down entering the arena as well. And then there's you know thousands and thousands. Of members of the media as well coming down to the Q and areas the Secret Service is set up a perimeter. It traffic. Crazy down there. Hats then. All weekend and it's sure did get even works. Today so people aren't. A lot of people who live here in Cleveland are working from home. Spoke with a restaurant owner yesterday that. That business has been well over the weekend because people have been waiting in the area now right downtown. There's a lot of people. But it's just outside the immediate area where the media and Elliott neverland aren't hanging out to work. It is definitely under theme to it kind of running away from all of this tactic volatile that he'll play getting in the traffic. So lucky in this park now it. And it's still kicking off 1130 is when you rally visually and it's going to be going all day until 5 o'clock. And there's a number of celebrity types here so Alex Jones got stung. You might note diamond and filth that do well. They viral videos. And supporting will trump. And they will be here as well. Timeout and start but I'm intimate camera around the you can see. The theme here. So where and settlers landing hard. That up. Flags and telling teacher and an experiment ABC news kind of Mathewson quest and where sorry. National the web site. I'm actually surveyed thought right now the bill does yell at him and I'm gonna ask you a little bit about trackers or drop. Yeah you're right Ed yeah. And that speaking with some of the bikers for trump and I thought some of the big drop lump okay. How did you guys organized. To come down the ray Martin has FaceBook say the group record throw. And you know how many loans you. There are rumors are luring dozens but I think. You get a thousand members didn't disappoint. I'm expecting significant rally going ons and they'll run OK yeah then there's the he's. We had a huge storm quietly as right. May. And went away to act on that about the teacher oh yeah man yeah we printed T shirt and window flags and. Another we have bad dog jurists and how long have you been Trump's support act. I prematurely getting. Then like her on the person. Nader again where do you live New Jersey red Jersey a lot of people who traveled from art of being here. It's that they can pray god I mean how does it feel to be like with a lot of other people. Lot of excitement lot of could feel the energy here absolutely what is why did you wanna come to Cleveland and why he has celebrated in New Jersey I'm lining the long. Party actually you know gotten. And what healthy ingredients not only. By leaving Wednesday. Yeah right well good luck with that right thank you very much. Like yeah. Gregg Patterson friend pat yeah. Greg Texas one of the people than that up. Set up tables here to either sell things learn to give away things about things I'm black cloud. I'm gonna go around I'll turn the camera around you look at some of the people here in what's going on the stage being built. I'm so that you can get a sense of an Atlantic. Okay. I was always enjoyed in remote. Yeah the campaign go. Yeah. Okay. We'll lock up on the grass here and it's not working mom. When economies and improving their words thousand people who aren't even. I'm glad I mean I don't think that's on no one really knows exactly how many. Accountants. There and he will. These later today hope that this round number that is the first big names here in front rally the the convention. Does a lot of people in. Be here and northern Canada. Along look at some other time talking. Marquis bomb hit an idea of what a nightmare in the Politico I'm definitely planning and. The crap parents not a couple of some important thing out. Fill Diane Nelson Atlanta had come from. Alamo a fireman. Thought yeah right now. Now pilot not want to play that ended up voting. I'm Harry and I you're gonna change that's actually not that do you think and many guys feel about the. Yeah well we we went out here. Going door to door work currently. I could go higher when. So I'm just minutes. Our people you know I am really excited about it aren't you coming here along Hempstead. Like the first rallies are trumping Clinton for the RNC. Thank you guys came down here drew are paying off about an hour to Pierre how are you feeling being here and celebrating having fun. You around from now believe almost ever. I rally around. Aren't what do you think about about from BP. Declined. The world news. And I think he's going to make it nice and they match up pretty well. I'm happy. OK very. Anything. It's non-GAAP it's. Coming later I had about nine pounds. And yeah. Look anywhere seeing an. Area. Great that they're doing says. Thank you so I spent on England's economy. Supporters they're sitting here on the line hoping the weather holds enough of them and united. Now there's yeah. So here but there into the well again in Dayton on hand. Going on until he at least 5 o'clock. Planting part that we have so much more are coming up. We that they aren't seen ABC news and they thought. At least thirteen. Either. Log on go to ABC news digital or slots on today's bunt. Here aren't news. And I'm I'm. I'm apparently can't and I'll be back up later today at rocky and if Iraq and politics. Equipment. The aren't the stay with us thanks for watching.

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