ABC News Live Prime: Monday, October 26, 2020

Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in as Supreme Court justice; Can President Trump hold onto 2016 supporters in Pennsylvania?; LGBTQ communities react to the pope’s historic support of same-sex unions
49:23 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, October 26, 2020
Denominated. Her Indiana to be an associate justice. Of the Supreme Court of the United States is confirmed. And just like that history is made judge Amy coney Barrett confirmed by the senate to the Supreme Court. The vote along party lines 52 to 48 where there's bitter partisan battle goes next. Another White House outbreak vice president pens campaigning today after at least find members of his inner circle. Positive for Kobe nineteen. The head of the White House task force refusing to sell quarantined rejecting the CDC guidelines finds himself as an essential worker. Eight days away the presidential race heads into the final stretch president trump rallying across Pennsylvania with three events today. Downplaying the threat of the virus was chief of staff facing a backlash Anderson we'll. We're not gonna control the pandemic. Joseph Biden accusing president trump of surrendering to the virus without a plan how the president. I did today. Hospitals overwhelmed across the country some looking at rationing medical equipment or even turning patients away. As US reports its highest seven day average it was more than 225000. Americans dead. And the disturbing data showing black people are dying at more than two times the rate of white people. She flew gay Catholics to the pope's stance on same sex unions how his message is being received. And you let alone rule my conversation with the iconic rocker Lenny Kravitz opening up about his early life. And his hopes for. For the future. This center is always last. Adam Len loved. Good evening everyone I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and soon there will be nine again on the supreme court judge Amy Connie Barron was confirmed tonight in a 52 to 48 vote after a bitter partisan fight in the senate. All Democrats voted against her confirmation and so did Republican senator Susan Collins of Maine every other senate Republican voted to confirm her. And then at the White House South Lawn justice Clarence Thomas delivered her first of two outs. That took place is the White House is once again dealing with an outbreak of the corona virus this time in the vice president's office. As a pandemic surges across the country we have so much to get to tonight with just eight days until the final votes are cast. We begin ABC's senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer who covers the Supreme Court DeVon this was one of the most narrow Supreme Court votes in American history. And get this phone cements a supreme court's conservative majority just how monumental is as confirmation. It sure does Lindsey the Supreme Court is now the most conservative it's Ben and over a hundred years six to three. The conservatives now in control in Chief Justice John Roberts we've all been fixated on. After the last decade or so is the power player on the court that middle vote well. He's no longer in the driver's seat anymore Democrats tonight are shattering Amy coney Barrett declared the conservative icon and justice Antonin Scalia. Her protege her mentor is someone whose philosophy is horrors will tonight. Liberals are worried about abortion rights something he oppose same sex marriage rights something he opposed. And of course the Affordable Care Act which he argued against as well. But tonight he's in mind you mental moment for another reason Lindsay and president trump he get that just minutes ago on the South Lawn take a listen. It is highly fitting that justice Barrett fills the seat of a true pioneer. For women. It's justice. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Tonight justice Eric becomes not only the fifth women do serve on our nation's highest court. But the very first mother of school aged children to become a Supreme Court justice very important. And that is a remarkable thing that AB coney bear will bring to the United States Supreme Court it will be fascinating to see how her experience as a mom seven children. It affects the other justices there and Lindsay at 48 years old Amy coney Barrett one I'll be the youngest. Member of the Supreme Court. As the president said just the fifth woman out of a 115. Justices on the Supreme Court and one other interest you know tonight she will be. The only member of the court going forward who has not. Had an Ivy League education to something fascinating. That will be worth watching weather for perspective adds new dynamism to the court Wednesday. It is not just the Supreme Court to trump has reshaped but really the entire federal judiciary and three justices appointed by the president a third of the court. And any Tony Barrett spoke earlier about what she will do when she is seated on the bench. I 88 she sure did I mean she. I talked about the fact that even though she's standing next to the president who appointed her someone who prizes loyalty. She will be an independent justice someone who's not afraid to break with congress or the president take a listen. Even though we judges don't face elections. We still work for you. It is your constitution. That establishes the rule of lot. And the judicial independence that is so central to it. The oak that I have soundly taken tonight. Means at its core that I will do my job. Without any fear or favor. And that I will do so independently. Of both the political branches and of my on preference. She went on to say Lindsay that judges. And they have a job of resisting their own policy preferences. Apps here and olive branch of those nervous Democrats and progressives tonight but he striking. Comment from the new justice steady next to president trump. Something we didn't hear from either justice per Kavanagh or new corsets and certainly something to watch as she seeks out what will be generations on the bench when it did seem significant and should mention that. Twice and Evan this of course is all happening during a pandemic and we saw some extraordinary precautions but we just witnessed another big gathering one month to the day of that initial super spreader event. At the White House a lot of people were met wearing masks and this time. Yeah I was fascinating to see the scene on the South Lawn much more space to spread out more than 200 attendees. At the White House tonight in the middle of a pandemic in as you say. This all came exactly one month to the date of that Rose Garden announcement with Amy Tony Baer which we now know. Over a dozen attendees at that event including president from himself contracted corona virus many of them had symptoms. They were packed in their shoulders she should to shoulder tonight. Masks were required at the event but it got to say Lindsay there was one notable absence we did not see vice president Mike Pence. Who is united at the top of the show is now experiencing a cool Corbett eighteen outbreak in his own office five people close to the vice president. I have now contracted the disease over the vice president tested. I've negative just today he was not in the road the White House event this afternoon so perhaps a sign that he's trying to. Follow the CDC guidelines of the yen notable. Absence and thank you so much DeVon an earlier I caught up with senator Joseph mansion about this historic vote. Senator thanks so much for your time what do just get right into this immunity and thank you for having thank you for coming on senator just what did you write in in and say yeah in 2018. You're the sole Democrat to support. Judge Kavanagh why the change here and is this an ideological. One or is this specifically about her qualifications. Now it's more that more and more ideological I mean really truly. The timing. We've never done this Lindsay and 240 years have ever had a confirmation. Vote. When there's been a vacancy. That has happened between July. And Election Day because it really is too close and in need an 1864 that. In the depths of the civil war already had a divided country I'm not such a short of that. It's our way from that the way things have been going here but you know it just would be the common sense and decency. To wait until after the election and setting a precedent now. They're gonna say well you know I'll accept presents from broken or never do anything could be the week before two weeks makes no difference. There's got to be some decorum back at there's got to be some stability. And we've got to bring this senate back to what it was intended to be. Now and you wrote an op Ed yesterday in a local West Virginia paper saying precedent demands this and it weighed on the confirmation vote but Republicans have plowed ahead anyway what playing what year moderate colleagues remain independent Angus King sent on the senate floor just last. I don't want to pack the court. I don't want to change the number I don't wanna have to do that but if all of this rule breaking is taking place. What does the majority X. Fact. Now when we had you on last month senator you were resistant to the idea of expanding accord but as you see some moderates have joined progressives on this are you still oppose the idea of changing our expanding according and you determine. And what about ending the filibuster. I'm I am opposed it in but let me explain to this way Lindsay is first of all I'm encouraged or Joseph Biden. When he becomes the next president what Joseph Biden said he's confident commission together a bipartisan commission of scholars. To find out how will we calm this down how do we cool this place off. How do we make it work how do we make sure that the justice is blind madam justice is blind folded. And she doesn't know who you're maybe your what are standings in life are she basically is looking to rule of law. And it shouldn't be a football back and forth whoever's in power gets the court. Org is controlled the judicial system that's not. That is not democracy it's not a rule of law it's not who we are and how how we become the country that we are. So I'm very much concerned about that. I understand my dear friend Angus I think the World Bank its gains a deep thinker. He's well tune and he's well versed but on this here I think we need a fight and work for bipartisan solution. We need to make sure that we don't continue to do it we're having a 51 votes threshold today Lindsay because. Because that McConnell. That senator McConnell from. The Republican side the leader of the Republican Party and the senate basically. Change the rules. The nuclear option in 2017. And did that was a simple majority. But in all fairness and 2013. Harry Reid did it for the location judges the Sorkin. And and also some appointments from a president's cabinet. And they thought they haven't met had a stalemate couldn't put it. Couldn't put a government together so rather than sitting down trying to work out your differences they just want them what they called the nuclear option. So what tit for tat so if we say we're going to change the rules. And add two or three or four Republicans come back into power whenever. And it always cycles through so you better be careful what you wish for 'cause you will get it. And it started in 2013. Continued in 2070. Don't you think we ought to call a truce. And see if we can sit down to give back to more normal operating senate. Which is what our founding fathers intended us to be the deliberate body the coworker our differences out. I think Joseph Biden if anyone can make that happen to be Joseph Biden. Certainly the gridlock was likely not what Arafat founding fathers intended as you well know at this point we are just eight days away until election and a calendar somewhere with some big big red X is there each day at this going. Think you're one of the only Democrats to neatly judge Kenneth Garrett. Do you sense issue will recuse herself from an election related disputes. Yet any issue its first of all she's she's this she's. Very very bright and she's very well versed had a very good meeting. And I enjoyed meeting with her spent about an hour we talked about things they purchase the meeting by saying that she's not going to be able to talk about anything that might come before the court. I'm thinking to myself. You know that's the chance the last chance for justice the Supreme Court anything and everything may come before the court. So with that she wasn't able to opine on different things it's. That. That might come before that so. I'm concerned about the Affordable Care Act to become my state of West Virginia depends on 800000. West Virginians have preexisting condition. 160000. Getting health care for the first time and it needs to be repaired Lindsay we know that. But I wish my my colleagues and our Republican colleagues rather insane we've got it viewed for the presence and we get a beautiful plan. Let me see it Mr. President let me see something and if it's that good why can't we just amend the current wall and fix what we have. So what a change gears here for a moment and talk about Kobe of nineteen US shattered single day case records this weekend majority leader McConnell. Well of the senate at lightning speed to confirm judge coney Barrett but the house and senate have failed to reach a deal yet. On more stimulus to address the pandemic do you agree with does speaker Pelosi is approach on these negotiations with the White House. Let me tell you if you're dealing and in both sides of the house. The Democrat house Republican senate. The majority in the senate some public. Four. Mitch McConnell to put a piece of legislation out which he called the heels are. Nancy Pelosi and the democratic congress put out what they called heroes that. It started 3.2 trillion is are we call that neighborhood three trillion plus. Mitch McConnell puts out one at one point one short. And you would think okay. Nancy Pelosi says it's a houseful renegotiate. And come down to about two were 2.2 trillion. And I'm Mitch McConnell basically. Sends everybody home and August residents I think there and trying to negotiate. Can we work our differences in people depending on us to get this worked out. He sends everybody home and we come back after August and for September. And the new bill that he votes on. Is now has cut in half to half a trillion dollars he went backwards. So readily than trying to deal in good faith. That was not good faith that was strictly political because it's before saying that hey if you want us to vote for sudden cut in half. Well cutting in half basically hurt an awful lot of people in my state. Where there be educators were there be health care providers where they beat people and small businesses a lot of there was a lot of need out there. And we never really had a chance so he basically I found out that's the only thing he can get the majority of his caucus to vote for. -- might have to come to the understanding. And hopefully a lame duck grows quickly as we come back after this election. He's going to pass a good piece of legislation. They can't be compromised him worked out with the White House band with the house and the senate. What's more Democrats voting for them Republicans. And he'll have to come to grips with that if not who get nothing. And I'm hoping he understands that. And a lot main change on Election Day eight days away senator mansion we thank you so much for your time appreciate it. Thank you for having me I appreciated. Now in the race for the White House presidential today rallied his supporters at three stops in Pennsylvania singing to and were rounding the corner on the pandemic. Even as another outbreak spreads within the White House staff Joseph Biden pushing back on the president's handling of the pandemic in his own stop in Pennsylvania saying if elected he'll get control of the virus. Our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl has the latest. With one week to go trump and Biden are both in Pennsylvania today. A surprise victory here helped put trump in the White House. Now both candidates believe Pennsylvania. Could be decisive this time to. Have no idea. What's going to happen in Pennsylvania that I could. Just today at three packed rallies the president spoke for some four hours. But he barely mentioned the Covert nineteen pandemic and made no mention whatsoever of the new outbreak at the White House. Five members of vice president pens his team. Are now currently infected including the vice president's personal assistant. And his chief of staff who is almost always by his side. This a month after the first big outbreak at the White House infected more than two dozen people including the president and the First Lady. Paints is the head of the White House corona virus task force. Today he was in Minnesota thank you so much for come on out on this blustery today. While CDC guidelines say anybody in close contact with an infected person should quarantine for two weeks. The White House says parents is still out campaigning because. He said essential worker it comes as 42 states are experiencing a rise in infections but the president and his mocking the widespread concern. And were rounding Dejan you know all they want to talk about is covered by the way that November 4 you'll be hearing so much about it. The. But some researchers in warned that a less more people Wear masks and socially distance the death told by the end of February could top a half a million. The president routinely insist the virus has already been beaten but Sunday his chief of staff said it cannot be controlled. We're not going to control the pandemic we are going to control the fact that we get vaccines therapeutics and other mitigate why are we gonna Gary all academic group. Because it is a contagious virus. An impromptu campaign stop today in Chester Pennsylvania. Biden responded yeah the fact of the matter is this. Presidency was that has ruined or given you go on then. He vowed to Biden administration will get control of the virus. And look folks I promise you this. I'm never going to give up. Care Cameron. Brady going. Good we're going to be able to make. Biden's approach to the final days is dramatically different and more cautious than trumps. Today he had just worn short event. The big difference between us and reason why looks like not travel and were not put on super spreader. We are doing what we're doing here. Everybody learn amassed in trying our best we can be socially distant. Quite a contrast between the two different campaigns in this final stretch. Of campaigning starting Karl joins us now John the president clearly once again downplaying the virus is there any announcement all from him or the White House. About the increasing cases a hospitalizations and deaths. In many parts of the country. Other simple answer Lindsay is no the president sets the tone here and you heard the president say once again that we are rounding the corner. And even suggesting. But that nobody's gonna care about corona virus so once the election is over so really nothing different from. From the White House either added that they're they're taking a leave the president on this. Jonathan Karl president trump is closing out the last week of the campaign this he did in 2016. With a torrent of rallies in critical battleground states as you works to make believe by Joseph Biden in many of those key states many voters are already making their voices heard at the ballot box with some states already on track for more early voting than the total vote in 2016. ABC's Mary Bruce has the latest on the race for the White House. Tonight record breaking voter enthusiasm on full display. Americans waiting in lines for hours even braving pouring rain to make their voices heard it. Eight days to go and already across the country more than 62 million ballots have been cast. 45%. Of total votes counted in 2016. Voters are smashing records in critical battlegrounds. Whoever you vote for you should just go home. In Florida more than six million have already cast their ballots roughly 43%. Of all registered voters. In the polls Joseph Biden is looking to expand the map buying State's trump one in 2016. Even with new regulations making it harder to vote early more than seven million Texans have already voted. That's more than 82%. Of all of the votes cast in 2016. Biden is also hoping to flip Georgette where he'll be campaigning tomorrow. Let them must win state is Pennsylvania are. Pride in today's stopping by his field office in Chester Pennsylvania thanking volunteers working to get out the vote. Already nearly two million pennsylvanians had voted by mail the overwhelming majority registered Democrats. Some says his supporters there will come out in droves on Election Day. Who is voted. Raise your hand. Who is going to about. The surgeon mail in voting could delay the announcement of results a majority of states don't start counting mail in ballots until Election Day. Pennsylvania is one of a handful of those that doesn't even start opening these ballots until November 3. The largest counties are actually planning on hunting when he Schwartz said then and surely it counting done. That we can insure that I don't need every ballot counted accurately. Counted accurately quickly. So those votes not just counted but counted early Mary Bruce joins us now on Washington merry wick this record breaking number of early votes in many states. Just explain what will know on election night as some of these states deal with a flood of absentee were mailed in ballots. Well there is a lot that is unknown but here's what we do know several critical states like Florida and North Carolina have already been processing ballots. For weeks now so there is a high chance civil at least no a fair amount. Early on in the night but experts that I've talked to are especially worried about those three key battleground state that he handed. Some the presidency that we may not know results there on election night in Michigan they don't start counting ballots until November 3 Ani and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin they don't even start opening that. Until then so they will be working around the clock but the bottom line here Lindsay is that given this huge turnout and the millions of ballots that out to be tallied. We could all be waiting for results. For days. Lindsay very possible hard and you also mentioned Joseph Biden heading to Georgia tomorrow to make a play for flipping that red state blue cross is he focusing his attention in the coming days and what she's saying about not holding the same kinds of large events as the president. Hit Joseph Biden isn't always walking a fine line on one hand he is not of course out they're holding these huge massive packed rallies as Donald Trump and that's because of course it's part of his message in many ways he's arguing that the president is not taking this pandemic seriously and that he's packed rallies are part of that so Joseph Biden is getting out there. He's ramping it up pretty much more strategic much more smaller socially distance events you often see him wearing his mask and he is spending a lot of time in states that Donald Trump one in twenty sixteenths you're gonna see him in Georgia this week he'll be in Florida he'll also be in Wisconsin and even in Iowa. Later this week Wednesday. Mary Bruce thanks so much as always. And we turn down to the pandemic and the alarming increase in cases approaching 70000. Newly confirmed cases each day. Well over what epidemiologist say it's manageable going into the cold weather months and even. Warm places like El Paso, Texas. Extra beds are now set up in tents outside university medical center as the city seized a record number of new cases. Our Marcus Moore is there and has this report. Tonight fears of colder weather and more time indoors fueling the spread of the virus now a reality. The country marking the highest number of new cases in a 48 hour period. Since the pandemic began hospitals and El Paso, Texas are at capacity medical teams scrambling to airlift critically ill patients to nearby cities. And these are stents put up to house the staggering influx of Kobe patient's husband. It's so we realize that this is the unexpected. Mrs. Something that we've not had to do before. This city urging residents to stay home for two weeks to stop the spread by next Wednesday we're gonna need another 200 plus. A storage you'll talk hospitals warning they could soon be forced to ration icu beds and prioritize younger patients. I did not think we were are gonna get to a point where route deny people here in the suvs beach. Policies they are. That's starting to and are ready and we have many many weeks. This search to go I am starting to get concerned that we need to get into trouble. Hospitalizations hitting records in sixteen states last week deaths now rising in 27. No quarter of the country's spared Ohio saw a record number of cases over the weekend but Ohio State football fans spotted crowding together without. Like bill. Some defined. Today officials begging the public to keep wearing masks even when they're uncomfortable you know what else is and comparable. Being and that it. Seeing a loved one on a ventilator. Doctor Anthony felt she saying maybe a national mandate is needed if people are not wearing masks then maybe we should be mandating it. And tonight in Illinois they are mourning the loss of college freshman Michael Lane who was taking classes remotely. The eighteen year old passing away after complications from the virus. And Lindsay there is news in the race for a vaccine AstraZeneca has joined the list of other companies with vaccine saying that. There's may be showing. That it is just as effective an elderly people as it is young adults of course we'll have to wait to see how this plays out in the ongoing phase three trial. But that company is running right now Lindsey. Some promise is there we'll take it thanks Marcus and when we come back your own kind of all lines on CNN. Our team is tracking and strengthening hurricane setting its sights for the Gulf Coast yet again. Halloween is just days away yet it's canceled in many towns but others are pushing forward how you can stay safe. And our trip to one of those critical swing states this time Pennsylvania once urban voters and other groups targeting both. Parties are saying tonight. Yeah. Now to tonight's valid watch we told you last week about those ballot drop boxes at many states utilizing for voters to drop off their absentee ballots in person. But over the weekend a disturbing incident in Boston where suspects set fire to a valid Dropbox outside of Boston Public Library this surveillance image shows the incident. Today Boston Police announce that they had arrested the alleged suspect and have charged him. With willful and malicious burning of the box firefighters were able to extinguish the fire after it was sad. The state election officials saying that 87 of the 122 ballots inside the bots were still able to be processed. The remaining voters impacted will be sent a replacement ballot and officials have called for stepped up security at Fallon Dropbox locations now it is worth noting. That such incidents are extremely rare. Had officials say the ballot drop boxes remain safe and secure. I now for more on the race of the White House president trump helps three campaign rallies in Pennsylvania today. A clear sign of the importance of the state that he won by less than 1%. Back in 2016. The biting campaign of course is not taking Pennsylvania for granted making a hard push to win the state where Joseph Biden was born. So we head into the final week of the election are Martha Raddatz was on the ground in Pennsylvania. Temperature of those who voted for trump back in 2016. On whether they're sticking with him this time around. Driving through Pennsylvania. It's easy to see the intensity. Of election fever. From the cities to the suburbs stretching to the rural areas campaign signs compete with the fall foliage for top billing. I'm gonna say everything all his policies I agree with 100%. I agree that he has spoken for the people the silent majority which I'm proud to be one could. About ten miles west of Philadelphia. Sixty year old ten years to let state. Isn't it kind of enthusiastic supporter of the trump campaign hopes will prevail when this must wins state. Anything over the last four years that is given you pause about from. I would say no at this point because when I'm researching what he does sag. There's facts backing up my C social medium very active in social media. So I do my research things had he brings up. Are exactly what me and my friends talk about an art kitchen when we're sitting around having drinks and talking about politics and garment. He's exactly spot on. Do you believe it reliance. I think no light at some point I bet but he's not the politician who life. Like for 47 years but either political official policy you couldn't cope with. I put healer perfectly what else could he have done where a man still Wear a man's it has been so much confusion and so much back and forth. We're lucky we're even okay at this point. In 2016. And results from the keystone state what one of the big shocker. Trump winning the long time democratic stronghold. By a slim 44000. Votes out of nearly six million cast. Could you vote forward toward a sixteen. Trump Donald Trump. Who are you voting for and twenty to any. Biden Joseph Biden there are worrisome signs for trial. Some who voted for him four years ago have soured on the president. 430 somethings Morgan and Katie Harris parents to two children it has all been just too much. I decided that character mean something that I can't separate the tail. And it just every time I watched him on the news. It was just this hit my stomach. Like oh my goodness like this is our reality and I just I can't do four more years of it. It's the Donald Trump shown were along for the ride. It's been a bump your I'd. You know I think ultimately. The role a president has bigger than yourself. Was there a moment here was said. It's something that just gradually you decided you couldn't vote for Donald Trump I think it's it's the noise. Have everything I kind of feel like my voice Sundays has lost in just the noise about. The polarization. With the race relations with George Floyd's death. With. Co did he have many opportunities again to come together and say look let's let's figure this out to gather. Let's be a unifier and I mean time and time again he's given these opportunities. To act presidential. And he got them. I'm just hoping that a bad joke and maybe tone the noise down if nothing else and maybe just at least brings some professionalism. Back some com. Don't tweets. Just the basics. Judy you are you're registered Republicans are have Obama. Trump. And now. Now Joseph Biden's retiree Judy your total it says it was the pandemic. They changed her mind. Pennsylvania was one of the states to get hit hard early. Almost 9000. Have died right year. When the virus initially hit. Neighbors friends here are my communities. We made over a thousand masks for the hospitals nursing homes friends. And two it was a lot of work. And then he had to disrespect amounted to Wear a mask. And it could've saved thousands. Of lives and my belief. Judy is a member of the highly coveted demographic suburban women who voted for trump in 2016. But who switch to support Democrats in twenty AT. Her town bans campaign signs which she thinks helps keep the temperature down. Are your friends with. Trump supporters it's a mix and it really very few people talk about it. Unless you're in close quarters give a sense that others feel the same way you do who may have voted for truth. I know ago. This which is what bothers me. I don't know how you can support him anymore and even if you're not president you just don't treat people the way to treat. Whipped. Days left. There may come down to Pennsylvania. Miguel Rivera who doesn't like but he hears from the Democrat so you would be surprised there's a lot of people are voting. Philadelphia. Bullet before that revolted from body doubles and mean necessarily that. But. Dubbed a candidate that is there is a wonderful amazing what brighter future for them to us hustle. Born in Puerto Rico Rivera has had in Pennsylvania for more than 25 years. Any thinks it's trump who promises that brighter future. What do you think Donald Trump can do for at the spinning. You don't know not bullets from. He is Hawaiian all of the precedent had done more. Hispanic. I'm black community's intense of creating employment. So he'll become a second time trump voter on Election Day it's. Early voting here has been as wildly popular as across the rest of the country. With nearly a million and a half ballots returned by mail already in Pennsylvania. They don't start counting them until Election Day. Which pretty much guarantees that nation's focus will remain intense for days. For ABC news lines when Martha Raddatz in Pennsylvania. Will likely be in suspense for awhile there our thanks to Martha still ahead here on primed to have been. The Virginia Military Institute resigning over allegations of systemic racism what some cadets claim they were forced to do. But first start tweeting today NASA announcing that they may have found water in one of the craters on the moon that's visible from her. No I'm. The move on from the program. Both candidates are pulling out all the stops going head to ahead in key battleground states and president trump in Pennsylvania today where the hot button issue of is especially important. Voter yeah blasting former vice president Joseph fighting for his comments about the use of fossil fuels and at last week's presidential debate has its saying from the I. I track. Then tracked in this robbery here lightning has since walked back his statements. I'm not banning tracking it thanks Randy are anywhere else. Yeah I've never checked protect Pennsylvania jobs very good. Meantime the president again downplaying Kobe's nineteen and. Little around limited Jarrett you know all they wanted to talk about is covered by the way in November 4 you'll be hearing so much about this is probably. One of the greatest mass casualty events and a history of our country shorter more awards show and we need leadership that is not reckless response. A new milestone in the corona virus pandemic the US surpassing 20025000. Deaths. And hitting record daily totals of infections on Friday and Saturday. With a number of new cases are still climbing. In about 80% of statements El Paso County now under curfew with nonessential travel day and after 10 PM to try to slow the spread a study from the University of Washington estimates he's 95%. Of Americans Wear a mask he could seize nearly 130000. Lives report and. Wearing buys or has expanded its corona virus vaccine trial to including younger children as part of its trial last week's Cincinnati Children's Hospital vaccinated. A hundred children as young as twelve Pfizer is the only leading drug company letting minors test a corona virus back. North Carolina it is true. I'm trading the vice president Mike Pence the go ahead of the White House current Byron task force we have now seen wearing a mask on the campaign trail. After at least five close aides working. For him contracted of the nineteen 'cause spokesperson says he'll continue to travel and planes equipment in accordance with the CDC guidelines for a special personality but critics say campaigning is not an essential activity and the White House doesn't. Tested negative for the virus today. Caribbean Zeneca has strengthened into a hurricane headed to Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and forecasters say it could hit Louisiana Wednesday. Ahead of the Virginia military answer to resigning over allegations of systematic racism on campus and general JH Denver in the third stepping down revealing governor rob north summoned some state lawmakers and lost confidence in his leadership. And asked for his resignation among the complaints black cadet stay until recently they were forced to salute and a statue of Stonewall Jackson. Actress Felicity Huffman has completed her sentence for her role in the college cheating scandal often served eleven days in prison and he's a year of supervised release from and has now completed 250 hours of community service. Stores are report. A shortage of products due to the pandemic supply chain disruptions are now affecting appliance makers has more people complete home improvement projects. And car dealers are struggling to keep some vehicles in stock because more Americans are avoiding mass transit or stores are once again stocking up on essential items including soap and cleaning supplies. Turning downtown a pandemic is affecting Halloween this holiday is on Saturday but cities across the country are banning parades and trick or treating is cases surge nationwide. There of course social distancing guidelines but in some parts of the country city officials are taking things a step further Eva pilgrim has the story. Halloween may not be canceled but it's going to look a lot different this year we don't want door to door trick or treating period. El Paso in the midst of a corona virus surged camping down Halloween plants this city seeing close to 111000. Active cases. Hospitals be John their Macs. Now asking people to stay home for the next two weeks to reduce the spread and ease the strain on the hospitals. Beverly Hills approving an urgency ordinance banning to trick or treating. I understand the disappointment that all children Hannah asks. Even though it was a difficult decision is really what is the right decision to make in this day and time. Cities and at least 37 states changing some of their Halloween plants most canceling community events big. Very Harris had been considered a high risk in New York City. The city's Halloween parade that usually draws some 50000 people called off. The mayor saying no seats inside trick or treating this year. Do you. This CC putting out a guideline warning people to avoid high risk Halloween activities. Like door to door trick or treating or car to car truck or tree. Indoor costume parties or haunted houses and he writes with people who are not in your household check. This isn't. Maybe then. Instead the CDC encouraging people to try to lower risk plants like socially distanced pumpkin carving. Colleen scavenger huts. And if you want to trick or treat. Try to build one way version where you pick up wrapped goodie bags lined up at the end of a driveway or edge of the yard. Decent numbers and interactions were trying to keep socialists and change tracking maps Portuguese Chiba all those things as well get some can't eat you're you're probably okay. Probably OKV can still get those trees are thanks to even for that the separation of church and state has been a concept debated around the globe and in a documentary that just premiered about Pope Francis here in the US. The pontiff says that he endorses same sex civil unions. The message has received mixed reactions but American media's jesuit review went as far as saying the Pope Francis has just thrown a lifeline. To LG BTQ people where homosexuality. Is illegal. Present James long an on the world wide impact of the pope's words through. Every weekend Michael Dalian and Greg go to church more. May god really gives us such a great feeling and I think it's hard to describe but are one thing I can say is that I always feel better after church than than before this week was no different. Suits on they may differ fifteen minute walk from their home too on eighty of rules in Louisville, Kentucky. Except this process today Michael and Gregg walked in to mass with something they've never had before. Support and recognition from the church's highest order took home. Officially coming out in support of same sex civil unions and his comments were originally made lost James but never seen now they've made in new documentary. And a rock star punk has rocked the world again person almost a card. It has come homosexuals have a rights to be in a family he says. What we have to create. He's a civil union nor that way they are legally covered the Pope didn't endorse gay marriage nor is he issuing a formal change to Catholic teaching. But Francis the statement is still momentous shift the Catholic Church. It's less about the words he uses. But the tone he's struck. They feel like an earthquake is happens everywhere else is felt it but no one hand we've been trying to get attention from many Mexican officials with communications department anyone it feels like they've. It's taken them a little bit by surprise blame Ford and charities say that is that just listen to the pope's words and face down the mud and if we did you and we hear him say that. Homosexuals. All the children all gold. The world's one point two billion Catholics have never heard that Pope say was like these before and for those living in conservative regions Americas south. It's life changing. Very very optimistic we're very encouraged because we've never had a Pope who spoken so compassionate late. About gay people and and we welcome back I mean we've been waiting almost forty you know our whole lives we've been waiting for something like this to happen. Luckily Greg met in the eighties and bonded through that face we went to church. Those those were some of our first early activities the couple married in Ontario Canada in 2000 fool. Fifty children and have been champions of gay rights to Yates. It 2015 into the main plaintiffs in the Supreme Court case that day to the legalization of same sex marriage in the US and all these years. How are never dreamt. You know. We would have made such an impact that Greg and Michael a comparatively lucky. They live in a country where that calls to justice was onset and wet for the moment then marriage then a union is recognized under mold. In places like Poland. Members of the LG BTQ community frequently face a fine and backlash propelled and encouraged by the far right president country due to. Homophobia runs deep in Poland and I saw for myself during the 2017 national day in Warsaw. These books were being sold on church property. They what is this one about its almost sixty public Fedorov or how about problems at home I terra yes it's hard to say with the pope's words will have any profound impact hit. Anyone of his detailed Timmy can't be too optimistic because the Catholic Church in Poland as various economists they largely act along with the politicians and a very homophobic way for. Russia like Ramona is a devout Catholic and a member of the LG BTQ community in Poland. It has been friction with how bishops who doesn't except to CA's. That's what this off as the group who have plus the low of others causing who have also so we need a lot oneself. Then. It's my bishops a skiing and got so I just think there are on this. Basically look and rated them. She hopes to see the day with a church is more accepting of and the people in her community. I think I can see and they want to see today's. Since O'Neal's four. Big people. And initiatives do not opposing them and saying OK we'll accept you see that there are homosexual will we see you exist. French ray room perera his journey to acceptance in the Catholic Church started with a phone call from the -- five years ago he lives with this husband Dario and three children in Rome. Ought to mis yet Chloe and Jack Capote who joined us on the cool news. Are. You his stories featured in the new document treat but it almost didn't happen he wrote a letter to France is all scheme for guidance. But didn't expect him to cool and he hung up on him twice. I heard that always say. And he said that. These these friends these are you I quote you. The trolleys but are not answering. So yeah I sat on my dog attacks yeah I mean. You have problems with the our roots. And it's sad to know I haven't even try a little too told the Irish. Because I feel and really. Youthful and really dollar hole. Who told me. Listen to me I think you have to go to the Irish. So that's what Berber Eric did. And five years later he says he's part of a loving and welcoming community. When when he was auspicious. And on a Saturday speech that a child should a mom well do you think. He's become more open minded you think the Catholic teachings gonna chains. I don't seem easy at all and I personally even that. Trying to consider people stop you from their life situation and I mean. Yeah I gave up all we are married yet three he's got to be you know our. We're Bremer says he thinks gay unions will one day be blessed in Catholic church's. Others like Leo rail moderates who lives in the manner in the Philippines the hope is that the pope's words go even further into concrete mole. I do believe that the endorsement of the pool for same sex civil unions may yet happen this for the passage of an old. Critical nice seeing the same sex marriages. The church has always emphasized the importance of family life first as a masterful for a community of faith and in the literal sense of the woods. The picture recognize and support gay families he's at DP meaningful shift. So often gay people Acosta these people who will influence call on quite the next generation that somehow there's something on toward about. Having children if you have a sexual he's embracing that I dare I am not was very very powerful for me. In the pope's hometown of Buenos Aires where same sex marriage is legal. The endorsement was welcome news. They're not left the Pope stains are a very good step towards accompanying social change its access to rights for some theologians and religious Peters. The pope's words are a contradiction. It'll take tying to change the mindset of some people. I'd be. Same sex marriage breaks the society down and mainly for the children it's about example but not for the first time in his pay to see. Francis has put one very simple truth at the hall took his message. We know because we we it's just about. James omen for ABC news life. Our thanks to James for that and we will be right back. Before we go tonight our image of the day. This one is a lot of fun check out his voting line in Philadelphia from the resistance revival chorus. Cause it's been jammed for a little bit home from your state. Dancing their way to democracy sure beats the alternative of standing in line for hours to vote just staring down at your. New meaning to the term holdings. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news on for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for sharing with us can goodnight.

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