Analysis, insight and highlights of the 3rd Democratic primary debate

Coverage of the Democratic debate, which was hosted by ABC News in Houston, is highlighted.
26:47 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Analysis, insight and highlights of the 3rd Democratic primary debate
Everybody welcome to the breaking her mom Devin Dwyer happy Friday so many of you were with us you're an ABC news last night. For the ABC news democratic debate the third primary debate from Houston Texas. Millions of you tuned in the numbers are still coming and we were glad your with us it was a major moment. In this campaign just ten candidates on that stage last night. The contrasts now move about among the candidates and the issues of health care gun control immigration. Trade know are now in Starker. In clear. Relief from before the debate. But now where do we go from here who were the winners or losers last night how do voters fewer feel about the performance of the candidates. It is the field effectively now down to ten. For more on this I want to bring in. I Nathaniel rickets from 538 to and our friends over their Nathaniel we talked to yesterday great to see you. You guys have done it's an instant polling on this before and after of sorts. To give us your bottom line who won last night. Yes so we can accept hole with excess of the same people both before and after the debate and those respondents send to basically Elizabeth Warren and the best debate performance they gave her the highest marks and also she was the only one of the four major candidates true more people said they were considering voting for people like I didn't Sanders and Harris all got fewer people saying considering running. And if there was a loser. Ha ha. Last night Nathaniel it does seem at least from the people you guys surveyed that. A Castro was the one who had sort of the weakest performance last night. Yeah exactly and I think Castro had the most controversial one of the most controversial moments the debate when he seems to lead to our RS president Biden's age. And he earned and our response to our Paul did indeed give him the worst ranking any of the ten candidates for the quality of the today H and also his net favorability rating which is the share people who likes him minus the share Eagles and just like attempt fell by seven points which is not very good when it's just among members are here on our. He had a justice amount per second to study in the numbers closely again you just put up your results on 538 dark comic it also strike me Nathaniel of that. Basically the whole field of ten did pretty well we're we're talking about is some nuances in the numbers here in ranking these bad. Many many if not most of the candidates had solid performances last night according to our viewers that participated. Yeah exactly and I think you side because it was a very substantive debate debate and he saw some the Myanmar more minor candidates Steve pretty well so for example or excuse me an example on people like she drew judge and that'll work compost pad people on you know offer a significant number of people more people start consider them. There favorability ratings increase and fact a work in particular among the subset of our respondents who actually watched the debate lives. I'm his favorability ratings really went up so I think he had some strong mama's on for example on gun control and also on her. It's last thing I wanted that to ask you about Nathaniel because you did zero in on this question of electability which so many voters. Tuning in last night are sort of plugged into who has the best chance. A beating Donald Trump and I was struck by again in this instant poll from 538. And if so this. It looked like the perception of Joseph Biden as the most electable candidate slipped a little bit Elizabeth Warren sort of gaining on him on that front. Yeah I think he has slipped as the rights is the right word here is I think for the most part we didn't see a huge change in those electability perception maybe the secret and of leveled out a little bit so you didn't see eat corn crop most electable candidate previous to their day he became seems seems a little bit less electable some of the more minor candidates like. I only Klobuchar or even Andrew Yang were seen as more electable I'm so maybe you don't buy that mines advantage in that arena is stating you know and Warren in particular I think if she's seen begins to be seen as more electable back maker really dangerous scam policy. Art Smart analysis up right now at 538 dot com the king a rake it stinks so much have a great weekend at Daniel let's get some reaction now. From some students on campus at Texas Southern University a terrific host. For this debate joining me now Alexandria barn a day and also now Hobbs found a blue. Who are both debates as students there and I met them had the honor of meaning in my campus guys it's great to see you. So what set aside the politics for a second start with you Alexandria. Has your pretty good student a debate. Her from learning I heard from your coaches what do you think was the best debater. On that stage last night. Other. So as far as debate goes there was a lot. An ending date and the debate circuit we have sting where we have to ask ourselves what are we really debating didn't. One whenever we get resolution so when the questions are closed. I feel like a lot of candidates were really able to answer head or court but can't change the question. An order to. Manipulating given what it's that they want to answer so. And it's Smart tactic break. I know as far as my generation goes we're licking or real direct concrete in and I think that. Who had a really good job at highlighting those issues where Warren and Bette do you blending religion. We're able to get more direct answers and arrest. Ask you about that deliberate further because there was a lot of chatter on Twitter and social media about Elizabeth Warren. In her response to Joseph Biden's question about health care she of course is a big proponent of Medicare for all. And he's been pushed to explain how she would pay for that and whether that would include a tax raising taxes. On the middle class re satisfied with her answer there do you think she was direct. In her response to that question. And that question is does that that I would have liked a little bit more T tell you to flesh out. I have. I live a very limited amount of time. But I would have liked her to spend more time you know going in to do about exactly you know directly into the question is attacked our taxes going to be raised. On the middle class like Harding can afford to be are hardly got a four to paper Medicare Medicaid world. Let's bring their hobby into the conversation as well the Hobbits great to see you. I want to ask you about that one of the biggest moments. Of the night last night was who has win now former housing secretary who Leon Castro. Sort of fact tangled with Joseph Biden and are you caught that moment what do you make of that when those two sort of want what you know when add at what what's what's the take from students and campus. To an extent extent appreciated. Yeah. So I didn't. Results short is seized but it was a bit of news. 'cause it came at S 818. And it AC evasiveness art. Ultimately. It almost sounded as it went Leon stated. You forget something they sit emitted. It was blades an argument and CEOs. Article does is 20 lead. We've seen on the campaign trail incidents till I. Bill to remember news. Colleague. And untried Tibet ultimately got crowd's reaction. To booze is that cheers. All right fascinating perspective the student perspective they didn't Vator perspective. Award winning debater perspective from Texas Southern University now Hobbs and Bullock. And Alexandria bar on the day it was a pleasure meeting you both on campus this week thank you so much and banks for joining us. A today have a great weekend guys. I'm so how did the campaigns feel about what happened last night while this morning I had the chance to speak with Simone Sanders the Biden campaign. A spokeswoman she was on my flight she said the former vice president felt great about last night's Otis his campaign. But of course the vice president is now out on the road he's talking to students as well this morning that's far Molly. I nickel issue covers about Biden campaign forest Molly. What is your sense of things there you've covered the former rice president in now three debates you've heard the spin you cut through this man. Do you think they feel pretty good about this one this time. Seven the room behind me is empty but it was just filled because Joseph Biden was actually in here talking to students at Texas Southern University. I think they're coming out of this debate feeling pretty good about it you know Joseph Biden it has really had high expectations for all three debates. When he took that stage and they're coming out of this with. You know a good feeling I think the consensus was this does his best debate yet it's not a perfect to beat there're still some issues with some answers he gave on race when he was pressed by Ireland the day best. On some of those questions and and some had stretchers there to talking about record players and having this parents played kitten that music for their kids on record players cell. Still not a perfect debate for Joseph Biden but definitely I think the consensus coming out of this is that he was his strong it was the strongest campaign in. Debate to date. And that clash with Cooley on Castro the former housing secretary. Trying to call out the former vice president for miss speaking there was a tangle there. Obama's legacy was invoked as well we heard from Castro here and ABC news live last night he said it wasn't personal. What do you heard from the Biden campaign in the former us president what is he having to say about that that exchange. Well we haven't heard from the former vice president just yet about what he thinks about that exchange with Leon Castro he's going to be Gatling with reporters any minute now but the campaign party seems to capitalizing it and they are saying that it is very personal they're calling it a low blow and an email to. There list serve they're saying that Julian Castro was the one who got the facts wrong and it was a low blow for him to go after Joseph Biden like that so they're clearly not looking. The let go of that any time soon. Right he's a fighter ready to move on Molly Nicholas going to be with them now the front runner headed out on the campaign trail this weekend Molly thank you so much for that reporting. Our team covering the other front runners Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren tracking those candidates this morning and their reaction to last ninety BC debate. As well they are traveling right now but moments ago filed these dispatches. Last night is really a big night for all of the top tier candidates got cents. For what it's like to beyond scenes together for the very first time all markers I'm watching that humans and Elizabeth Warren doesn't top team from her staff. If they don't good about how she did on and I hate I hate and now we're right on the next stop we're heading to mask she fit. Arnold he's speaking there for a homecoming of sorts at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention and making my way there now slowly but surely from the Houston airport. Any and meet moment will come on Monday when she's taking over Washington Square Park. She's getting be delivering a really thinks it's there a moment of some recent of sorts as V. And into the fall already of this election cycle. Senator Bernie Sanders is hitting the ground running in the early state of Nevada just a day. After leaving intact today's stage now in the nearly fourteen minutes Beck spoke on stage last night probably heard. But his voice reports that we are told that that's not going to affect him keeping up with his demanding campaign schedule with his. Filled the town. And rallies on college campuses. I was speaking with campaign officials and I'm told that they are expecting and getting ready to roll out lots more. Proposals repressive policy. Including one that promises to eliminate. All medical tech acting as those primaries in school so we can expect to see. Senator Sanders to Bora what he did from a to BC's last night which is criticized Joseph Biden and put forth. Progressive policy. Aren't they Stephen Harper in China and has let for that report to fourteen million people tuned in last night across ABC Univision. The company just announced well with president trump among them we don't know for sure he's been silent on Twitter so far. Surprising silence perhaps but there's been no shortage of commentary from his campaign. A short time ago they put out a statement from campaign spokeswoman Caylee Mac and any sane this about last night's debate president trumps record of accomplishment. Easily eclipses any of these weak candidates. And we've just learned that his campaign is now gearing opt to rapidly intensify his presence out on the campaign trail headed into the fall. We're told that to we should expect to rally from president front now but once a week or once every ten days. Going forward so much quicker pace from the president as this heats up our cure Phillips. Is our White House correspondent she's over there right now cure. You been tracking the president. As he responds this debate still silence on Twitter but he was up in Baltimore last night what what what he had to say up there. Well he was but can I just back up for a second Devin and let me ask you a question OK have you have you ever known. President trump to go this long without tweeting is specially after a debate. This probably is the first of human clock on this one how long it makes it okay. I didn't run the clock but I can tell you just sitting back there in the Booth for this long period of time and watching his Twitter and sings about the silence I don't like the silence at well I don't know it's making a little uncomfortable because I thought for sure after the debate and some of the comments that were made about him like Amy Klobuchar U remembers she said Houston we have a problem. And then there was the art remark from cobble a Harris calling him the little dude behind the curtain referring to the wizard of eyes. And I thought for sure he would be up here this morning right behind me. Who as soon as he woke up and and that he would be tweeting. Because you know it happens right over there right upper left shoulder. But he hasn't said anything yet he has responds in the of the jets he as a responded to any of the candidates and what they had to say. But I can tell you. That as of yesterday. Before the debate happened when he was out at the departure I asked if he is going to be watching the did debate and he said yes I'm going to Baltimore first but I will watch as he said on re run. He said but he would be pay be paying attention to three people he was very specific about that he told me that he would be listening and paying attention to Elizabeth Wharton Joseph Biden. And also Bernie Sanders. And that I asked to make peace out of those three if he saw one. In particular. That was a threat this is what he told me. I think you know look they all have there. Weaknesses of this drags I think said that they're very different you certainly have a lot of different voices up there but I would look at me like it would be Elizabeth what kind of it looks like dead Joseph maybe we'll be able to get there maybe not I don't know. Bad. Certainly priority is there is number three but I think that there's just so far believe that Maria Bob. Did you remember ever feel you forget my Republican primaries but I went of them believe that the very beginning at stake there. It's get up get up many may get really major mistake. He should be able to baguette I would imagine Biden would be able to make it if he does it make any major mistakes we'll see what. And then given you asked about the GOP event Baltimore last night and he did say that he really have to elect me whether you like me you're not it makes no difference because our country. We'll go to hell with the needy people get it. It'll go to hell remember it's Friday. It's not the end of the day and it's Friday at three games here a target of thirteen hey let's you had to say that. Yeah that any that is noted our have a great week anchor Phillips at the White House eagerly awaiting a tweet. A from the president's been strangely science silent and the face of this democratic debate. But what's turned out to one of the more poignant topics in last night's debate was the topic of gun reform that debate happening in Texas just over a month. After two deadly mass shootings in that in that state including one in El Paso, Texas the hometown. A former congressman that'll work to claim the lives. Nearly two dozen people all Democrats on stage last night favor stricter gun controls our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas knows about that but there are also. Are some real differences peer let's just listened that a do over of that sound in the morning that your reaction. Think we should start with a voluntary. Get voluntary buyback program that's what I think David I met the mother of a fifteen year old girl who was shot by a New York fifteen. And that mother watched her bleed to death over the course of an hour. Because so many other people were shocked by that they are fifteen in Odessa and Midland there weren't enough ambulances to get to them in time. Hell yes we're gonna take your AR fifteen your AK 47. The Texan electrifying the room that was pretty incredible that this what this whole idea of gun buybacks hasn't taken off. In the democratic primary what is that exactly to people that are familiar how to work what is it by dark for. But is essentially what it sounds like buyback were. On weapons like assault rifles see here are fifteen which was mentioned. Cities the federal government in this case would provide money. To buy weapons from people to get them off the street essentially. In some major cities have done it before and and pride and some business has been try to some places and the successful it has been successful in some places people will show up with guns and they're no longer using. Guns into no longer uncomfortable with or comfortable with. And so it has worked in some other countries is work. Pretty aggressively in removing guns from the street is our question is should be mandatory. Well again therein lies this huge debate in the country you know the Second Amendment some people see it is almost a religious thing that they. That they believe in other people believe. That there should be many more restrictions on guns but I think what you're seeing now. In the particularly if you look at when. Former congressman Roark said. This ongoing accelerating. Mass shooting phenomenon in public places. Is what is sort of changing. The feeling about this this issue in that something has to be done but I should say. Aaron. There are rated for a raid against a pretty stiff opposition on this idea of mandatory buybacks in fact just. Today the former vice prepared. Gun control. Good leading candidates for the highest office in the land talking about taking. Firearms away from law abiding citizens well. The American people deserve to know this president this vice president. And these house Republicans will always stand for the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Predictable I suppose there is back in their core they're gonna take our guns right well you know. In some ways the the argument in this country about gun control has been so the stale if you compare it to. The problem. Again we don't have the levels of gun violence we had the and pending an epidemic of the cracked. Wars back in the in the eighties and and ninety's. Overall violence has it has gone down but make no mistake. We have what I call chronic epidemic gun violence where there are thousands of people literally shot. In killed and wounded in this country every year and in the you know there's some reporting coming out on a Missouri today. On that struck a solved just as as parents and as is human beings quite frankly. Three year old. In the last 2448 hours. Killed himself after apparently his father may have left the weapon. In the vicinity of the child. It. The speed of deaths of children saying zero a middle of the country right same day. Thirteen year old shot and killed marking were different now. If you want to understand why some people say we've got to be get get beyond the stale argument of gun control or not let me just share with you some numbers. From this year about children specifically. Since the beginning of the year according to the gun violence archive. The number of children ages. Lesson when year old 211. 492. Shot or killed in this country. Number of children. Ages twelve to seventeen sought or killed. 2167. That's just pails in comparison so you see the point I'm getting at that while. People are having mass shootings these are this is in a big city problem this is everywhere problem hasn't been due in places like saint Louis Missouri mirrored the country and and. It it's something that has sort of at least led to some action from the White House which seems to be it had seemed to be preparing. To some package of legislation order bring in our congressional White House reporter Catherine Fuller's because she's been on the beat. This week tracking what had been captured a major moment in this. Conversation on guns the president was preparing to unveil a package of legislation Mitch McConnell said sir our am ready to take a vote. And what you put on the table neon and where is the plan. But what do we know what looks senior officials have to have told us for weeks that it will be as early as this week. I'm during recess when congress has gone for about six weeks the White House was saying that they were communicating with. Senior staffers on the hill. To come up with some sort of legislative plan but that right now if it was great of the sources that I spoke to today about this. That the president was briefed with the with a series of options yesterday and they wanted to perhaps say some thing in in his speech at the GOP were to retreat yesterday. But he's getting it lobbied bile different sides here when and the NRA I'm has been meeting a lot with him we now. That some Democrats are lobbying heavily on something else and I think DeVon that's the main questioning saying something is still in the works. And then they're still having these conversations. With the hell but that thing that I have heard the most is that he's leaning. Heavily towards background checks broadly now what does that mean in what does that look like. Nobody I've spoken to can really say exactly. What he wants to do that but he keeps bringing in up and that's what at least my sources are telling me that he had. We're still waiting hair and mode hopefully the Iraq soon because congress the clock is ticking the window for action this this fall is. Diminishing and we do you know we should say the conversation on the campaign trail on gun buybacks Pierre. It's not something that we've expect her to be on the table and this come in this town. Right having an into the background checks on think the two issues have been going back and forth in terms and conversation we're hearing about. The lease in law enforcement circles is okay. Can you expand a background checks to private selves. From you promises to strangled to strangers and at gun shows. And so red flag laws work. When people. Are identified to have you know psychological war. Instability if actions can be taken to temporarily take their weapons the whole issue of due process is what people are hammering out. But again I think it's it's a really seminal moment in the country. Where if you look at that weekend of El Paso and Dayton and all that aren't ago on that carnage it happened again in public places. Is what sort of changing. I think the conversation because as I think I said do you maybe a few weeks ago. There there are now fewer and fewer places that you consider each you can go that there and has not been filing said. N.'s miles everywhere people are seen that we are in Texas we heard loud and clear even some surprising places people are ready for some sort of action we'll see what can come down the pike. Maybe next week Catherine fathers think you pure Thomas always good to have your thank you so much here. And as the candidates head back out on the trail this weekend there are already turning their attention. To the next debate the Democratic National Committee has just announced now. The site of the fourth democratic presidential debated will be October 15 possibly the sixteenth in western pro Ohio. That's just outside Columbus we will see. How that comes together potentially a second night there if more candidates make the cut off but as we close this week. And make the turn here in the campaign toward the fall season we wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at the ABC news debate and the camaraderie that exists between. The candidates on this democratic field that is an often caught on camera hope you have a great weekend and see here a month. All right doughnut yes colleagues here. Senator Heidi. The most popular up panelists from the powerhouse panel right now I think everybody can look at things which responds you think he retired he. And again that's up things. Up next another senator know when your colleagues is that the they've they've battled the debate stage in the and they are friends. By afternoon evening good friend during a debate as a stand alone area. The company has agreed to Deanna by the way it was a great debate you guys to be really happy at ABC we appreciate thank you had a head on up to the moderator. Double the upstairs to subsidize Seale later you guys goodbye I hate my bike it you'd try that cargo at Sam and I got close Australia. About can't buy me another moment going on here. The highlight real Brazilian snap on senators that I don't. I was gonna come even some news on the debate stage is gonna join us now senator Warren. Andrew Yang we take for your time. Good like how you got campaign trail ABC's the bombing has the best.

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