Analysis: Advantage of State of the Union Address

ABC's Terry Moran, Amy Walter, and Yahoo's David Chalian analyze Obama's speech.
1:59 | 01/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Analysis: Advantage of State of the Union Address
Terry Moran in Washington DC and welcome to -- -- -- Yahoo! News coverage. President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address it's a big advantage of the incumbency. An incumbent president in an election -- gets to stand before the country and deliver an election year message I'm joined here in our Washington bureau tonight by. Yahoo! News Washington bureau chief David -- in our colleague and friend and ABC news political director Amy Walter also are coming -- -- -- a little different tonight you know when your home when you're watching one of these. I don't watch much I don't get that -- Wichita authorities look what she's wearing as its invites you win. To -- working section. How we might watch how we didn't watch the stated. Us as journalists and friends and I'm actually doing what we're preparing for Nightline expect him. We expect is an election year message and that is the and that is what the reelect -- and acidity and a state of the union addresses this is always my favorite. And at any point in the cycle this stadium unionism is the best because it's not necessarily belong to us that we usually get yourself. Right -- that the requirement the speech but this is really laying out the broad themes of what the president is going to run on this here and I would -- particularly and so. This time around there's -- differences thing -- -- hall congresswoman who resigned this week from Arizona but I would say Terry that. Particularly this year this is more of a reelection message than any other because of how gridlocked Washington is nothing is expecting. Also -- turns -- I think it's. It's it is the privilege of the incumbent president to be able to get this platform in the bully pulpit and yet it's Republicans. Who've had eighteen now going on nineteen debates they've actually. -- -- The national bully pulpit for quite some time and we we've been seeing them hearing them in a way that you really don't traditionally -- out party. There's a big difference between what they do it absolute snipe at each other symptoms. Atlanta. Perhaps into spreading shoulder and he gets to -- in a minute mr. speaker the president of the United States. That's very though -- -- -- -- a -- -- came in here four years ago saying that Christmas is -- transcend. Traditional Washington politics this is -- post partisan presidency. Congress is as unpopular as ever Washington as as gridlocked as it's ever been and we seem to have two sides that. Decided that there they're gonna go take their case the American public -- -- the united -- all let's just take a moment there's Gabby Giffords again. Just before we came on line. She entered the chamber and that was just this moment of unity and not unlike what we saw on this very floor of the House of Representatives this past summer. Congresswoman Giffords came back. I remembered behind the deaths and debate and and wanted to cast a vote that was the first time we've seen in the. There was a moment of comedy. On the floor and it was nice to sort of set that I would imagine that might be the last moment comedy. Redundancies. We'll and a sad commentary that. -- -- -- -- -- -- and bring to congress to get -- together. It's great. That we -- not just like high school. -- We'll see a little bit Elliott angle from the Bronx this -- success is competent. And getting. -- 2 o'clock morning and. Here again for the I think she -- the Republican national. So there there we got a bipartisan moment we're done. Can sell them. Yeah you. -- Reported today laugh at. And suddenly. Live this down from. -- -- -- -- They never go back. Members of congress. I have the high privilege and the distinct honor presented to you. The president of the United States. -- -- -- -- Mr. vice president.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"ABC's Terry Moran, Amy Walter, and Yahoo's David Chalian analyze Obama's speech.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15439846","title":"Analysis: Advantage of State of the Union Address","url":"/Politics/video/analysis-advantage-state-union-address-15439846"}