ABC News Digital Report: DC Resolution Vote on Sequester

ABC News' Rick Klein discusses the latest developments on the budget battle in D.C.
7:35 | 03/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Digital Report: DC Resolution Vote on Sequester
-- as a special -- flew from ABC news now. I'm -- Cutler -- New -- and ABC news now special report this Wednesday afternoon. Having failed to make a deal to avoid sequester spending cuts the house is voting today on another measure. Called a continuing resolution that would essentially. Free up funds to keep the government running past march 27 and that is what we are watching take place happen. The 982 billion dollars at stake does not cancel out the sequester it would however. Give the military more flexibility in how it makes those cuts. So with more on today's vote and what is to come we're joined by ABC news political director. Rick Klein wreck I don't snow in Washington DC let's not say that things can't get done -- when mother nature does -- -- cooperate. But. This resolution mostly bipartisan. And have and support on both sides of the but there have been some push this doesn't push back from Democrats correct. That's like bipartisanship can break through occasionally but Democrats are unhappy that personal Iraq canceling all of -- budget cuts that just went into effect over the weekend. And secondly -- -- only providing -- extra flexibility and some extra funding for defense programs not for the social organs that are hit so hard. So what's essentially going on here is -- Democrats and Republicans have declared a truce on this side which is to say they're gonna continue to fund the government at last year's levels. What they are still fighting out our did to be consequences of the sequester cuts that took place over the week -- automatic spending cuts. The latest -- has to do with White House tours they've been canceled unilaterally by the White House become the Washington starting this weekend and you expected to get a -- of the White House you're not gonna get it those are set up by members of congress so that means -- every congressional office. Every member of congress has to be calling constituents back home and say sorry and let's -- trait that that spring break trip -- you have -- -- Washington. You're not be able to go to the White House after all OK well I've -- that this entire dialysis at a capitol though is still open for -- is correct. That's right and this is just the fund didn't get a political jujitsu. -- house and senate leaders have decided to respond to what's going on at the White House by advertising the fact of the capitol is open for business. It's not typically -- -- of the building you can get in -- for tours but they're making it extra open during this time in telling -- -- if the White House won't let you it will let you in here at the capitol because we know how to. How to manage our finances all of this is is minor league stuff in terms of the big financing for the federal government. But it does show that did the showmanship involved in trying to demonstrate or minimize the impact of these budget cuts. Rick we should also add ABC trip advisor next year title on this. I -- -- to some of the business at hand is what if pat what happens as expected if this measure this continue resolution passes. Is -- senate likely to agree on some of the amendments and where those ads similar flexibility in how domestic programs implement. These cuts. The -- gonna try to add some more of course -- little by Democrats is opposed to the house which is controlled by Republicans. This -- gonna get hashed out over the next couple of weeks widgets using here is that for a long time a lot of people in Washington were circling march 27 at AB date. The date where -- government runs out of money the possibility of her government shut down. There has been in agreement notes it to disarm on that so that. That they're very strong likelihood that Democrats and Republicans will forge some kind of -- consensus to at least keep the government only again at last year's reduced spending levels just at the very least. As they -- out these other things they will be trying to Democrats to add more flexibility to other departments they will even be attempts to restore the money. That's been cut from the budget but none of that is likely to be successful is all part of now it's all wrapped into the bigger debate. Over those automatic budget cuts. Either for real or as political wedge issues what other -- -- we're gonna see affected by these cuts. Well that's a good question because we know already -- the Obama White House is overstating the impact they talk about janitors had to pay cuts at the -- to turn out not to be the case that said teachers were already getting pink slips that's turned out. Not to be case what is happening -- -- furlough notices are going out to civilian employees of the Department of Defense there will be contracts that are canceled military contracts that will be canceled there will be FAA employees tower controllers people that -- the gates for TSA at airports they're all going to be told that they have one or -- into. -- for peak peak period they will be unpaid and it will not be allowed to work. That will have an impact that will trickle down -- services people see probably not until the beginning -- middle of April but. -- impact is evolving and have a longer life and a lot of checkpoints less security checkpoints -- live much longer term impact of all of this is less workplace inspections are you never know what safety. Violations are going to be found let's -- inspections there could be a beef or chicken shortage months down the road. It depends in part on how this is implemented and how dramatic it becomes and it becomes a huge test case of a President Obama. -- his case that the government needs to be spending the money than it is right now of the tea party's been saying for a long time we can get away with spending less now we're spending less we'll see whether people feel -- -- not. Justify the reasons for that budget aside what about the rest of the president's agenda. Immigration reform gun control where we -- on those issues. The also much of -- -- all the -- all the these budget issues one interesting thing. The president tonight is going out to dinner with a group of senate Republicans he's actually leaving the White House grounds that to go to an area restaurant and bring -- mall to dinner. Taxpayers will be picking for that trip by the -- Secret Service disabled Saturday having to be cut back -- White House doors they'll be they'll be taking. The president and in the 21 car motorcade off campus. -- however it is -- a little symbolic step about trying to come together with Republicans. And we just got word that the president will meet with house and senate Democrats and Republicans all separately the four. Different meeting scheduled for next week's. President. A lot of criticism on him over the last couple of months and years even over the lack of outreach to Capitol Hill they're trying to do now in some dramatic ways show that they -- interest in working with members of congress. I wanna talk in any -- no budget obviously is the big issues the big elephant in the room in Washington DC right now immigration has also been creeping in as well. Senators McCain and Lindsey Graham have expressed some optimism about compromises some working ability between the White House and and and then senate and the house. Where we -- name is far is the reality of something getting done. I think things look more likely than not now Jeb Bush the former governor of Florida threw a curveball into this mix because he came out against -- a path to citizenship. For illegal immigrants who are currently here was interesting about that is that many Republicans including McCain and Graham -- of the marker rubio have already endorsed the path to citizenship that seem to take the debate backwards. But despite that he and he -- to soft Cadillac after it came out to some controversy despite that I think the odds are pretty good that something's gonna get done certainly in the senate a little harder in the house. It's that the current thinking is that -- like to get this wrapped up or at least get very close to it. By -- -- late spring early summer have the president be able to sign a bill maybe by the August recess that they take out pretty famously every every year. But the key thing is here to keep that momentum going and process to look pretty good because -- of this confluence of forces you have Latinos empowered Democrats the victory Republicans who are looking themselves in the mirror realizing they need a different tune on immigration. And the fact this has been in an overhanging policy issue. For the last decade or so people know it needs to be dealt with and it is likely to be dealt with now. Busy day in Washington DC even though -- by the federal offices are closed down for the afternoon and political director Rick Klein is breaking it all -- -- -- -- thank you so much for your insight this afternoon stay -- stay -- of course we'll have a complete recap on For now though back to your regular scheduled program. -- it's been a special with the from in the ABC news now.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"ABC News' Rick Klein discusses the latest developments on the budget battle in D.C.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"18668525","title":"ABC News Digital Report: DC Resolution Vote on Sequester","url":"/Politics/video/abc-news-digital-report-dc-resolution-vote-sequester-18668525"}