Al Cardenas on Dissatisfaction of Hispanic Voters

RNC 2012: American Conservative Union chairman discusses health care and courting the Hispanic vote.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Al Cardenas on Dissatisfaction of Hispanic Voters
We are now joined with the former chair of the -- part of the party and that the -- of the American Conservative Union which throws that's -- Event that we don't know so well for -- the conservative political action. Conference Al card in -- thank you so much for joining us it's great to -- with he had this great company such an exciting first day in your home stay at home state kids have made it better that that -- so let's start there because we saw a new poll out CNN poll coming out that shows the president. At 50% that's the magic number here in Florida. The it's better numbers than we've seen for the president in the sunshine state against Mitt Romney. Do you think that Paul Ryan's addition to the ticket is. Is -- the -- for -- here in Florida little trickier. You know I don't I think falling asleep 35% of the voters in Florida over 65. Medicare -- big deal. I thought it was -- to fake Paul Ryan goes folks need to know the truth we need to have an adult conversation about Medicare and what will make it work not only four current citizens but. Seniors put our future seniors -- so I -- Paul Ryan people who villages did a great job but. You know it takes -- -- digest that information but I I feel good that we're talking about it the way that seniors who served. In Florida of course it's is Latino. There's been discussed for about -- mark rubio would have been a better. VP candidate to help. -- that GAAP -- between Mitt Romney -- Barack Obama. Ain't that Mitt Romney. Needs. To -- over that Tina because right now -- there is 88 me. Break Lola -- is that Latinos are asked to satisfy this anyone -- lasts for years -- degree of the satisfaction. There's through the roof they have a higher unemployment -- -- their education. Graduation numbers are down they drink they need hope when they need -- vision for tomorrow -- it's not what -- The best numbers were god -- with to go orders. From California Texas they were well known -- from Massachusetts it's taken them awhile. There's a real big large soft spot they're born Latinos getting that registered as independent senate Democrats and that's a good sign -- -- doesn't need to. -- -- -- somersault -- he needs of game three or four points and Vickie swing states within the Latino community daughter get that job done and that we've got a long ways to go could be a kind of party we need to -- them Latino community. Understanding what -- start with the good news and that there is dissatisfaction. But it. You you do knowledge there's a long way to go and I have heard from the ground up. -- any direct appeal. In a very specific way. On sort of the issue of immigration he'd come through. Nomination season where there was a lot of real hard line. On the issue. And there's -- or -- to show that Latina voters care about the economy like all American voters care economist put it. -- this issue of immigration resonates. Really loudly into. In the community. And and the Republicans. Haven't had a tough time with that issue in terms of reaching those voters this his last nomination season. Is there enough time between now and November 6 to make up that well. This company tunis. Very -- for that purpose and I look we come up a banner year 2010. We elected three Hispanic Republican governors. Or Hispanic senator we're ethnic -- -- -- joined a senate that's another Hispanic leader Democrats have not elect. We had a banner year 2010 and these are going to be powerful surrogate they're going to be only aged and -- swing states to talk to a Hispanic community art language. About Mitt Romney and tonight. Tonight will be a start but tomorrow and Thursday we'll have Marco Rubio Bryant cent allowance of -- my penis. The most impressive list of surrogate we've ever had. And also we've had more Hispanic events at -- mentioned that we've ever had before starting last night so apparently -- Do you think when -- send those surrogates out to talk about the Mitt Romney record. He has to give those -- a real definitive answer on this executive order that. President Obama put out the other day which obviously now we have a lot of people applying for. This this time period when it -- eight years have. Are you encouraging the campaign to say we we can't go out there and talk about this into we have and real answer from the Romney campaign about what he would do as president -- This issue. Well absolutely -- reset -- -- he -- only candidate who said. That he's elated to have bipartisan solution for immigration reform breasted sensors spyware -- highway four years -- passive work. -- -- said that traffic for more years it would work either he gets elected there only to. Precedence over the last 32 years have done anything about immigration reform voucher or Reagan in 1986. George Bush who try to you know six and 07 Mitt Romney's committed to a bipartisan solution uncomfortable who could have talked to about it mark -- -- we just talked to about it. He's got folks like Jeb Bush and myself when -- -- committed to immigration reform and his listening. And I'm convinced that in the campaign trail people gain more confidence and he just -- That we're gonna have a bipartisan solution not a Democrat way when and -- bipartisan. Back in February when you we're overseeing your consistent Conservative Political Action Conference Mitt Romney took the stage. And almost its -- was still trying to Vince. The gathering there was one of them and -- I was severely. -- a conservative Republican governor's severely. Hasn't had seen me is just as we still needs to convince these folks that he's one of them. We that's a fair question. And I will admit that their -- so folks and I waited see attitude in the conservative community. But he's checked two boxes one was a full Ryan selection and who has been a very conservative platform. I think both those items have got those folks are -- a wait and see approach enthusiastic about supporting. There is also -- under current still Ron -- support their -- I think it's it's it's it's more than just apprentice there people out there really believe that. There's there's a libertarian -- at this party -- -- really do like the idea that the Tea Party pushed forward about more transparency. About letting. You know sort of regular folks be part of this. Part of his party Whitney had been before. I think that the convention is addressing this what do you think it means overall for the party that you have Tea Party influence here that really. Want things to be different from the way that they saw. Look it's a different environment I wrote an open about it today and that basically says that this is -- like any journey we've ever taken it used to -- you had the Republican Party and you had a candidate. And we marched in unison -- -- Tacoma goal. Now you've got -- Tea Party you've got the establishment -- -- super pacs you've got independent groups. Again that new media such as yourself some people of Ireland any vote I had so it's like Eisenhower the allied forces chief definitely fake elementary chief like bill -- ever -- I think there. Anybody responsible parties signaled these synergies and putting him -- a couple of craft its maturity and Mitt Romney he's disciplined. He's complicated he understands how -- an -- parts work. And I think we'll do a good job and harnessing all these various groups who -- to a -- goal in the last seventy days Al Cardenas chairman of the American Conservative Union. Thanks for us but -- hope something's that -- spiral out it was like. Are you think it really. -- crazy and let go viral produced something that would put us on the you know I've got -- -- out of my provocative just. Did -- I -- -- be very nearly.

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{"id":17100554,"title":"Al Cardenas on Dissatisfaction of Hispanic Voters","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: American Conservative Union chairman discusses health care and courting the Hispanic vote.","url":"/Politics/video/al-cardenas-dissatisfaction-hispanic-voters-17100554","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}