Abortion rights debate continues to escalate

Randi Pink, a contributor for Alabama.com, discusses learning of the Alabama abortion ban and her response to the decision via a poetry op-ed.
5:17 | 05/20/19

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Transcript for Abortion rights debate continues to escalate
As Mary alluded to they're women across the country speaking out rising up against this flurry of state laws more than 200 women. If Alabama specifically an extraordinary publication of essays. Wrote op Eds in three of Alabama's major newspapers put us not just the substance. Of the law but the fact that in Alabama at least 25 net and. Where the votes in favor of the bill no women there one of those women. In Alabama who publish one of these op Eds over the weekend in this show of force if you will is Randy pink she's a Birmingham based novelist she joins us now live from Alabama she. Penned a poem. In the paper this weekend Brit it's great to see you. Tell us about that moment last week when you first heard that this law had finally gone into effect. Well I was actually into Birmingham copy shop right at my third not while. And I got a notification amount phone that did when he back million cans of nearly restricted abortion in years that he. And analysts should Satan. And I am I close my laptop win out some car and just sat in the Alabama heat. I'm the only way acted express how oil spill in Orleans that was to take ink and to paper and write that poem. It took about a half minutes are right when I posted on Twitter at so long liked the song and still still go when. Yeah it it it sure is powerful. And I think it speaks to a lot. The pain that women feel in this debate in what message. So we understand and in folks who go online and read the poem that it's it's a beautiful piece but what message are you trying to send with that. Well. Just. Born and raised Alabama I'm from here Rudy here. And I think it's important. Four. The nation and maybe an internationally for people who know that we're not ala her wrists you know I mean you. There that we can't Buena all. Progressive views conservative views. A lot of our views are gerrymandered and it's a little clump so you don't really hear from monk's. End. It's important to know bad. Alabama is not only those when he asked me. It's us two. And and you know so many abortion you alluded to this it's so many of the abortion so opponents. In your state including your governor female governor KIV. Pets seem to have such deeply held in many cases sincere beliefs that the fetus is a person. This do you file and your personal do you find those beliefs to be sincere and how do you bridge that divide. In in your community among people who support or oppose. This for a controversial practice. Mir. Well. Carson. I don't know anybody who's pro abortion. That's that's not a thing nobody wants. But those facts the hard difficult back. He is regardless of where you stand on this issue. Well one man. A young girl who does not want a baby in her body is your awaits read her body and the fetus and whenever you want Ali. I literally wrote the book on am girls like us now which comes out in the let it. She's gonna create her body of that where this goes in the Barack brewers with a grassy hangar or. And somebody to do it sanitary. Standards here M. It's a set up basically and Anthony even the most Stotts. Believed birders. Can really just look at the past look at history and see. That's what happens when you take away safe option. In in how concerned are you Randy at this point that the Supreme Court might roll back. Some of these protections for for abortions in this country. Well like ASEAN. Well it is in the solely all. In the area they're at an Alabama. It was a rats in the three years and years. And I think. People gorgeous certainty while we're looking for an opportunity to pull the trigger on it. Like I asked if this was written a year ago. It's about what we're talking about now girl's pre Roe vs. Wade. Figured out how to read their bodies of herbal I. So. I'm concerned. I'm also very much of Howard outlet or you use a deal that Condit zoo in. But how light into major limiting them are well. I'm and help in the world and thank you for her happened meets you let the little narrow that we're not all hat. Thank you so much Randi thanks for sharing your opinion page for the poetry and think of returners in the prepared thank you.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Randi Pink, a contributor for Alabama.com, discusses learning of the Alabama abortion ban and her response to the decision via a poetry op-ed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63159385","title":"Abortion rights debate continues to escalate","url":"/Politics/video/abortion-rights-debate-continues-escalate-63159385"}