ABC News' Martha Raddatz Discusses Moderating Second Debate, Going to Iraq

Get the inside scoop on what happened at the last debate and find out what to expect from the presidential candidates.
7:58 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for ABC News' Martha Raddatz Discusses Moderating Second Debate, Going to Iraq
Send night in. Is the last time Hillary Clinton and Donald to help will face off in the final had a cancer. Okay and. Talk about but. So we're gonna find out the biggest potential buyout works from a woman who's probably still Brooke not for him. Moderating the last debate please welcome ABC news. Want the rats. I that last debate we know that obviously here. He adds. I'm not worried are you been prepping for weeks but two days before the debate that tapes were leaked it Donald Trump in Italy but should your conversation so what did that do for you did. You change course and all the way. On that Friday Anderson Cooper and I. Watch the tape be released and of course we've been studying all weekend. And then we see the tape release and we knew everything was changed. I often described. Big vice presidential debate that I didn't 2012 it was like starting for the SATs. And then taking them in front of sixty million people what. This one was like studying for the bar exam and taking it in front of a firing squad. Yeah how praying I feel. Kind of from also I have to read it know it happened but it was you don't it was so serious and we really had to adjust to figure out. How we would approach that and how we would get answers and and it's a town hall too so you say you had people there. Who were you know we didn't know what their questions would be until that morning. What's the use EU also hunt not always have people there but it's get there and you discover that now there's an added quote. That. Chop has got. All these Bill Clinton accuses so you walk him and they say it all and by the way. Exasperation that how can predict any stranger I know after Friday so we were up. Stares waiting to go downstairs. They're TV monitors inside where we were waiting and we see this this press conference with. I was and I think Anderson I just not okay we have now liked it and they said Nina really did it's it's it's so unpredictable. These debates this whole election cycle you just can't know what to expect mean we we kind of practice different scenarios if this happens what do we do and if that happens what do we do. But it it it's just yet you just have to sort of sit at that and brace yourself and get yours soundtrack and do the best judge can. Because he's unpredictable battle but you know 130 out but you're Mott co moderator. Anderson Cooper. He pressed stop on whether it actually assaulted these women and you have to do that in the course he pushed him. Donald Trump was was forced to say no. Which brought out all of these accusers did you anticipate anything like that you know I think people out at I think. Both Anderson and I. In our debate teams felt it was really important. Take to ask whether this was just talk or whether he had done that in and to press on there. I think we didn't think forward I think you. You know you do your job to press for answers and you do your job to try to get them back on track both of them it's a little hard to wrangle that. But Bret that that was section important thing now to check skin and to help on the record. And you know you've heard women coming out now say it was that moment I when they heard that night that they wanted to come forward. And mark now we really need to know the scoop on this there was some weird creepy hovering going on. And with a lot of walking in any case you forgot try to. Part of his click here to show you of this I think that they now have a wolf but I about a lot of number three. Women can't things are. We are women can't be charged more than men for health insurance that can't and number four. I'm sitting at home kind of help that has now hit it spot on did you. And it just think. Or did you feeling good about your health. So so they have marks on the floor where the candidates couldn't come towards us good thanks so yeah. They had to stay in their zone but that was a pretty big sound and huge course get going you know back and forth and over shoulder. An end there's always a thing when when it's different when you're inside in what you. If you don't let you know this really happening and I think those even bigger and more apparent little on the screen so and an even bigger and more apparent at Saturday night hung out tonight is the last debate we already have a problem we have Hillary inviting Mark Cuban you have trump coming out and inviting. President Obama's half brother out what. We keep an eye. I time this happened and she had an affair when Amazon. Yeah water even try to support Minnesota trump field with important friends and be there why. Obama has brought him brought. Didn't get that far I thought that Santa and I don't get does it. Recap today it's in retaliation to the fact that Obama set to stop whining. So he had to do something he did know what to do he wants to psych out Obama and Hillary would that. I think we got. Everybody as a moderate and well unless John happens as a moderator I can imagine that adds tension to your job what do you think's gonna Chris Wallace's Tennessee saying I'll. Yeah that's what I'm in Atlanta with a yeah. They figure comes. Frederick I think Chris was probably right now it's thankfully it's Chris Wallace today and I can just walk shouldn't. That it's over for me I need is so much for a durable some planet's orbit. You know Chris is a real pro I'm sure it's just thinking about his questions you really do try to tune out what's behind your I mean we had. The Clinton family on this side behind his kind of raised up from. And combat side we had the trump family kind of raised up and my family was a kid you know you and your family was back behind the brick. Once you get out there you just you're prepared you just. Become professional you get less terrified. The second that red light goes on you know bad about that works it was. It was an experience and I do hope and eliminated people and it suits are really important function for the Eagles are hoping that Hillary statue on the sexual. I. Let's obscenity. I have cannot Jerry springer show host and that's why because it stacked against that kind. One of the things I I love about you as a journalist is that you go everywhere and you you're getting ready to go where again I don't get ready to go back into the war zone into Iraq. An instant you've gone. Dozens. Then you know I keep seeing the same people when I go back I was riding around in their Blackhawk helicopter earlier this summer with their guidance two star general who was a lieutenant colonel when I met him he's accurately how many times do we have to come back here. But it's you know they're Baird professionals over there to 5000. American service members over there and a lot more civilians still still doing their best over there. And if I it's a stray cared deeply about cared deeply about half are scarcer this isn't scary that you. It's it's not so scary workers and used to it like it's easier for me to pack to go there that it was to. You know packed for the show up so yeah you know what Eli wearing. I know what took over there but it's and I get body armor over there didn't get the candidates you know Saudi. But I have been. Please come back anytime you're up there and here you hear me think and way to London migrated out they're not. I want things to mock you read it's we will of course be ride.

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{"id":42918091,"title":"ABC News' Martha Raddatz Discusses Moderating Second Debate, Going to Iraq","duration":"7:58","description":"Get the inside scoop on what happened at the last debate and find out what to expect from the presidential candidates.","url":"/Politics/video/abc-news-martha-raddatz-discusses-moderating-debate-iraq-42918091","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}