Bachmann's 'Newt/Romney' Rant

Michele Bachmann calls out GOP frontrunners for supporting Obama's policies.
0:39 | 12/11/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bachmann's 'Newt/Romney' Rant
-- -- 40000 Americans to Washington DC to the capitol to fight obamacare I didn't advocate for -- If you look at and get at -- Romney. They were for Obama care principles if you look at -- Romney they were for cap and trade. If you look at Newt Romney -- for the illegal immigration problem in if you look at new Romney neighbor for. This 700 billion dollar bailout you just heard. New Romney is also with Obama on the issue of a key role extensions so if you want -- difference. Michelle Bachmann is the proven conservative it's not new processor.

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{"duration":"0:39","description":"Michele Bachmann calls out GOP frontrunners for supporting Obama's policies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15130845","title":"Bachmann's 'Newt/Romney' Rant","url":"/Politics/video/bachmanns-newt-mitt-romney-rant-gop-frontrunners-supporting-obamas-policies-politics-15130845"}