A Look Ahead to the NH Primary Post Debate

Fusion's Alicia Menendez and the DC Examiner's Gabby Morrongiello look ahead to the New Hampshire primary.
6:14 | 02/07/16

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Transcript for A Look Ahead to the NH Primary Post Debate
A little more announcements let's go back to our colleague at least in Menendez. Fusion anchor I think she's got some more announces four arrests police get taken away I. Am I I. Fat cat friends yellow here it needs to DC examiner got lots of talk about any new telling and its ninth at rubio was pointing at wrapped up I'd seen him. You know I think he's handled the attack. While except that moment where he hedged on the inflation question. But for how walking Chris Christie went after him and for how they apparently was sixteen when after I think the study is being delivered Chris. Chris seen incidents and he Neeson injured criticism that. Christmas season he was talking in sound bites but. I think our reveal luckily it didn't walk away from this debate damaged a little bit but I don't think it'll hurt in his second place and of course it. So the for a few blocks the decade for talking with some other corners. There are different continents. I'm not to stay right after people had runners on and you he's governor's case it. Bush Christie who are married anyways buying things spot didn't anyone break out of. Chris Christie I think he released an hour and again that goes back to his. The decision to block Margaret you know that was his. His debate strategies and it's gonna islands and out one where there office it's gonna help for his candidacy. But he certainly is going to be back at mine its tomorrow and number. You know some of them a number of media hype and certainly in New Hampshire voters are going to be talking about. Exchanges between an eminently you know so I think he definitely. Still out tonight at that that government. I think he they've had a strong performances while. And I think he satisfied the crowd was really looking at him in some independent voters but. I'm not really shady means that this you know solidified his second place standing right. And Jeb Bush. Template is Jeb Bush he does he does while in custody and he is kind of won't keep it more difficult for him to connect voters in. At town hall and Clinton to hearing from here in the eighth but. I think he he he did well in some excellent points and foreign policy that's definitely it's on scene. But again he is battling as he mentioned with donkey thinking as hasty and that. That when Adam out of New Hampshire and looks like right now as an informant in at check in just got his job but it. Now Ellis one. Did not hear a lot about and now let's Hillary Clinton hate conspicuously out why. I think they have a lot to do with the fact this is the last debate before voters for just impersonation. Night and it's really relaxed I'm where. These candidates we'll have an opportunity to distinguish them. Policies you. I'm you know distance themselves from up. Each other and really the last time that somebody like Chris Christie had cast upon him for voters had. It's a cold here and sell the debate wasn't focused on pavement and I hadn't action we've seen that capacity but. Whitney's first in the nation primary reading is the way this as a chance for the GOP candidates to really show why they should be the person you know voters vote on next Tuesday and it's. Steve and radical reordering about it tonight. I don't I am thinking that this solidifying. That. Sent our second and agony and kicking. You can't stop. Them angry and right now. I don't think anything like that. Maybe this is upon it is. I'm not really sure what to do and when you. Voting. This proceeding one that mines mildly at eight hours. It's going to need them as exchanges between our and as NIC I also think and number of people look at it from England. You know Michael you. Oh defeat if he hasn't experienced as. Christmas he pointed out some. He did adds that he did at our answers to typical politicians and industry and sad that he he didn't. Run away and asking me if bill and it went and and I point out how. Chris Christie did in July at one months. I'm concerned. You. I'm voting for an effort that there. So I think that Stephanie a lot of a lot of pundits and commentators. And and it is it's now. Us as we celebrate it definitely more. It's it's not bombastic. Early at least his name. It. I think that's the question that everybody gets married what is going to comment on top because. He is coming off one more college student defeats and he hasn't you know he's not throwing knees out anymore he apparently involved at all. He he delivers he talks policy. It mean obviously Stanton the other candidates but he certainly. You can tell a lot of preparation into these acts you. Here I'm sorry this debate and defeats prior to last moments and don't attack equipment so. Someone wasn't on stage it is on the streets. Much I death sentence is it our it's not. Well is similar to light rain halted when he decides to the end of her defeat she has certainly capitalized on the opportunity to gain publicity it. Her campaign had him. On social media in New Hampshire they are getting out the words. Continuing this message that the rain. Campaign that he is against her at that. You know the Washington establishment and inflation hunt scenes. I'm not sure how much that will help partner. In the last three days went by she is certainly not going with it and been able to capitalize on topics. To show that you know having to be seen what a let down there and are GOP voters still looking at an appointment. So my eyes and ask you. All right thanks so much at least dividend as an acre on our friends at fusion excellent work tonight great to have you with us thanks so much.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"Fusion's Alicia Menendez and the DC Examiner's Gabby Morrongiello look ahead to the New Hampshire primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36767816","title":"A Look Ahead to the NH Primary Post Debate ","url":"/Politics/video/ahead-nh-primary-post-debate-36767816"}