Actor and Singer Robert Davi on ABC's Top Line

Davi talks Sinatra, politics, and voicing a demon sheep political campaign ad.
3:00 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Actor and Singer Robert Davi on ABC's Top Line
All right well we're very excited about our next guest didn't excuse me being loved him for his roles and license to kill. And the good -- of course among other films and for his ominous voice and a number of conservative political ads. Actor singer songwriter Robert -- joins us from Los Angeles mr. -- You can hear Rabinowitz music there now thank you so much for being here is -- with a new album. How we'll get your political work in the second but this great stuff on this album some great Sinatra tell us how you made the leap into music. From the from the big screen and and how do your political stripes compared to -- not -- who was famously a Democrat for many years. Well it's a lot of question but the first of -- wanna just welcome Max Rubin inclined to the world and again like you did. At the club and I want -- and little Jack out there. I want you know when. Max is about eight years old plane going he's in play in this little clip. Welcome. Anyway the the first thing is my album -- sinks in not to view did you show the album cover because I have I have something you -- -- OK good. -- singing was my first love. And the the the idea of doing this album which was produced by the great Phil -- we did -- -- Capitol Records. And I did my first film with Frank Sinatra in 1977 as a young. Twenty something -- guy. Anyway it. The again music was my first love and. This music the great American songbook is the Shakespeare of America. And today's release date of the album and you can get -- anywhere you know Amazon and iTunes and Barnes & Noble and TWE stores -- some. But the the idea -- of the great American songbook. It came at a time. When America was very did they would difficult time to had a depression in the thirties and forties and -- award to win. It was the -- it was the music that was a cohesive. Blend of black -- jazz artists and a large portion of it was written by Jewish immigrants in the sons and orders of Jewish immigrants to the struggle of these two people. Created the great American songbook and brought the country together. During very difficult times so for me it's not just about Robert -- -- wanting to do an album. But this music to me is crucial in bringing us all together in an optimistic. A way and it appeals from anyone from ten to eighty. And the united to the concert live concert at the the grove in Los Angeles and there was a twenty year old Korean girl that. Was walking through the mall there the area and -- and -- for the concert want to buying five albums. And since she loves this music a couple of Russian guys couple guys from France so not only. In America the American songbook is something that the world fell in love with America for so I have a much bigger purpose for doing -- Frank Sinatra's political his mom Dolly was a tremendous Democrat she spoke five different dialects of Italian. And He wasn't very staunch supporter and friend of FDR. And continued through. To Jack Kennedy and everything else in -- later on in life as what happens with a lot of people. They go from being a Democrat sometimes. To a conservative and that's the transition that Frank Sinatra -- with one unifying principle and all of that -- we all love America. And that's the visited the binding principle to this music. That's a great it's a great message of unity. You know from your music and it's true that music and it does bring people together but -- You've also been involved in some partisan politics. And people of -- close your eyes and -- your voice they might recognize you from the infamous demon sheep -- Of the last cycle which is one of our favorites. Here on the program -- how do you reconcile trying to bring people together with music verses. -- -- that that that partisan. You know Rinker that that some of these political ads in Basra of course that -- was it was in a primary between two Republicans we should know. Yes it was a primary between two Republicans and also. The the look at actor's. And we use of voices for many different things and I happened. Two that was for an -- for. Carly Fiorina who believed was it good candidate for senator -- And it's it's that's just who you think might be good for the country -- for the state California is suffering. I have lived here since 1977. When it came to do that film with mr. Sinatra California's suffering. So when you feel a country or city is it is going -- -- state is going through difficult times you want -- change direction and what's happening that. You know what's the. It was growing again and still it. And it just don't think opponents were on time but have been speaking had been using your voice your talents and at a difficult time. Who obviously in the midst of a presidential campaign you can -- -- you can use your voice for any about the Republican field anyone out there right now. I'm gonna sing my butt off and you know and and that's vote for Republicans and Democrats to me right now my message. These two as two and and who knows whether -- I wind -- doing something. That and support things you know having the voice used for something like that right now. I'll be at the Venetian in February 23 24 -- fifth and I'm gonna be sing and my heart out to bring us together. Great stuff Robert -- thank you so much for Jersey got a great album. I doubt He sings Sinatra -- -- check it out -- -- the the album cover their thank you for being here. It's on Amazon is guidelines and sentenced to check in online thanks a lot. Okay we'll see you next time on top line we'll see if Max Klein has a what are -- -- and Turkey as a future right here is that.

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{"id":14803729,"title":"Actor and Singer Robert Davi on ABC's Top Line","duration":"3:00","description":"Davi talks Sinatra, politics, and voicing a demon sheep political campaign ad.","url":"/Politics/video/actor-singer-robert-davi-abcs-top-line-14803729","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}