ABC News’ Powerhouse Politics roundtable breaks down 1st presidential debate

“There’s work to be done on both sides,” said Chris Christie, who helped prep President Donald Trump for the debate.
8:48 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for ABC News’ Powerhouse Politics roundtable breaks down 1st presidential debate
I'm Nancy Goroff; running for Congress, and I'm grateful to approve this message. It could be a different kind of fall classic this year. It is safe to say the Yankees were ready for the postseason. Remember when they lost six of the last eight games? Member when Aaron Boone told you the slate was wiped clean starting tonight? We found out why, the game was billed as a battle between aces. Garrett call and Shane Bieber, but it took the Yankees for pitches to make a statement. Pitch number three right here laced to right field and then on pitch number four, this All rise. The first one of the postseason, a two run shot for Aaron judge. He could feel the pressure disappear for the yanks. After a rbi double it was Brett Gardner's turn. An rbi double off the wall and deep left center. He would later Homer. Torres and Stanton also homered and Cole would do the rest, seven innings, 13 strikeouts as the Yankees crews to the 12-3 win in game one. I am very thankful and humbled to be able to take the ball and be in this position. So, to be able to deliver feels really good. This was a really good way to start out a series against a great team. And, have him throw the ball the way that he did, that is big, but you know, we have to go do it again now. Came to his tomorrow night. Tampa bay, Houston and the white sox were winners today. Tomorrow, national league takes the field. That is at 2 pm right here on channel 7. Later tomorrow night, it is game one of the NBA finals between the Lakers and the heat. You can watch of the game right here on channel 7 with coverage tomorrow night at 8:30. Surprising news from the hockey world. According to reports, the rangers will buy out the contract of the goaltender, meaning his time as a blue shirt is over. The announcement is expected tomorrow as a legendary era comes to an end. The king lived up to his neck name as a ranger 15 seasons, 11 victories culminating with a trip to the Stanley cup final in 2014. He leads victories and shutouts. If the 38-year-old decides to retire he will leave as the sixth winningest goaltender in NHL history. After weeks of negative tests the NFL has its first covid problem and a big one. The Tennessee titans reported three players and five personnel tested positive for the virus. As a result, the team has shut down the practice facility until Saturday. The vikings, who played the titans on Sunday, have also shut down their facility. As of now, the NFL says games will go on as scheduled this Sunday but the titans and steelers contest could be moved to Monday night if more testing is needed. At the French open, he is moving on and finally, when a team wins a title, it is exciting for everyone involved, right? Well, almost everyone. As the seconds counted down to Tampa bay's Stanley cup championship, the radio team were on the call. And, let's just say they had very different levels of excitement They win the Stanley cup. They have reached the top of the mountain. They are the Stanley cup champs. While. That is all that I can say. Come on you just one of the Stanley cup. That is right for that reaction. It looks likely and dry and you looking at a Yankees game. That is the news for now, I am Sade baderinwa. I am bill Ritter , a newscast where we do not interrupt each other. Jimmy Kimmel is next. For all of us here, peace and health, take care of each other. This is an ABC color presentation. Had. Dicky: From Hollywood, it's "Jimmy Kimmel live." Tonight, Cal Penn and music from him. And now, Jimmy kimmelle Jimmy: Thank you. Welcome, greetings my fellow Americans, I'm Jimmy. I'm the host of the show. Thank you for watching in the aftermath of wrestle mania in Cleveland tonight. It was the main event, sleepy versus sleazy. The first and hopefully the last debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It got off to an interesting start, you know, they flipped a coin to determine who would get the first question, but when trump saw the quarter in the air, he said hey, that's how much I paid in taxes last year, and it went downhill from there. Because of the pandemic, there's no opening hand shake, no physical contact. The candidates remained socially distant. It was like date night with Melania. Biden faced an unusual challenge. How do you debate a pathological liar. It's like debating a parrot. The parrot's going to repeat the same things and then take a dump on the "New York Times." Their views on the integrity of the election, Biden is for it, trump is against. It was a good debate. The candidates had a product productive

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{"duration":"8:48","description":"“There’s work to be done on both sides,” said Chris Christie, who helped prep President Donald Trump for the debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73330264","title":"ABC News’ Powerhouse Politics roundtable breaks down 1st presidential debate","url":"/Politics/video/abc-news-powerhouse-politics-roundtable-breaks-1st-presidential-73330264"}