Army Staff Sgt. Ty Carter Relives Intense Battle in the Kamdesh Outpost District in Afghanistan

He's the fifth living recipient to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan.
8:45 | 08/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Army Staff Sgt. Ty Carter Relives Intense Battle in the Kamdesh Outpost District in Afghanistan
We were under attack plot so me waking up I was in my -- -- and I woke up. Still wearing man PT shirts and Accenture through -- my body armor and headed to my usual assignment which is 240 and machine arrest to. Incoming fire was an immense and the more I in the -- -- all the fast track program. I got to -- guard position or -- -- to hand everybody was fired him in all directions. Left right straight ahead. And there's no need for humanity for his siblings are there suddenly stand on bags that I carry. On the vehicle can Meese came around the corner and he and understand the magnitude of the firefight is my -- -- -- support that our position. -- -- -- -- Seles -- because he came to me -- pulling magazines my kids. -- my job was to support that our position not to engage the enemy. So -- -- every magazine on my kid except for one kept for myself I -- -- in my my rightful. And then I went back to get more. More ammo and lubrication what they needed. I was able to go to the barracks. Hands. I think they sell them on my face and Anderson that this was a big deal. My platoon sergeant was -- leukemia cancer vacation and then -- sprinted to the ammo supply point and they were locks on shops along us. I was able to grab the handle and then -- to guard position while being fired upon RPG's or machine and -- a sniper fire. -- time I got there. They don't intend down. So I got in the vehicles to assist and also incoming fire was so intense and I think it making -- trip back. Well on the vehicle -- decided to. Leave the guard position. By that time there's finalists. There is Martin. And mace and guy -- Larson of course myself. On the X. -- Larson I got out to provide cover for the other's movements. -- when that happens or when the other three guys got out. A barrage of rocket propelled grenades landed him a -- us all over. I was able to continue providing cover fire for the other guys. To continue moving hand. Dane mix the -- breach of the economy and hand Martin and -- were killed mace. Agreements couldn't use is lower extremities. That was cool -- -- Larson ordered us back into the vehicle and hand does he -- he makes for the first time crying on -- forms dragging its legs. -- And I -- -- -- hand he said that. A second -- again. Cases now it seems to customers fired him coming virus but he's right there campaign -- -- -- -- two dead. You know of course completely. Angered frustrated. But we -- job to do -- continue to fight. The the firefight continued on he was engaging in images on the -- Through his salary no -- engaging guys on -- combat outposts and my -- and also across the river. Eventually. -- -- comes out because out from behind -- and cover. And I -- NASA and go help them and larceny and says now and that's when -- -- -- -- me sentences helped me. This is -- Sheila cannon and then -- -- -- help me please. So. The team that -- -- and that those words. -- Stick to -- win. When I was able to go get to the vehicle behind this for and weapons and ammunition. I didn't I didn't defied a chain of command -- -- for permission. I believe it because I was able to exit the vehicle and not get killed. -- -- and finally came -- ago. To go get nice and he providing cover fire. For my movement to him. Indeed when I got to my given first -- He looks very bad. You know I can I handlers trained they're all trained. And then. I'd go back to the vehicle to reassess where you're taking a racially intolerant taking two concrete bridge -- -- is to expose the river. And so we both agreed to bring -- back to the vehicle. Hand because I wouldn't have the ability is my hands because -- carry mace or Larson actually stepped outside the vehicle or provide better cover fire. And when I got -- -- way he was still conscious and maneuverable enough tourists and wrap your arms around my neck. So he did in the night I cut my left arm underneath his arms and then my right arm and recently his -- And I -- him as I walked him through the fire -- vehicle. I put him up on the there's a mild slope for hill. Come upon there and I can around was it would drag into the -- by that time certain arson came back around to where I was and we -- -- in the vehicle. We knew that makes wouldn't let -- just a book on its face and also the colors lips. So I said once again I'm going to -- -- ago. And who do recon. I'm not backing ten -- say their name and don't worry about it. So capture. Seventy breaths drinking some water check -- -- and make sure was good and went establish communications with the rest of the base because we didn't know if anybody's life. We knew that the enemy and breach. That's about it so. -- -- -- the same patented tech guy doesn't -- Hand. I got to the point where they hit me grange where they where engaged. And I knew that because that's where Davis dropped Newsradio nine look -- -- -- I think -- -- -- still -- you know battery -- Turn not turn on again and finally when three in the planning I was ready -- this is -- or -- does anyone still alive. That was Knight call sign back and I heard -- American voice in English and then I sprinted back to the vehicle handed the radio to sergeant Larson. And she coordinated the the -- -- I guess you can say. The cover fire. To Wear the entire camp erupted on once the amount of outgoing fire almost matched. 2400 Taliban incoming fire that morning. End with the Latvians and the guys in the air that aviators. And days they've basically. That was the first kinda swing back and we were -- kids may -- a station. And then and the rest of the day went to where I management positions -- -- who's also a sniper he was that he uses -- -- -- -- -- and we're providing cover for the other teams to recover the fallen soldiers. But the entire outposts was the engulf in flames. And there is. Headquarters building and artists are on fire and then -- -- was right next to -- problem. We're status of the treaty would have connected to the fire to -- -- station and their timing -- wounded soldiers -- there to move. So. I was asked to use a chainsaw hunting -- this burning tree and so I've got two burning buildings around -- -- on fire and do what's against my weapon on my back Travis chains -- headed down. I wanted to land right next the blue contenders. Because the -- of seeing. Of the fire in twisted and fell right on the headquarters building. Nobody was hurt but for some reason that landing actually put out the fire in the headquarters building and on the tree. But it is blocking the path to the aid station and also to guard positions -- out -- on the tree I was on a roof and started clearing the limbs to. Keep the path clear. And when I was done I got back into my -- sniper position. And I waited for -- quick reaction force to arrive.

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{"id":20086892,"title":"Army Staff Sgt. Ty Carter Relives Intense Battle in the Kamdesh Outpost District in Afghanistan","duration":"8:45","description":"He's the fifth living recipient to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan.","url":"/Politics/video/army-staff-sgt-ty-carter-relives-intense-battle-20086892","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}