Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Warns of Hillary Clinton's 'Bad Judgment'

Hutchinson said that "Donald Trump is the right leader for our time."
4:56 | 07/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Warns of Hillary Clinton's 'Bad Judgment'
Ladies in general that. I available from the great state of Arkansas. We know. Personal experience. That we don't need Hillary Clinton in the White House. I have been in the public arena. During the administration. Six presidents. From federal prosecutor under President Reagan to congress. The DEA. And Homeland Security. After nine elevenths. I've seen America. At its best. And I have seen America put achievement test. There is never can't pay more urgent time her leadership. America's strength and boldness are desperately needed on the world stage. Any new energy is demanded a home to build our economy and to defeat terrorism. Story. Boldness. And new energy. Are not words that describe Hillary Clinton. This is the same Hillary we do. Sol and later in Washington. For so many years. Hillary always wanted more government. And her dreams have only gotten bigger. Regretfully. She offers more of this time. The same I'm certain leadership. In fighting terrorism. The same failed top down approach to health care. Where Washington tells the states what to do. The same nanny state regulations. That strangle the economic strength of America. If you like the last eight years then Hillary will give you double for your trouble on. But good things are happening at this days. It Arkansas we are creating jobs in league leading computer science and education. Unemployment. Is the lowest in the recorded history of art and song. And we have. 77 billion dollars surplus. We can do better go for our country at that national level. We need a president. That values the role of this day this. Will destroy ices. And jumpstart our economy. Ladies in general but experience matters. On the campaign trail. Hillary Clinton emphasized. Her experience. Yes experience matters but judgment matters more. Despite her experience. Hillary Clinton supporters nations have produced bad results. Just think about it. Hillary Clinton's radical attempts at so called reform of the nation's health care system. Would have been more destructing. They'd even Obama care hands again. Hillary Clinton's bad judgment as you heard last night. Less lift us for dead Americans in the Ghazi. It resulted instability in Egypt Syria and Libya the rise of vices. The resurgence of Russia. And emboldened North Korea. Inappropriate ties between foreign governments and the Clinton foundation. And a more dangerous. World. When it comes to be a commander in chief. We don't want a president. Who had the words of the FBI. Is extremely. Perilous in the handling of classified material. Donald Trump. Rappers say it's a different kind of leadership. He is exactly the kind of transparent fair straight talking leader America needs right now. Hillary Clinton presidency. Will endanger our national security. It will be the wrong direction for our economy. And it will undermine the innovations being comment from the stakes. A trump presidency. Will be about the art of the possible. Donald club is the right leader for our time. My kids is the right later for our. Thank you. God bless America.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Hutchinson said that \"Donald Trump is the right leader for our time.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40717488","title":"Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson Warns of Hillary Clinton's 'Bad Judgment'","url":"/Politics/video/arkansas-gov-asa-hutchinson-warns-hillary-clintons-bad-40717488"}