Analysis: Obama Doubling Down on Unity

ABC's Terry Moran, Amy Walter, and Yahoo's David Chalian analyze Obama's speech.
2:37 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Analysis: Obama Doubling Down on Unity
The men and women in uniform who defend. It didn't matter that day in the situation room. When I sat next to Bob gates a man who was George Bush's Defense Secretary. And Hillary Clinton. Woman who ran against me for president. It matters that day what the nation and our future results. In the state of our union always be strong thank you god bless you god. -- Obama closing. His election year -- in the -- narration. About. Patriotism about American. His signal. Foreign policy. Terry said something we're talking about the speeches that he's really gotten them -- policies of the past few. And then went to battle. Here's an example when when. From which we didn't question that his comments but look here's that -- in. What he's refusing to give him. On the country be part that's what apple. Plus he's about in addition to tied to his because success -- and -- I would not be surprised. If you're gonna hear that kind of appeal again and again from. From throughout the campaign this year because that is. A key part of his brain and -- can't and he can't distance himself from that even though he hasn't seen -- realized contract. Yeah this is a very different president than we -- for example during the payroll tax -- Or during the at the end of December when he was basically chastising congress and the -- confident commended president. Who is ready to go into his own battle. Defending his record defending this nation. And I I think this is a very Anderson contrast somebody like Bill Clinton came after his drubbing in the mid term elections turn. He went in and basically said. Take all that stuff that Republicans want cabinet triangulate my way to reelection and in the mold and shape myself into what. We'll help you win reelection of president announcing that this is reliant the defendant. Like they don't want content for -- to. It's liberal patriotism. That these policies are old are patriotic we can wrap democratic liberal policy. I don't know what this sounds like that but -- -- this. There was quite -- Britain. Part of yes when asked him -- his politics came from the needle in his own law. To put himself to get -- a black African immigrants in the white. Grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia a jumble of American. It's international. Suppose went but in some ways have always. That's the whole. That that many Americans it was considering. I think in -- -- that he put him. Vision out there and defended it saying I have not -- ago. And just sort of new and now my way through this one thing though that I think it's really telling this one issue that could not bring up. At all -- the -- -- near -- his signature. Moment here but before an election. You're worried about health care -- There's a sentence happens -- exists and I'm -- one sentence one sentence the the issue that is going to be tied to him more than any other ethnic group and. It's -- community it was it was it was about the I will not go back to the days when. Health insurance companies have unchecked power to cancel your policy deny her coverage -- -- wouldn't -- different -- -- He witnessed just that the repeal effort right and that was it we sat through. A whole health care speech in this hall that's just a couple of years I think. I think that probably indicates -- recognize I want him. That strategic mistake as president. So much his political capital. Countless -- Huntsman needs it's terrible. Let's let's reform health care. Get concerned about and it wasn't -- time part. I don't know -- he didn't that it received in the capital and he's a little resistance -- that. But. This is it clear concession and leave the question. My rights and -- -- very. Point and out of it is the question going forward if you aren't Americans living here is watching us and said my name -- nation's economy and jobs and jobs. And most specifically jobs. In this address your concerns him because this looks like -- president -- has -- getting more people back to work. And Andrea. And they feel it keep enhancements to the unemployment rate -- down a little bit little little little bit. -- -- going to be enough that's a question in signing copies of the speech of this program action signing with his left hand. I don't -- was it lets him. George H. W. Bush is when people didn't like Bill Clinton. George W. Bush and Barack Obama had long left handed presence in Iraq when it. But -- -- there's something. What we're. Just have folks know what what happens here this is a well choreographed evening of course and the bullet that the president steps off the house chamber when he's been. I hit the marble outside the house chamber. There's a five minute. Walk into place before governor Mitch Daniels is Republican governor of Indiana from the official. Response to the president's state of the union. Just talking about taking down unemployment and we were talking before about this notion. That Houston. Mission critical this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That there are better days ahead and they've been resistant to do that that's his access point for the entire year that he can that he can get the country. You heard saying I'm is backed by heavy equipment that is language that -- -- And -- that the country agrees with or -- by November agree with that notion that they can see better days ahead. Here -- well and that he has he's lucky in the components. And can't -- the strongest Republican field house Republicans. I suggest. You -- the Republican Party has evolved. When this cartoon version. Polls consistently show his personal favorability. Is higher than his job by Mitt Romney's wife which he's he's on the stump -- the times I like the president I've -- nice family he's only in over his head. And president. If they -- after he hates our country. Not true American -- doesn't believe in America who wants -- is down toward European socialism. I think Romney's instincts are right. Definitely -- we just came out of the field with a -- BC Ian and the Washington Post and check exactly that as Romney now fighting. When this Republican nomination had -- of those that sort of language and we saw his favorable numbers among independents crater that they dropped seventeen points in the month. At the same kinds of Portland's -- conservative Republicans. Also -- going down eighteen points and you've lost it -- relief it. But but that's exactly right this -- the president of that. They came in 2000. And wanted to and I -- a lot of focus groups and 2009. Swing voters. Some of -- voted for some of -- didn't they said. He can't fail because then we --

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"ABC's Terry Moran, Amy Walter, and Yahoo's David Chalian analyze Obama's speech.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15439689","title":"Analysis: Obama Doubling Down on Unity","url":"/Politics/video/analysis-obama-doubling-unity-15439689"}