Analyzing Kamala Harris' debate performance

ABC News contributors and analysts break down Harris' history as a prosecutor.
1:56 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Analyzing Kamala Harris' debate performance
A lot of candidates are also put on and on defense you're tied Matt Connolly Harrison she responded. One of the biggest moments tonight with the crowd when craze was exchanged between. Common Harris and her Lindsey Davis will resolve the prosecutor prosecuted tickle just this week and. Senator Harrison you released your plan for that just this week and it does contradict some of your prior positions among them you used to oppose legalization of marijuana. Now you don't. You used to oppose outside investigations of police shootings now you don't. You said that you changed on these and other things because you were quote swimming against the current and thankfully the currents have changed. But when you had the power. Why didn't try to affect change that. Yeah. There have been I'm glad you asked me this question and there have been many distortions of my record let me be very clear. I made a decision to become a prosecutor for two reasons. One I have always wanted to protect people and keep them sanctions. And second I was born. Knowing. About how this criminal justice system in America has worked in a way that has been informed by racial bias. Was I able to get enough done absolutely not but my plan has been described by activist. As being a bold and comprehensive plan that is about ending mass incarceration. About taking the process out of the criminal justice system I plan on shutting down for profit prisons on day one it will be about what we need to do. Since the cold law enforcement including prosecutors accountable. That exchange I think points to impart what her problem is with many black voters inland hills in particular. Her record as a prosecutor we also saw a fraud a success when she went after Biden that at the first debate. That she seems she's strong that asking questions. But and scream questions we sought and I was a challenge.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"ABC News contributors and analysts break down Harris' history as a prosecutor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65585188","title":"Analyzing Kamala Harris' debate performance","url":"/Politics/video/analyzing-kamala-harris-debate-performance-65585188"}