American Prisoners Released After Top Secret Mission

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper negotiated the release with North Korean officials.
2:18 | 11/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for American Prisoners Released After Top Secret Mission
And good afternoon I'm Tom dollars and ABC news headquarters in New York with a digital report. On this Sunday afternoon we begin with a surprise move by North Korea and the release of two Americans. Who are being held as prisoners. Ken if they stepping off that military plane in Washington State he's Stanley they're waiting we big hugs. Also back on American soil Matthew Todd Miller. Their release was secured after a top secret mission by the US rector of national intelligence James clapper who flew to the isolated nation. To get them home they think President Obama supporters of his family. And the North Korean government for releasing him. And we turn now to London Queen Elizabeth at a public ceremony today honoring fallen soldiers a high profile appearance for such a public figure so soon. After Scotland Yard arrested four men allegedly plotting to carry out attacks in the UK. ABC's llama Hasan joins us now with the latest details from London bomb. Tom the arrest coming just two days before one of the Boyle found his highest public events taking place today remembrance someday. Scotland Yard saying there would be quote appropriate and proportionate policing on the streets of long that. And despite heightened security concerns around the capital the queen was front and center in beating the country in remembering and honoring the fallen since World War I. In keeping with tradition her majesty was followed by prince the net then Prince Charles. Before Prince William could lay his grief as a will walking out a bad moments of applause and some reports suggesting miss. With the fact the queen for our bravery at a time when the country is on high alert. Today ABC news has learned those four men arrested as part of a quote. Ongoing investigation into its limits Rene to terrorism. Will be interrogated for another week Scotland doc telling us counterterrorism offices on eating the searches at their homes and properties Tom. Llamas on in London Lama thank you for that ABC news is monitoring these developments around the clock to get updates on these top stories start them on the ABC news beaudet Dan Harris will have a complete wrap up later on world news. I'm Tom Thomas in New York have a great day.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Director of National Intelligence James Clapper negotiated the release with North Korean officials.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"26792098","title":"American Prisoners Released After Top Secret Mission","url":"/Politics/video/american-prisoners-released-top-secret-mission-26792098"}