Anger Over 'Holiday Tree'

The tree that stands in the Statehouse is no longer called a Christmas tree.
2:12 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for Anger Over 'Holiday Tree'
We're in big John latest Christmas tree farm in west -- that's Christmas tree farm that donated. The treatment -- Statehouse rotunda but according to Tim -- the owner don't call it a holiday tree. Weeds out Christmas trees this is big job -- Christmas tree farm that's until governor Lincoln Chafee decided to call latest Christmas tree that now stands in the -- -- -- -- Eight holiday tree I I think it dilutes the -- image of of Christmas the fact is that now it politically correct only say. Happy holidays -- somebody verses say Merry Christmas they get to the point where on the calendar December 25. That is a Christmas anymore just -- holiday we caught up to governor Chafee who showed us of why he made that decision. One line in the states royal charter coal. Liberty in religious consignment and ever since. Roger Williams came here and around and said that's not a good mix. Government and religion. But didn't Roger Williams found Rhode Island to be. At -- to people religious freedom so why exclude religions from the state -- such as christianity by renaming the tree. As well as you know this is a Christian holiday. And children birth to Jesus and so for the government to be part of that I just want to be very careful that we respect the thoughts of other Rhode islanders and people to come here in the keep the government separated. From Hindus Jews Muslims atheists on the other religions. Speaking of other religions late and had a question about this Jewish symbol that will be displayed at the state -- during Chanukah is it going to be called a holiday candle. In out of an -- Every get changed name and Laura what -- -- in this just the reality the world's getting smaller people movement around religions -- more. Accepted. In our society and that's just the evolution ticker a yes or are you can't change the -- of the -- will get to that to -- is that says times are changing in. Candle in the minority victims -- -- -- this beautiful. Spruce tree behind me it was had to be the next treat for the Statehouse rotunda however. Doesn't look like now that's going to --

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"The tree that stands in the Statehouse is no longer called a Christmas tree.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15099921","title":"Anger Over 'Holiday Tree'","url":"/Politics/video/anger-rhode-islands-holiday-tree-statehouse-christmas-governor-lincoln-chaffe-15099921"}