Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. on Why He's Behind Trump

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson interview actor, Antonio Sabato Jr. after his speech at the Republican National Convention.
10:15 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. on Why He's Behind Trump
The house came one at the speaker tonight politics is not something here and now are right that are all but I'm very passionate about this country and. I love the United States so much in the against god works in mysterious ways it put me one way or the other and the next thing I know I'm I'm speaking yourself. Wasn't what we're the other like what we're snaps or gotten from B that's about country on its states. Well you know for the last year especially. You know I know the trump was getaway it's I really backed him up leave before that the last seven and half years. I've seen this country really. Ticket that turned and I kept my mouth shut. But after a while had to speak. I've seen a lot of things happen on the weekly bases around the world travel around the world. And I distill like what did this administration this president. I mean the fortieth on the Democratic Party is done in this country it's that it's time to talk this can help them about why people wanna hear what say that's about it. What do you mean when you say you saw taking up that turned because I think a lot of people feel that way that they don't think the country's headed in the right direction what specifically. Do you think it's not going right. Art is so much I think Obama had an agenda. You know seven years ago I actually like this guy in Iowa I was backing him up I thought he was. I hope I did not vote for my did not vote in the first that's like once he was elected the first time I was back his high. Love our president of this country's flat re somebody. Back and let this guy is made it really hard from the Ada. The support him and he's made a lot of a lot of choices would have liked. I mean talking about of course I don't believe that guy is Christian I don't believe follows. Got that I love and Jesus that I love. I think he has an agenda from the beginning I think he's out. He grew up with you follow that story you read his book you understand about Obama I mean that's not a Christian name it's. I mean the guy is at in the gym had changed dramatically this country. From left even that. And hated not safe anymore. He's divided this country people walking around not respecting police officers are not respecting teachers the Bible is completely out of the schools. For change. And you see is agenda really exploding right now. In the last few months of his term. Things are happening on the weekly bases and supporting. This country I don't believe he has. And and also the next president. There's going to be Hillary's going to be a huge problem is he's actually worse years so. What you assess how much we have. Is on the order that we have though I. I mean he hasn't done anything to destroy ices I think I'll let you destroy ices in a short amount of time he hasn't done that. I mean there's let me. Natalie Iowa absolutely and we at the that we got a lot of times and calamity that we got IT it's religion seems to be very important you up. Why is it you don't. That President Obama is Christian and regularly attends church services I adamantly. Actually that's not attend church you actually is never talked about Jesus Christ wants. I. You know I've met a lot of Christians I know Christians I night. I have run I don't believe years and I think well why why don't you believe units. In my apartment. This year for what it is believed cities on the it's ET what Williams. The Middle East he's he's with the bad guys these with them now with Nazis now with this country he doesn't support. What that Miller writes the constitution. All the great things that meet this country great doesn't support of military I had bought. It's already knew what the military. For police opposite the military. They don't like is now. Really I mean that's part of battles but something's going to read Walt's that is what she really thought I see that Iraq. I've seen that for seven here. Just curious if you'd you'd just necessary. Or a person Miller you don't dispute listed in order to respect the president and if so how did you. He rationalized that were customers with separate churches. Yet yet applied but all the same time it's got two days on and could actually go back to the Bible I mean we're talking about this nation. Under god. Happiness says that it at which it is critically. That's what god that we know but it's not it's not. Believers of Islam this action was based on Islam what you believe that they got talked about it that won the five. Could ever have a muscle as an ever have a Jewish and we have one. We had a Muslim but certainly happy Italy that President Obama as arts colleges absolutely and that is based on what you healing art. That's what I believe what I have the right to believe that you have the right it is. Against that I believe if retreat to a lot about world which is and that's when it comes from us when Richard. How to day. Newser well or maybe the core of the current problems core witches McChrystal took place. Well I believed that he a lot of wrong choices. Those are my beliefs and you know what. It's what I've seen. Politics is ST this whats your view about their body taxi lots at practice he want the pressure especially in the last year. The left. Which is next to left is at. A tax you emotionally physically having everything wanna just destroy our panel seemed from the sport so. Right I mean that was released price of seven years in 08 years ago I was Democrat. And I'll I'm not anymore. Does that hurt you vote. Guided boat put him article written. Word Democrat and that I got the wrong either bush or Obama. Unable. Our. And I did vote for a second that I was actually. So now we made two mistakes first time in the second times and now we ethnic choice that there can be monitored a bomb. On a different choice until we have a choice. Let me ask you about your candidate that you are here to support what right specifically that he has that. Would. Pollock like he enacted he has talked about that that he. I would say any day from building the wall built in the military and everything in between and bring your country back where we don't have one trillion dollars. I mean anything in between everything he says. Which people are attacking him he says it is always opens to too honest. Two on I actually liked the when watts. I don't have to be light at a hundred times a find out the truth. And also Hillary she left our soldiers to die so that that alone. She's just tell you don't vote are no matter who is on the at the side as he left our soldiers alone. I mean there are you're talking about Hillary Clinton and godsey. I hold about a military contractors we heard tonight at Cary Grant prologue to sell one once you know that what she did. And disgraceful. So I mean employees millions go with somebody no matter what and that's not. With your personal rights and actions. It was my first choice from the beginning it was the only guy I met him several times I've met him the first time twenty some years ago. He's the same guy that I met twenty years ago that I met that I see now. So he hasn't changed so I respect. I I billions get a went from. The I think a lot of people respect is so planes and they say they feel like he's different from other politicians or at least I think he's. Not been a politician Vladimir attractive to a lot of people at sounds like you like that as well. I like a lid on the CNN like the act like sent that to he's not a politician who would that the fact that a lot of people think personally easing is really to buy. I mean he has singled out several groups who. Saying that there on Americans I think that they don't belong here I think area typing a lot of them I've accepted. Let's immediate changes that are around out that he feels that way I think he's. He's definitely races he'll bring that up I mean I'm I've known them for a long time I know people that worked with him that work for him. I eat meat it hurts that I am. Talk about someone new those routes are now on I don't think that's it's just all the media picking and choosing which news I don't want you re. A straight question. Out of Hillary or use. At. All. I don't know I think that brings up enough that I don't know about it. And I'll let me so. Not beautiful it's my my vote at week. I'm really not that let's I wanna vote. But the guy. With a guy right now I respect. That's. When light and act. Would. You that you expressed. You know what I guess Adam Eric passion about it while right now go. That got first. With Jesus for so it's up to have to decide what. It's not up to anybody else. It's before you know we live a life that we're gonna go that's it's. Solely you never know what's gonna happen especially nowadays and these are Google and off the board. All of placed great sorrow. It's Hollywood on looks feels a certain way about me because a doctoral. It's opiate so I idol idol. Let me ask them in my fate I sleep at night knowing them the right decision. Enough they'll find out about it I'm not scared of what people might say my nuts not afraid. Now that we really appreciate it. I've been adamant. That if you acting like.

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{"duration":"10:15","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson interview actor, Antonio Sabato Jr. after his speech at the Republican National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40686053","title":"Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. on Why He's Behind Trump ","url":"/Politics/video/actor-antonio-sabato-jr-trump-40686053"}