Attorney General Calls Congressman Issa 'Shameful'

Lawmaker grills Eric Holder about Obama administration's Labor Department nominee.
3:11 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for Attorney General Calls Congressman Issa 'Shameful'
OK well let's just go through a hypothetical that that is a little easier. You've got a case is gonna. -- the federal the United States people a 180 million dollars you've got another case issued don't wanna go to the US Supreme Court. -- trade those two cases. Because you don't want to have that happen and then you tell somebody. You know we'd like to keep things quiet let's make sure we don't disclose it is that. Right or wrong. Well they're a whole variety of reasons why people why we as a government Justice Department decide not to become involved in key tam cases the strength of the evidence questions of law system that is it okay to tolerate a case you don't want going to the Supreme Court. For a dollar damage case. That's the real question here but what has to take. Look at this in its totality and decide exactly. If they'll look I'll take that it's a guess it's okay to do that tree near the -- not that -- not -- yes it was not a I was trying to -- -- what you know mr. attorney general. I need a yes or no before you go into the long dialogue otherwise I'm wasting my time. The decision not to take that over the false claims that case did not in the case. You may say that but the that the plaintiff who saw himself abandoned didn't didn't see it that way but let me go -- another line -- question ability to try the case. I don't think it worked out well as I understand it but the case was not over simply because the United States has -- become involved. Right -- the case going to the US Supreme Court was over we do not become involved in key ten cases 80% of that the case going to US Supreme Court was over as a result. That has the decision was made not to pursue that case -- OK so the American people were denied the highest court considering the case. That's an undeniable fact let me go through some questions here that is and that's incorrect I've been working with that's -- -- -- -- Well it will look we'll let the people we'll let the people decide whether they are denied assaulting court decision to leave Cuba mister mister attorney general. Mr. attorney general. Our our investigators have seen 34 of the 35 admitted. Emails that violate the federal records act. They've only seen the to and from they have not seen that delivered of contents and they have not seen the remainder of the 12100 emails. Mr. Cummings my ranking member joined in a letter requesting that we have the full contents pursuant to our subpoena of all 12100. Will you make them available -- committee based on our bipartisan. Request. I'll certainly look at -- -- it's not something -- Personally been involved in but I look at the request and try to be as responsive as we can't I'm sure they must have been a good reason why it only it to and from parts war. From yes -- didn't want us to see the details. Mr. attorney general no ill knowing the two ads from typically do knowing to a gonna stop talking up. -- movement characterized something as something to mister chairman of which you reform the way justice as are the rules and his committee appropriate and is too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself. As a member of congress it's unacceptable. And it's shameful. The gentlemen. Has the time and the gentlemen may -- ask the questions that you deem it appropriate thank you mr. chairman.

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{"id":19186837,"title":"Attorney General Calls Congressman Issa 'Shameful'","duration":"3:11","description":"Lawmaker grills Eric Holder about Obama administration's Labor Department nominee.","url":"/Politics/video/attorney-general-calls-congressman-issa-shameful-19186837","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}