Ann Romney's RNC Speech: Campaign Reactions

Wife of candidate's well-received delivery a "profound moment" for family.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Ann Romney's RNC Speech: Campaign Reactions
David Mueller is ABC news correspondent and anchor who has been covering Mitt Romney. Your. You you're talking to us earlier this evening about Ann Romney going into the speech tonight we talked about a little nervous nervousness but got that didn't show. She was only a very -- performer tonight. And any word from the -- campaign on how they think. How they think pigs went for her tonight. Well first -- all I can tell view. We didn't perform like that with a teleprompter and we do every day so this was really a performance from -- -- tonight to talk was on the plane obviously about not liking the prompter. But saying we'll see -- it goes tonight. But as you asked David you know I could just talk to a senior strategist who helped. Work with and Romney and that -- as he was walking toward me giant smile on his face he said he was behind the stage with -- governor Romney he says he's -- worked with him for. Very long time and said. He'd never seen the governor as nervous as he was tonight -- and Romney began that speeds. -- but it wasn't long and before that nervousness melted behind stage and of course. He emerged on to the stage is we thought -- might happen here in the convention hall to embrace his life. You -- see that -- on the spacing unit you do see that on the trail this. People often criticize Mitt Romney for not being as likable as friendly as the president but that is. A moment that no matter what side -- on when you see the two of them together and and when you see them together on the campaign trail you know. That there is certainly deep partnership there you -- see it on that -- display tonight they left the hall here just moments ago it and they were sitting not far off here but one thing that that. I think a lot of people were. Who fight inside this convention hall but what was the view of the sons watching their mother. I saw that when she came back the takers seat they were all standing up all -- -- her the governor coming back to recede as well. And long into the speech governor Chris Christie the next speech -- he was talking and -- look back over. And I saw one of the suns still wiping the tears that -- from underneath his eyes I think this is a profound moment for this family Mitt Romney's been running for president for. A long time we've often said that. Us that we can't forget just how long and Romney's been there right by his side and just really helped -- -- five sons are their mother getting up on that stage tonight saying. I'm not -- women and everything else they hope she would -- of the -- tonight. It's pretty impressive what I -- want to play something from Chris Christie tonight we saw the polite talking Chris Christie maybe not it's. Red meat as -- had wanted or expected but a lot of play it what I think it'd take away from his speech tonight. I believe in America and -- history and there's only one thing missing now leadership. It takes leadership. But you don't get from reading a poll BC mister president real leaders don't follow -- real leaders change polls. Perhaps the crowd there. Do you think Chris Christie was effective. In making -- -- tonight that -- Republicans. Who are going to change the way politics -- practice in this country. Well that was that was red meat at this convention hall when he said that he did take on this president is going to be a lot of talk about how long. It took for Chris -- -- in the ticket this year. That Romney and Paul Ryan but make no mistake he was up -- making the case for them. And this convention hall came alive for him I have to say though in measuring the sort of response here in the convention -- there was nothing. Like when Ann Romney was up there at least as far as tonight's program was concerned. This entire hall it was dark in here people were fixed on her. Every line that they were hoping would have impacts seem to have an impact that there were three or four standing ovations for her. I think people are going to appreciate Governor Christie particularly in this called Republicans who. Who had been fighting and wanting for the tough talk about fiscal responsibility and what to do with the spending in Washington he definitely gave supporters who were in this -- who want to hear that address tonight. What they were looking for but it was -- Romney -- went out there and tried. To reach out to voters the deficits at this Romney campaign is feeling right now and that in particulars among American women that ABC news Washington Post poll that came out. Just before we came on the air tonight showing 34% of women polled have a favorable view of Mitt Romney they've got to do better among women and -- Romney was a giant -- step in that direction as we now I get much closer to election. Said David if I'm reading my email correctly it looks like and Romney scheduled tomorrow is gonna continue to hit -- This women and -- women's team she's gonna be out on the trail here in Florida tomorrow with Paul Ryan's wife has -- Not at all surprising that they would immediately do that. -- is often running and I got to tell you when she walked out of here tonight. -- people reaching for her and the smile on her face. Especially given -- the time we spent on the plane with her flying down here to Florida earlier today which came back it was very honest with all of a -- handed -- some of those wells -- that -- -- in her home yesterday. On the eve of this big speech she said it's going to be from the heart tonight I'm going to say what I believe -- even though. I was -- he said by his speech writer she said it took a lot of time I had a lot of input and she said we had to make a lot of -- So that it was something that I would want to say up there I think that's why we. We believe what we heard when she delivered -- tonight because she had. So much to do with the with the speech that you gave here an inside this Tampa convention Holland and no surprise given momentum she felt in this room that -- now. Take that program on the road beginning to marketing. David you -- thank you very much.

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{"id":17101702,"title":"Ann Romney's RNC Speech: Campaign Reactions","duration":"3:00","description":"Wife of candidate's well-received delivery a \"profound moment\" for family.","url":"/Politics/video/ann-romneys-rnc-speech-campaign-reactions-17101702","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}