Ashley Judd on Her Delegate Experience

The actress talks about Americans' stories she's heard when canvassing the country.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Ashley Judd on Her Delegate Experience
-- we're joined now by -- completely. Brandon delegate that we just plucked from the crowd without any pre pre pre warning delegates or anything -- -- it is that. Something like Ashley Judd -- until alliance -- Frankie. This is right. Heating but the Tennessee delegates -- -- personal thank you zealots are being -- superstar -- not. A delicate. That went down. They asked they asked -- -- I've been working with the Democratic Party in Williamson county for numbered years. I just show up and do the things that they ask me to do -- and canvassing voter registration things like that. And I say in pretty close touch with the county chair but I also worked so much on the national level with the party as well as -- -- international humanitarian work. That it was just it's a soft and it's a life when they asked him. Seriously you can't -- sick so you show up at somebody's door and just say I didn't actually am a volunteer with Alexei -- him. Response to you get from people on the other side of the -- Then I would have a picture taken at some point but honest. Basically they wanna talk about the issues really they want to talk about why I'm involved where they are with their thinking and a lot of people because I've been to North Carolina and Iowa safari I would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and she was not able to access the termination. And had a very late term miscarriage -- absolutely horrifying and threatened her long term. So when I took -- to -- and talk with people. They want to talk about what's real because this election Israel to. What's your sense of the engagement that people have not not -- Cuba the people you're talking about there. -- -- Obama supporters before that are somewhat disappointed if people would get excited or that he get back to that level they close. My experience is that President Obama supporter from 2008. Are equally electrified and motivated in this election. I think that they have an understanding that when he came to office it was out -- gosh it was about stopping the -- the economy was hemorrhaging. And he had to do you know the massive stimulus package for 95% of Americans got a tax break. In order to just right the ship and prevent a Great Depression. And then he started to get to do the things that you know -- -- we can and hope and change was all about and they want four more years of the continue to manifest. The progress that has been made and part of what is is discouraging I'm sure you -- experience -- your position. Is the misinformation distortion not -- -- I mean it's just kind of crazy out there and I find people really want honesty they want facts and they wants. To know how their lives. Are. About Obama. And health care issue. I'd hear about it -- -- -- -- we haven't heard much about it. The president talks about it but don't seats that reels on. Advertising effort behind it real emphasis on this is something that in this mr. That's a mistake to think there should be more emphasis on this issue during the campaign by Democrats. I do and I think that individuals should share their personal merit because when it comes from and it doesn't Hamlet comes from the heart street in the heart. So in Tennessee for example 350000. Children cannot be denied health care insurance because of preexisting condition. That's 350000. Families -- the story itself. And I think -- 60000 young people are now covered. On their parents' insurance until the basics sedate him graduate from vocational school college and started your income generation and I have -- helped shock. Destroyed -- I don't know -- Seen them. I don't think a lot of people in Tennessee but -- -- like this is a huge number 600000 Tennessee and accessed. Free preventative services in 2011. So like what's the deal. Let's open up a lot like them I think Tennessee needs to look at Arkansas for Q. It's the most progressive southern states you know they've had a democratic house and senate since reconstruction but it's not a major voting for Obama anytime. Tennessee here -- -- -- well. Arkansas I don't know Tennessee. You know probably not a lot of our volunteers -- going to North Carolina but it like to be a part of the narrative I'd like to share the stories of something bigger about Obama and the promise that he had time. People were expecting obviously lots of progress that legislation they're also expecting a big business to be done differently. That it viewed differently -- -- Washington they like it did get that because the weight and health care bill even went down with a of this opportunity they are not just passed legislation that. Definitely changing the -- Well. I was just a political parity event earlier today and they are doing really deep surgical research on why women do they do not run for office. And the primary reason -- -- for wanting to run for office -- to change the way government functions. And I do think that the president has made some strides obviously he chose not take money from. Lobbyists. And there is more reforms to be done without it down and in our government needs to be. Streamline and reform plans I don't want to get -- out of my depth and pretend I know a lot about something where I really don't. But he had some challenges with -- and others doubtful he's signing. He said he wanted to put America back to work with some legislation but Republicans that is now we wanted to the president out of work. So he can't do it by himself I -- Lilly Ledbetter act signed with the -- You know -- enabling the DREAM Act to the extent that it was he can do with his -- But no one person can go -- to Washington. Weekly transformed without a lot of collaboration and tell -- -- -- Parity I thought it was in -- OGY. I -- -- and that's my son that acts. But now I. Have accepted this me. Maybe you are thinking about elected office. Generally Tennessee. Everybody else is thinking about for me I'm not a good about it for myself. My desire is to love my god to make my life enough to worship into deeds of service to my silence and right now -- think that. -- and space that's the best teams and you know. Whenever. I. Bigger question had been at the delegate from Tennessee. You talk about your love of the wild I mean isn't that isn't that against. Everything that you can't let me ask. I had to make sure when I first opened my mouth at the Tennessee delegation breakfast to say okay let me to straighten this. Irish for the volunteers and I root for The Commodores except when dollar -- the wildcats -- can't you accept me and they did and they didn't think that it's okay. I think -- cool. All right let's -- -- -- speech somewhere like of the red America blue America everyone comes together and they can accept that that with them so regularly about this what what -- No I'm not ruling it out and it you know would be foolish to say that I am I I I honestly don't know that it's the best use -- -- but I also don't know the future of my favorite prayers Thomas Martin's which says. I don't know where I'm going I don't even know if I'm on the right path I do believe the desired these capacities and that's what's important -- who gets better tickets to the events delegates are Hollywood celebrities. Somewhere between what's the what's the best. I like where the Tennessee delegation did you get. -- at thirty -- right on the floor. Yes we're just over there to the left of media -- yes excellent -- -- Did you have anything to do it that CD rates go -- just as -- -- make -- -- I -- just a little -- arts. That it had pretty anybody come to your delegate and then spread as anything like this that has been interesting different. -- so you mean like yeah very. Well don't usually is at the delegate breakfast they bring to speak they bring -- somebody that they want to promote nationally as anybody -- You know I met a. Woman who was -- county commissioner in Michigan. And she was talking about -- a lonely walk it -- because she doesn't really happening mentors. So I gave her my email address economic chicken helper from Tennessee. That part of what I'm hearing. Is the need for strong female to female alliances. And and the way that we can cultivate our courage and her strengths. By having strong. Mentoring relationships so that's something I'm hearing about a -- -- -- got to meet miss art she -- today I think has like the coolest job in the country in the president's political director. And I spoke today after gone some of -- was. Rule that's just not look as sensational. You don't run up is that you would be -- White House. I was thinking about a client feel White House fellow I graduated from Pratt school. But happy to have that would be hearing that would so much fun it will actually we thank you for joining us here -- you get back Clinton delegate business. On the floor hot snacks.

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{"id":17154654,"title":"Ashley Judd on Her Delegate Experience","duration":"3:00","description":"The actress talks about Americans' stories she's heard when canvassing the country.","url":"/Politics/video/ashley-judd-delegate-experience-17154654","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}