Attorney General Confirmation Hearing Enters Second Day

ABC News' Janai Norman takes us outside the Senate confirmation hearing for Senator Jeff Sessions.
6:33 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Attorney General Confirmation Hearing Enters Second Day
And ABC's Jane Norman or about fifteen minutes out from the confirmation hearing for senator Jeff Sessions getting under way for date to. The president elect's pick for attorney general I'm here with the group. A faith based leaders who were here for the first day tell me a little bit first introduced ourselves and why you came from all over the country protects. I am doctor Barbara Lee and Skinner. Co chair of the national African American clergy network and I'm here because. Justice is not being done in these hearings. I'm here because we serve account of justice and we think this hearing it's a sham so far it's an. Old girl network. Not really serious issues about women's rights voting rights. Immigration rights dreamers rights being really gas and pursuit. That's why I'm here. I'm saying Scott pastor of the Macedonia Baptist Church in Los Angeles. And I'm here because Jeff Sessions it's another alligator in this war. He does not represent the marginalize here's not. He is not a balanced they are individual. And and we need to let our voices and declare that he's not the top cop these are yet to the United States of America. I'm Amos brown senior pastor of his start there at Baptist church of San Francisco. And chair of the social justice commission the national maps division viewers incorporated. I'm here because I'm his doctor. About how the soul of America. Is being tampered with. I don't front and that want that. Nomination. Sessions as it to manager. As not gone also of the civil rights movement. Who was Sam way back win with donkey. We have gone backwards instead of walls. As a group -- human and civil rights in this nation. And his collaboration. Under the support and let this. Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Is determined to fight missed it drop all the way at this point. I'll voices will be heard. My outlook that not going to be silent mute. Old this time. Taking us from the mountaintop. The view of that city only yield down into the god. That Arnold dropped. Has put his nation. With his sock today. Racism. Is to visit news. And Xena hopeful that attitude. Had it is time. They leaders of America stand up. We have too many counterfeit fate and faith leaders who've gotten entity. Would don't drop. To promote this self interest. Of promoting. An arrow bigoted expression. A religiosity in this case. And Patrick young hear from her purse back mr. consumers New York also impact mullah bridging commit on here. Who voice. Justices won't be so we be able to stand up for what is right was just talking. And mr. Khan you are here now in the second nails it. Tommy why you came out common especially this thing. But I am here as in do we truly as patriotic American Muslim citizen of this country. Plus I'm here to make sure that the flight took dissent is preserved. Actress and to send us to this nomination. More importantly have address my concerns were littered. And more importantly in that letter of the most important. Objection that and laws that we must examine. This pretty Cendant. History of this nominee and then coming into the senate the walking record that most exciting. More important that list of the willows. Watches us and over democratic process it's such and we and to learn from the process. We must make sure that rules read news that perhaps there. And the values that of enshrined in the constitution of United States practice because those values of liberalism. Of not discriminating. Based home. Religion based on ethnicity. Would challenged too low the election came. We want to make sure that those concerns things. After sitting through partners and I was in cottage to hear. But I still have felt in my mind that that statement was made for. Moving the nomination form. This nominee said that. That he does not span we're. The Muslim ban ban on Muslims and for United States it's heartening to hear that that finally. In order nomination of Donald Trump is saying that. But then when we looked. The words. The president elect's statements. And his publications. And news announcements. The rules that exotic fleet in conflict with this candidates to state. So I hope one of them wouldn't be grid and made one amounts. Can you top anything more about the letter you cinnamon and. Well I addressed all of these concerns that over leaders that are dressing over civil rights leaders and addressing. Violence against women. Then dreamers. He. Save that these toll continues to the polls dreamers. But then he said something really just that I mentioned the United States is not in position. To give full. It's 400000. People that are affected by dreams. So we just don't know which way things are going so. But we have hopefully that by standing by standing in its. Voicing Norton's. We would be heard. That's the least we can we think we can world. On the Internet and now and he.

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"ABC News' Janai Norman takes us outside the Senate confirmation hearing for Senator Jeff Sessions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44712426","title":"Attorney General Confirmation Hearing Enters Second Day ","url":"/Politics/video/attorney-general-confirmation-hearing-enters-day-44712426"}