ABC News Live Update: Reactions pour in from last night’s heated presidential debate

Plus, wildfires burning in the West have quadrupled in size overnight, and astronauts are casting their votes for president from the International Space Station.
18:31 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Reactions pour in from last night’s heated presidential debate
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update the heated first presidential debate. President toughened Joseph Biden faced off over the Supreme Court to pandemic race in unrest. And one moment getting a lot of attention president trump agreeing to condemn white supremacist groups but fencing bits instead. Thrown out of my list understand black and stand by. The fall out this morning from both campaigns. Also ahead New York City is reporting a rise in corona virus productivity rates pretty city schools at risk of closing again. Good to schools are not safe. I'm not going to allow them to operate it period. We'll have the latest on schools and the new study about the news spread of Colvin nineteenth on college campuses. And one of the wildfires in northern California has nearly quadrupled in size and just 24 hours. Destroying homes and forcing thousands to evacuate to our team is on the front lines this morning. But we begin with the reaction pouring in this morning after the first presidential debate. President trump and former vice president Joseph Biden attacked each other on the debate stage last night. Senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce was there. Within minutes it was clear this debate is going to be ugly high dizzy. Yeah I I want to make sure you did last on its list first and I asked her. The president the badgering died at Wembley to your president and eleven finish sir Peter knew how to do that. TI's did you know honestly that you pick would be surprised if former vice president exasperated I would usually I don't miss and who trying to look past his opponent in his attacks over and over again invited speaking directly to the American people to look. You folks at home Habibie and up this morning and had an empty chairs kitchen table because someone died in Covert one of the night's most stunning moments during a discussion on rates the president asked once and for all to general Dan White supremacy. Trump instead telling a far right extremist groups to quote axis day advice do you have for. We late criticized the the vice president for not specifically calling out and teeth another left wing extremist groups. But argue well tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia world soon and to say that they need to stand down and not. Add to the violence and a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha. And as we've seen important sure you artist indefinitely moderate. I don't say I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing nut from the right now what do you what do you feel so I'm not willing to do anything I want to see he still insert anecdotes saint. You want to call them. What are you want to call them community and give me quite a surprise to some clarity can proudly send right product highlights. Stand back in standby. But I'll tell you what I'll tell you what. Somebody's got to do something about and teacher and left because this is not a right is we Republicans Susan Levy I direct this as a allegedly got out about right and on the pandemic. I didn't ripped into the president's response the president has no plans. He hasn't laid out anything this is the same man and need some balls. By Easter this should be gone away. By the warm whether it be gone miraculous like americorps. And by the way may be could inject some bleaching your arm that would take care of it on the economic fallout trump slamming died in for saying he was shut down a country that medical experts recommended it we don't need somebody that comment and say let's shut it down you can't fix the economy until you fix the Covert crisis and he has no intention of doing anything about making it better for you all at home in terms a year health and your safety on the one. They brought back flip book by the way I brought back and put food on health care top of mind for many voters trump was asked where is his plan to replace obamacare. Over. The last four years you have trauma that's. To repeal and replace obamacare but you have never in these four year has come up with a plan. I comprehensive plans in place obamacare. Source. Well I got an individual and give you husband and I get a hundred of the individual mandate which was that he's not a good governance of that is absolutely a big thing that was the miners are part of obamacare. Chris that we didn't as art and let me ask my welcome back on such a moderator fox news's Chris Wallace repeatedly forced to step and it points chastising the president if you husband and I guess element. I hate to raise slightly terrorist surveillance and I understand you've agreed to the two minutes so please let him have a well frankly you've been doing more in Iraq and that's but he analysts say well you know I doubt we're done sir every million and suddenly you know everyone. Swift's a gates. The president was also pressed about that blockbuster New York Times reporting that trump paid just 750. Dollars in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017 will you tell us how much you paid in federal income taxes. In 2016 and 27 to millions of dollars you paid millions and billions of dollars on outside and billions out of those and you get to it and you get to an end but again the conversation quickly devolved thing. The tax code that made him. And put him in a position that he pays less taxing us schoolteacher. Make sure they're not reverend Lou NATO status. And make sure that we invest in the people who in fact need to help people out there who need help. The lighting regularly when in the list right by your side because our Reggie do a visual market president's done or things. You or senator who are soar as high as America has ever had 834 days to go the candidates trying to make their closing arguments there is never being. And administration of president who has done more than I have do and in a period of three and a half years under this president we become weaker. Sicker. Or. More divided. And more violent. And if the election doesn't go his way at trump foreshadowing turmoil again without evidence claiming there will be election fraud and refusing to say if you'll accept the results I'm loving my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully because that's what has to happen admits affair urging him why I am 100% on board but I'm I received tens of thousands of dollars being manipulated. I can't go along with that and ultimately what about the McConnell so does that mean aren't you either being pulled it tightly let me get the fraudulent election Biden says there's a simple answer. It's the same process. It's honest no one has established at all that there is room fraud related to mail in ballots to add to somehow it's a fraudulent process if I win. That will be accepted if I lose they'll be accepted by the way if in fact he says he's not sure he's gonna accept but let me tell you summit doesn't matter because if we get the votes it's going to be all over he's gonna go. Now both campaigns are trying to spin this charade Republicans are arguing that the president made it compelling and commanding case while Biden's campaign said he showed stability while the president just exuded chaos. But let's be honest this debate was a disaster and there were no winners on the stage last night -- Americans looking for answers this was a real loss for them to. Diane you know Mary Bruce in Cleveland Forrest thanks Mary. And you're not a break down the night is ABC news political director Rick Klein and Rick good morning certainly lots to talk about here's let's get right to it. What's your take overall on what you saw last night and what of the campaign saying about this. This was an embarrassment for democracy it was ugly it was petty who is that this is. The name calling means her options it was an absolute mess and and I don't think it. Reflected well off on either candidate or on the entire political process. Both campaigns are saying as there want to do that their side one. President Trump's campaign go as far as it was the best debate performance in the history of campaigns out but of course that's not the case and I think anyone who watched including many trump supporters. That we've been talking to privately acknowledge that this was not a good debate for the president. I think Joseph Biden I had maybe a slightly better night for your drew grating on a curve here because he did take the date there's a lot of name calling he engaged as well I think presidential deserves a lot of the blame. For that we did this it is to be involved but neither candidate particularly. Distinguished himself and there just wasn't a lot of positive things you can say about this some of the moments we remembered some of the moments the that would that we just played I think are critical to understanding and then. Just just an utter and complete messed last. Like there are given that at all the talk about Joseph Biden's cognitive ability by the president going into this it seem like he was maybe trying to. Trip by an up and see if you can get edited to be confused or to trail off for loses place. Do you think it worked. I got. So worried texts from Democrats last night where it seems like Joseph Biden was flustered when he was off his game a little bit he's having a hard time delay needing some of the policy positions. And I think he didn't frankly didn't do what he wanted to do in terms of ignoring president job he took the bait if you times. And you don't call them a clown called a liar hope the worst president in American history. That may be music to the ears of many Democrats but it wasn't the mess is that Joseph Biden has been trying to project which is essentially. Dad of a grown up. And look I don't think Joseph Biden answered all the questions about his campaign ally in his in his abilities in going toe to toe with Alltel last night I think he. Clearly was a more measured for warmer than than Donald Trump who went off the rails and some more dangerous directions. But I don't think that Biden supporters are Democrats had a lot less like to point to as the either intense say that their man did a great job. I want talk about a moment that's generating a lot of outrage this morning and I want to explain exactly how it happened moderator Chris Wallace asked president trumpet she would condemn white supremacists and militia groups. And tell them to stand down. Joseph Biden and named a proud boys as an example and the president responded saying proud boys stand back and stand by. What is the trump campaign saying about that moment and what's the reaction to it in general. It's a startling moment of course it's not happening in a vacuum this is a president talked about very fine people on both sides in Charlottesville who. I took a long time this is insult from David duke during his 2016 campaign. The truck campaign is claiming that what the president saying there is a clear signal for them so to back off to back away. That isn't know how that particular group has received it they've turned into a rallying cry they're even. I choose some of their merchandising to reflect that they are celebrating the fact. That the president. Responded that way sky near reading it as an encouragement for them to be ready to go in case something bank is a services are needed whether that's this poll watchers whether that's. About violence on the streets what have you they are celebrating the fact that the president did only not only did not condemn but I issued what could be viewed as a rallying cry and again I think it's important to recognize. This president has done this before and he has. It consistently refused to call out white supremacist directly would invite his specifically to do so he is very lows and it took to denounce anyone who he perceives us as up of political supporter and anyway. Rick if this was in fact not misinterpret it but misspoken that that this isn't the way that he meant it to come out. What kind of a retraction does the campaign have to due today in order to correct up. So yeah we heard from Chris Christie earlier this morning we ABC news contributor also a day in advisor to president trump on debates is that he needs to clean it up at the first opportunity that he has to. I either you can do that in a statement obviously the president has no shortages megaphones on Twitter. Is access to lots of inner you formed you name it he's gotten he can do it. He can do it whenever he likes he can certainly do well in advance of the next debating two weeks but there is a growing chorus of folks. On his side who say a look at the very least she got to try to clean this thing off. Some people are saying that given how ugly last night got that they shouldn't be any more debase this year I find I'm guessing that's unlikely but. Could we see a format change may be commuting of the microphone at the other candidates turn or something like that or. He is seeing how they argue and how they handle these kinds of situations part of the process. Yeah couple things remember I mean debate rules are agreed to by the candidates for the candidates themselves. Have to enforce another on those two men want to be president at sonic Chris Wallace of the Commission on Presidential Debates or anyone else to tell them how they conduct themselves there it's up to them. I don't know how you practically talk about meeting microphones and a like I think like that just that freezes all sorts of other issues. Keep in mind though staying maybe this is an optimistic tone it next week we're gonna have the vice presidential debate I think it's fair to say that senator Harris the vice president pants are gonna bring a different tone of the conversation French police are now it's a town hall style debate it will be an entirely different format. The moderator C span's Steve Scully is going to be it's. Throwing to questions from audience members who are uncommitted voters around the country. It's harder for me to imagine the candidates talking over each other interrupting each other insulting each other when you've got questions from real voters but job I guess we've been surprised before. Her analogic a lot of people are hoping that's the case Rick Klein in Washington Forrest thanks Rick. To the west now where wildfires are burning out of control some of those fires have quadrupled in size in a matter of hours. Gusty winds in the forecast could make conditions even worse for firefighters can't whitworth is in deer park California with more on this good morning Canaan. And good morning empire has some favorable weather conditions yesterday so they were old. Really working hard to get some containment lines around a glass fire and they did a little bit but this is what. Husband left in the path of his. I'm tired he hear them. And sadly I think that we are so familiar with paying Californians that the chimney that the only thing. Let's say hey can sell many of these homes here more than a hundred structures lost here in the last month. They're behind me fifty that this is a mom there and there. Two mothers. Right there I mean nothing. It's bad enough but this highly symbolic. With torching 648. From ten hours to that left people very little trying to escape the immediate threat from so many that it is related to the on their back in this I don't know. What you'll have to come home to visit from the street to hand there's a reform. They just started it is a good sign that says we welcome you back on September reports. Confidence is really tragic event about what is going on with people's lives and livelihoods of about fifteen. But these iconic places in Napa Valley just scored for the flyers red and head Santa Rosa and the burning here. So let's. No serious look familiar fire and if there is a vendor backed that voters haven't yet for the Birmingham. Doesn't more than a century. And so there's a lot of vegetation of these planes to eat out. So again firefighters. Are bracing for some wins today. But the real concern that Diane is moving. Downpours Los Angeles about 700 firefighters now Anthony firefighters fans have been on the line here for a month. And are working long 48 hours says they've been away from their families. And roofing work part of century. And we haven't even hit the fire season in Southern California. So puzzling. I feel a lot more than my. Van daunting to say the least can't whitworth forest in deer park California thanks Kana. And out to the latest on the corona virus the US death tall has surpassed 205000. People as 31 states show an increase in overall cases. A new CDC study looked at one college campus in North Carolina. And show how quickly cove in nineteen spread within weeks of campus reopening 670. Confirmed cases. From August 3 to August 25. And just as New York City elementary district students were finally going back to the classroom. Schools are already at risk of closing the city reports its Covert productivity rate is about 3% for the first time since June. New clusters have been traced to nine zip codes the city is ready to close schools as early as next week if the average stays above 3% for seven days. The governor says if the schools are not safe he will not allow them to operate puree it add a few more things to know before you go. Amazon has announced new technology they will allow you to pay in stores. Using just your pop. Shoppers will have to register at payment card to the new Amazon one and from there they can pay by palm print. Amazon hopes to sell the product to future retailer stadiums and office buildings. I am woman singer and feminist icon Helen ready died on Tuesday. Freddie was known for feminist tracks like I am woman which rose to number one on the billboard hot 100 in 1972. Freddy's kids Tracy and Jordan said in a statement our hearts are broken. But we take comfort in the knowledge that her voice will live on forever. Freddie was seventy. And a group of astronauts heading to space at the end of October we'll not let that stop them from voting they planned to fill out their absentee ballots from space. The astronauts will use a special electronic absentee ballot on board the International Space Station that they will send to the Harris County clerk's office in Houston. Voting in space is a longtime tradition being an astronaut Kate Rubin told the associated press and if we can do it from space. And I believe folks can do it from the ground to pay go no excuses from the ash and that's. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update on Wednesday at thanks for joining us I remember ABC news live as your free all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next DeVon liars report on the battle to win over suburban women voters we'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern with the latest headlines and then at 3 PM. For your voice your vote. The breakdown. Until then have a great start your day.

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