AL voters await Trump at Senator Strange rally

Trump supporters at a rally for Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange are split on whom to support in the GOP primary.
17:19 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for AL voters await Trump at Senator Strange rally
Thanks for watching ABC news digital I'm only broken here had gone on here in once and few hours behind president Donald Trump and senate candidate and current candidate senator stranger could Alley here. Here now my new friend Michael and we were talking up images sent them Michael. The mountain my hearing and. Good morning. Well there isn't making. Theresa goodness. Gummery yesterday. I'm here's courtroom and I personally don't like Luther strings especially after. Hate him and I'm not even in politics it and I announces going from. Personally. To me just. Mr. streams and. Are politicians that he. So let's let's let's let's break down for our audience here with the strangest incumbent he was the point that I yeah. Governor Bentley. Who resigned after they were allegations. And it embroiled in sex scandal. We've exchanges and when you let them going eighteen seats. And worries challenger. Warner attack she. Check. Com I remember thinking and refused to take them eat and in. Any work right. Instantly. Exchanges gave birth rate has not. I'm mark endorsed night all of and it acts from White House had very steep. Quick court. And aunt Sarah Palin and you're here hate you're a street rally but you're not supporting it. It's strange now I'm support I'm here to support from him. Lot of people I think you're talking at least seven late in the last five minutes after beggar for centuries and their support more. Say it that happens here. It strains. I think I would say I'm at least 30% here just as Ichiro snapped. And regardless I don't think the majority on the relax during the especially after debate last night someone changed her mind and change provoking. When he has to say yeah. Did she maybe they can swim. A lot of people could see buying come over here that make this easier for us. You're saying about the debate it's debate last night between the what you want to. Campaigning this isn't your strains against. Him more. I'm exchange is talking now last night he kept saying over and over again president traveled. He supports me important to me at what do you. Well it. Changed my mind about Marie Moore anything. Anything like he doesn't like her politician the united and that's why people voted for trump they didn't want her politician. And everything he's had to come out of a map that makes it. Want to lack of support somebody that in in this in six years necklace to seven million dollars. Just from the and a politician. Duties that you know he kept saying the coal industry when he did he shut us why he probably didn't it. It's jet down might most of the coal industry and help them shut down the biggest coal industry in the state Alabama was determined. And they went to Columbia South America. Six American free trade agreement homeland so they've adapted it just can't happen. Michael let me ask you. The big election next to me right in front operating Hastings street in more. Strange wind. Street district where many people now negative when he did you know having. Things like that I don't think that they don't think he's a good candidate. And even democratic or Republican they're going vote Rick. Prefer big Republican after Republican. But there's no other candidate they think that the people from state Alabama student in the nest or true or don't vote for the best candidate period. Do you think you might sit out it in the general. 83 if things Wear them again aren't I don't appreciate it thank you tonight. Me myself be sticky hands it's you're I'm thank you to President Clinton and I took aim at looking. Yet thanks meets my and you weren't around last night right now let me. I'm looking at you. Yet not not like Amazon changed back then I want him. And behind them and I like to thank you so much for talking to me yeah. Yeah. Pleasure talking likewise likewise. I think we're dealing with at this rally there's a lot of folks here support Donald Trump thing let the president but it isn't it. Indoor theater when strange was appointed to see this week after attorney general -- actions. He was formally Alabama senator and he was appointed AT. And the governor at the time completely different take his spot now there's a lot of discussion about whether or not that would sort of the perception and maybe it's shady deal ties. As the current Alan am eighteen and strange would have been injured and best. Robert Bentley. Accusations. All the said he ends up in. Senate seat. So a lot of people wonder whether some sort of quick proposed situation and whenever your severance and other equipment seen anybody else is going to want not to undermine. On the next evening their site and even yes and it's not even know why it's that. You guys according out of that night and it's advancement that's important. Reinhardt. I'm nannies Wear bright light college estranged son but it really is strains. Can see sympathy dollars and humor to get. Little further down this line as he can eat lots of folks going. On Brian Leonard. Be seen it took me. Any kind of voting states that king C. Aaron. I want to talk here I see similar raising his hand up. And let's get out of this. Write your name names Mark. Pratt from redeem on a program. That mark. Donald wrong OK but you haven't now on T is it percent. That there's room at my answering this because if you were wrong. Right yes it's. Time. Possibly that is a lot of folks have decided that their names like throwing more. They love Donald funny but it'll likely to street was leaning announcement. Yet we say. I don't want to support that. You like healing. Right that was might go. We're gonna find some work to talk about here on front center in Huntsville Alabama. Many wanna go live on Yeah and here are plus have a chance she's sitting president and its fourteenth president since I've been born and never had an opportunity so. These prison trump also from Luther strange to Israel. He's currently constraints here today your time for him on Tuesday August him at what do you make up there's a lot of folks saying you know just we didn't see. You know there's lot of criticism about street claiming. It's just a lot of criticism they're gonna have yet they're going to be for him against him when he partner. Talk about prisons criticism you might know I don't know Luther strange I know he's been. Here's you know him and I don't have any. And here's what angry words and sounds like. Sounds like something you like about him that he's been in politics. Yeah well it's more than affecting politics. Like the man of the or so. I'm here to support him but. And being biggest part of it is to. Using them from presidents I think they'll let me ask you it's me come. You know depending on who wins. What about in the solid talents you know my New Orleans still who support him aren't. Yet I think I support the people that are in office. That there are newly elected officials and may not necessarily agree with every stance of being taken to an investor group. It was for him on the ballot would I vote for him on the ballot. At this point I'm not sure when the city. When I went looking with the mortgage issues where. The importance of wearing yeah when more stands but tend to lean more towards Roy Moore. And some conservatives isn't but if you definitions of some. Similar stances cities tape. Like what. Yeah obviously with the game heard. When no right at an extra support that I think he's really people out there amateur night. And a true appreciate. Powerful. I see navy tone down here rhetoric right yeah yeah. Right well think of me I appreciate it beginning continued down the line. That's the doors opened at their filing in sign obviously Donald Trump rallies and you know it's going to be eight homes turnout. I was in Montgomery Alabama last night where he's not that challenger that I've been talking about throwing more heat gave them into battle. And matching market was there and so glad Sarah Palin. I'm so he's got a lot of support from certain anti establishment of this really interesting. Proxy fight between. The person Donald Trump has indoors and as we mentioned before the person you folks like Steve NN. At record aren't supporting it here this system more votes. Filing indictment. Telling any of you may one attacks happening. About why your accident. Earlier UC president. Have tanks and how that reuniting for in the senate and and I didn't tank Abbott and this yeah. Are you leaning towards anybody in particular. At this point. And they let collective strength and without telling you what do you know about the streets of harmony and what it what you thought about this morning. Or. Yeah we don't want NN news. We don't have laid out locked. Now we gave that they. Asked. Some other people earlier and that absolutely. A lot of people here share the same aren't you there from Reuters. Actually be willing borders. Should be. And yeah. I eat him. But. We've gotten them yet. Have. There's very active as. I'm how my and paying them and then at 830 days plant rattle on cleaning snow barn again but they don't know not just for Hayley thank yeah. Fan bullet apparently. Without. Today. You know depending on who wins the primary he can keep it where I get them in the general like no matter who wins against them today called Republicans. And in general election. I don't know anybody in. Really I just couldn't. Okay you ready to life. During might be out for you. Well either way it sounds like you right you're apparently here McDonald. And strains and it. In coming from. Currently are. Playing. Great chatting with me yeah. I can't. It's it is easy. That seems to be the prevailing opinions add here that. Hey I McDonald's not want to see him talk the president that's pretty cool off but certain. It. Against. Strains can make her interesting but I'm part. Reception inside I can't just needed and dying to see how the receptionist between Donald tramp. Everybody here comes out this month. It's strange doesn't seem to get. Reception as down. And talk to. Me. And yeah I'm and I hate your name is man. Well like cocaine ring if drama. How them right apparently that your average accident morning. Oh my goodness. Are you really that chemistry you know yet to come here. I'm happy I'm and you get your mind that you're gonna support for the and it brings him angry and extra OK tell me why bicycling instinct look. In online. The idea what tightly and let me ask that if if Donald Trump had endorsed by mormons or Mormon that play alliance it is that it would play alive. Happily. And hopefully. What we'll do it hill home. Your neighbors and Roanoke and Alabama are saying what's your sense of like how they're cleaning out front and Roy Morse and his estranged. But let your town probably. Tablets like. Interesting that let me ask you this if Roy Moore ends up winning on Tuesday to leave behind more in the general election heavily kind frank we'll. Thank you so much change and I. Thanks thinks it's adding that means pollen. And it's not meet you. They can't. Now we are you have you made up your mind about who you're gonna support me through that right okay tell me why you might supporting the constraints. Because he's he added. A high ratings in our. Choose its. Lost interest targeted them clay I guess I exchanged. You know its doors here. Weapons I think the background it. Now I'm saying you know keep that I've heard that term alligator. Lot creature act anything that feeds criticism against Simpson when you make this creature thing you know which brings us warm and electro. If I'm warm winds on Tuesday that was you vote for him in general. But immediately as an out I'll probably shouldn't. Yeah. You just can't tell me tell me lying. You could not going. You know how like his ideals and stuff sports religions. Aegis aegis. This conflict yet some. And we've dealt with in your hands. But. This is that things. It. Write. Them there are up and out. Strange how. About Roy Moore seems should be quite. A lot of things going on here it's going so fast meaning. That. Majority. And Tutsi seem to. Donald front importantly there straight up or any other. It that's not a word. For people. Cracking down any. I well everybody thinks watching ABC news I've now been hearing until Alabama team backing to watch that Donald Trent. Strains brownlee just hours.

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