Alfre Woodard on DNC: 'Fundamental Change Came from People Themselves'

"Desperate Housewives" star discusses her work helping to reelect President Obama.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alfre Woodard on DNC: 'Fundamental Change Came from People Themselves'
But I think it was that Alfre Woodard terrific actress of course formerly of ABC Desperate -- enough of that -- believes that. -- terrific television -- the -- to -- -- what is it like it is here tonight. I am so does that. I'm so I'm fired you know I haven't cooled off from 2008. I know some people about -- little -- that coming into this fall starting on. The first night with the First Lady and with the mayor of San Antonio. -- every and Lilly Ledbetter. Release date just lifted -- -- they reminded us who we as Democrats. And what is at stake this time out and how much we have protect. What the president is done on behalf of all Americans. I -- I -- it was here where you heard talking about the youth vote in how hard it is indeed that you decades. Yeah so you may still being. Hot for -- -- an innate but. Is that your sense that those eighteen to 29 year -- have cooled a little bit from where they were about them. Well you know they might have -- just a little bit because. We pumps them up they started to feel a little bit like it's -- Super Bowl you choose a side. What we have to talk to -- about is that politics is a way of life. It is part of being dealt this at the -- is taking care of your your physical healthy spiritual health. You have to have a say in a democracy if you -- somebody will have a safe for you. And he'll go on with or without you said they think they may not know that so that so we're going door to door campus to campus reminding them but also you have to remember this. You know there's a long primary season and we dissident -- The primaries the Republican primary -- it's the fault. Everybody he's being reminded by our incredibly dynamic and beautiful mommy in chief it is time to suit up. And now that Hussein suit up as the fall is time to play ball. And -- those kids gonna come out again. I think they know that they their investment in this election is is is the deepest slump because they have to be here -- then I am and all the rest of the -- it's. Did you get the magic though with just the whole part of hope and change because you can't call for change security -- the White House is just a lot harder. -- -- -- We didn't ask to change clothes and -- about is getting the White House changes something changing easy. Change has to be worked for he's got to be protected getting into the hands around it and what happened. We can we put Barack Obama this Clinton Democrats -- net -- movement. Fuel into the White House and then we went about our business and if we let that congress fall in 2010. Into the -- the people who had no had no. -- desire really to govern. So what you have to know is better show up every day reacted -- the want to protect -- change and I think we're understanding that right now. Change is something that happens gradually. Given as a guard and have Barack Obama has planted -- -- everything. -- in place to grow the economy and it's taken root and it's coming up you don't go out the next we can be viewed him vegetables. You know that's ridiculous have -- money to people that people figure okay I did my hard work -- voted. -- -- I don't think there's ever been a moment in history where we really need a movement. For a fundamental change came. From the people themselves and so we're learning. But where were quick learners and now we understand that we certainly don't wanna give back that the reins of power to people who walk through kicking -- -- roots. And they hadn't -- They have no ideas and he really not exclusively. Something -- a hole left. Now. But about -- from Oklahoma and at Texas mom. -- -- -- just tell stories now it's time -- -- -- communicate well did they ask you to do something. Like come up and give a speech word -- him -- behind him and -- I'm a surrogate as I was I got this. Iowa 2008. Knowledge that it's a classic in January that so -- 5 minutes I am fired up I remain fired up because you know that it was the first time I came out of out of the far left wing while -- acumen of the far left wing of the Democratic Party. This being a boomer -- just tired of being correct in the corner so I jumped over a lot of people. Who's news. There at their points of view were more similar mind but I -- Barack Obama stand. -- it let's not concentrate on the three things will never agree on let's focus on -- team -- -- -- -- -- -- I have learned so much have been politically active since I was fourteen that meant so much from -- president returns that consensus building and how you. Forward together.

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{"id":17177617,"title":"Alfre Woodard on DNC: 'Fundamental Change Came from People Themselves'","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Desperate Housewives\" star discusses her work helping to reelect President Obama.","url":"/Politics/video/alfre-woodard-dnc-fundamental-change-people-17177617","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}