Why Doesn't America Have an Ambassador to France?

The post sits vacant, and ABC News' Jonathan Karl asks Jay Carney if the next one will be a top donor.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Transcript for Why Doesn't America Have an Ambassador to France?
Why isn't -- the president still hasn't nominated the US ambassador to France -- post has been. Vacant since November I assume he -- long before that. That the post was going to become vacant why -- -- not nominated. Why is -- not nominated and the US about her constantly. Scott -- -- -- is when the president has nomination for that person will make an announcement today it will be somebody who has donated her or fondled or helped raise. 500000 dollars or more -- -- and. John as you know being aid donor to the president's campaign does not. Guarantee you a job in the administration but -- not prevent you from getting up and be. Fact of the matter -- president has made. Nominations to ambassadorial -- other posts from. The ranks the private sector from government service and it has put in place qualified nominees. Across the board so I don't have an answer for you on that particular. Nomination when I do will make it more the political appointees his -- to -- -- folks gave. More than four -- helped raise more than 500000 dollars for his reelection campaign is that a coincidence. Look the president. Takes an approach where. He finds qualified nominees for. These posts from. A variety of walks of life. And in that he's not different from his predecessors. And what I can tell you this being a donor does not get you a job in this administration nor does -- preclude you from getting. And I would note that. Some of our non career foreign service ambassadors like ambassador -- in France. And ambassador -- and Japan. Have been widely noted as enormously effective and successful in those jobs.

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{"id":22484277,"title":"Why Doesn't America Have an Ambassador to France?","duration":"3:00","description":"The post sits vacant, and ABC News' Jonathan Karl asks Jay Carney if the next one will be a top donor.","url":"/Politics/video/america-ambassador-france-22484277","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}