Andrew Jenks: Romney Should Speak To Youth As An Entrepreneur

The MTV correspondent on the youth vote in the 2012 election.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Andrew Jenks: Romney Should Speak To Youth As An Entrepreneur
Today are at eight -- it is. A little bit and now you're now. Not only at -- not -- the -- What about this you end where it this year what looked like different. Breed that. Sure let's get to see you again. -- -- -- -- You know I've I've traveled all over the country and I've talked to a lot of young people -- during the primaries in Ohio and Florida and Iowa and I think the best way to describe it is kind of like a bad break up not necessarily with Barack Obama -- with government and large I think young people feel. Really disenfranchised. Disillusioned. And just -- having a tough time really believing in the system and I remember actually when I was in Ohio. I was talking to a lot of different people my agent. It was Super Tuesday. And at a certain point. Just so me. Millennial so many people my age had no idea that it was even Super Tuesday. Every did a piece called what are you doing today and I go around I'd ask people my age that you know are really Smart. Guys young women. You know what's going on and -- Alex when he of them in a -- didn't even mention. The primary that was going out of it different for years ago absolutely of course and I think it's I think it's it's -- it's it's demoralizing in and I think what happened is that there is a lot of poston and and -- in and that we can cross party lines and a real discussion. Whether it's you know liberal or conservative without. What's going on and is that it suspend the same old -- carrying -- -- laying -- that really turns young people off I feel like. We've grown up in a world transparency. On the -- -- to tell my friends today that I and in California they would be like no you're not we see on FaceBook and Twitter and every girls that here in Tampa Bay. And I think -- seek in our political leaders as well. An element of transparency. Being real -- us and then I feel like we don't we really don't get -- What needs to happen. -- Republicans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There is net net -- -- that statement that. It's not -- route -- just not the east at about about. -- -- Well I mean as you know young people right now are really hurting him. In the back pockets and relieving schools when he 5000 dollars and we're ending up back on our parents' couch and I think. You know if if I worked on on governor Romney's campaign it would really be to continuing. To continue to hammer home the message. -- being. A man of business and that he can help entrepreneurs and you know a lot of young people in this country see themselves as entrepreneurs. And I when I trouble around. Most royals are really talk about being the next LeBron James are being the next Lady Gaga they -- -- be the next Steve Jobs and I think if somehow. Governor Romney -- -- speaks. Specifically not just to kind of broad strokes about the economy but real specifics about what he can do for them to grow small business idea. I think they would really take that in and they would come out. In support of him and not necessarily. As some sort of just being against Obama. -- do you think they'll Mitt Romney has a -- can't do this with Paul Ryan at this gen -- -- read we've seen some excerpts from his speech tonight is gonna talk about it generational challenge. It's it's almost like saying rubble all the old man he's fifty may look at me on the -- -- -- is a chance that he invited to -- you. You won't get people energized medium is like Medicare people like these. Ago. I think -- you know to answer your question. I think that a lot of young people -- and talking to them in these holes lot of young people don't care that he's you know 4042 years old. They care about the issues they care about. Being in -- they care about student loans they care about getting -- job. It's on this idea that just because he's 42 years old and looks young is awfully short -- thing. Kids -- enough respect -- -- You know we're we're intelligent we know what's going that's the islets known as -- -- -- to vote for. The heart of this matter what what what I'm saying is not sit well. Your age what he's also sank its young wanted to tell the -- never -- -- -- -- that make up calls. He spent years it right. Up decorations. Aren't. That's true parity thirty -- but I can't help -- -- That's it the government programs that I again. -- older people. I think they can relate yeah absolutely I think that is something that they could. -- I think the them the most important thing in maybe he's unable -- in a speech like this who when he goes around visits college campuses is. Making sense of that for young people I don't think -- necessarily know exactly what that means thirty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of course not it's so I think when he goes around -- this its campuses I think that's something that's really important to communicated and -- young people really understand that there's so much going on our lives and I think that you know outside of the big speech like that that will make a big difference. What is it that if you think is expected to rekindle that's just the economy get people back to work and then you can have trust in government or is it -- we lost -- -- generation in terms of the actual -- -- these institutions. I think that there is an overall lack of trust in institutions. I think whether you look at it being government or or Wall Street. Or even you know if you look at a lot of our political leaders or even you know sport's athletes that we've looked up to its hard for us to really believe in these sorts of things anymore. But right to go back to this idea that. I feel like we are kind of this -- cells we are. A big believer in -- partners and you know the filmmaker rifled a young woman recently. That cancer and she that was going -- -- Rather than. When she got out of chemotherapy. All right we're gonna have that we have to go to the floor again Andrew TD thank you so much for being here major decided on our iPad will -- on the way out all right absolutely thank you guys thanks so much.

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{"id":17110857,"title":"Andrew Jenks: Romney Should Speak To Youth As An Entrepreneur","duration":"3:00","description":"The MTV correspondent on the youth vote in the 2012 election.","url":"/Politics/video/andrew-jenks-romney-speak-youth-entrepreneur-17110857","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}