ABC Projects Mitt Romney Will Win N.H. Primary

Based on exit polls, Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman will finish 2nd, 3rd respectively.
3:00 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for ABC Projects Mitt Romney Will Win N.H. Primary
-- -- NBC news election up to the New Hampshire primary. Now reporting from ABC news election headquarters in New York Diane Sawyer and George -- -- And a good evening to you it's great for us to be very few of this big day for American democracy the voter outs of New Hampshire have spoken in the Republican primary and we do have a winner to tell you about. The polls there have just closed and based on our exit polling of voters at preliminary vote counts. ABC news now projects that governor Mitt Romney has a decisive victory in the New Hampshire primary and coming in second. Congressman Ron Paul and third governor Jon Huntsman had a late surge George. But didn't quite pull it -- He said then a decisive winner tonight Mitt Romney is making history no Republican who is not a president. Has ever won both the Iowa Caucuses in the. New Hampshire primary tactic that he is on his way now you see the scene there and Romney headquarters in Manchester ABC's David -- is there. Eight George -- Diane they were applauding here -- those results were announced just moments ago I've got to tell you like just up the phone with a senior campaign -- -- -- How they're feeling tonight ecstatic. Make no mistake about this is a huge win for Mitt Romney -- far exceeds that eight vote victory he saw in Iowa. They tell -- -- -- South Carolina will be a very different contest that had much more blue collar the jobs picture there is far worse than it is in New Hampshire. But they say it isn't -- certainly -- -- they had the South Carolina and of course the most recent numbers we got there are so Mitt Romney in the lead there as well -- a big night tonight in Iowa New Hampshire as George points out. Making history in getting these two states Angeles Diane. Here is David told us earlier that the -- exceed Mission Impossible to Jay Dominique. -- that you've been poring over the exit polling is to learn why this vote the big factor here -- and the voters were looking for someone could be President Obama in November. And Mitt Romney won those voters decisively see it right there. 59%. Who thought that was the most important quality they went for Mitt Romney also Mitt Romney is especially -- voters who made up their minds early. In this race as he got 45% of that vote he might have let a little bit. In the last couple -- -- that controversy. Over Bain Capital over those comments about I like to fire people who courses talk about health insurance companies he saw. The vote splintered there a few more a little bit more in these last few days -- important that the hand. Independence came -- -- very -- on high numbers almost half the electorate in New Hampshire. That's right in the White House is watching that. And I think -- so many independents came out well our powerhouse political team is on the ground in New Hampshire tonight we'll be bringing you the latest. Again governor Mitt Romney has won in New Hampshire stay -- For all the results. All night long and -- -- a full wrap up on a special edition of Nightline later we'll see is --

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{"id":15334125,"title":"ABC Projects Mitt Romney Will Win N.H. Primary","duration":"3:00","description":"Based on exit polls, Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman will finish 2nd, 3rd respectively. ","url":"/Politics/video/abc-projects-mitt-romney-win-nh-primary-15334125","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}