Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein on DNC Excitement

California senators discuss delegates' enthusiasm at the Democratic convention.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein on DNC Excitement
Hambrecht. And exceeding -- gotten quite a -- Right in the middle of the California delegation. This is why I love conventions look at this -- we are senator boxer senator Feinstein. What's the energy level here and how it I've never seen a convention I've been a lot of them that has the energy level of this. I was just saying -- Barbara -- I just can't believe how people are responding it's incredible. Really you think more energy here now yeah -- years ago only it's amazing yes I do. And I think it's because people here understand the choices that we face with -- -- women. You know -- look at this ticket say they have this ticket Biden. Obama Biden ticket stands up and -- stress and stands with us. And the choice on the other side is just completely the opposite they want to go back to the bush days of that trickle down economics so I think people here. And -- we were just talking about that is to leave -- here in and take their message across the country. Raise some eyebrows -- -- comments about Republicans. What is the Republicans really don't like their -- what what what what what -- I didn't say that. It was to big -- exactly what I was I was making a joke I and the reason I made a joke has it is hard for me to understand this -- against -- That they region that's their -- and -- we see it every day. They've got dozens of bills. To take away women's reproductive helps to criminalize a woman's right to choose. More about those about the social issues here at this convention and we. Why do you think that is what I think we're hearing more -- here in the Republicans are saying the only issue that really matters to end platform. Makes abortion illegal. In the United States regardless of circumstance. It is a huge setback. And the Republican presidential candidate himself and I heard him saying I won't close Planned Parenthood. Well most of us believe the Planned Parenthood. Really carries out a very big missions for women and women believe it to. And it's a real problem I remember the days when abortion was illegal in the United States and when girls went to Tijuana. And some committed suicide I -- And. And I don't think. Those days 3040 years ago I. OK so how central is that issue Qaeda and I think what Romney would -- has ordered closed plant where he wants to cut off funding federal funding for Leonard it. That's the point what you'd -- cut off funding it's the first step to ending. Kids with them the ability to take advantage. Family planning funds they they really can't -- -- Wants to close -- and so this Brian. Well Brian actually supports. Criminalizing certain types of birth control then answer your question yeah. Why they didn't want to talk about it and I think they know it's elusive and the independent voters -- Obama's gonna get that -- There's so extreme. On the issue. That's rights they don't want to talk about it and all they say they want to talk about it jobs however when they don't say what we say. Is that in the last twelve months Christian Obama created more private sector jobs -- George Bush did in eight. Years so reiterated its not about jobs to OK so. Before you guys got -- -- Bill Clinton tonight. You've seen a lot of Bill Clinton street just put -- We're both before -- with 88 convention when. He gave his famous you know any. Very -- That's his. There's not much -- so. -- just before your what you expect from Bill Clinton what do what do what do we. He's going to make the case as to why the people should vote for President Obama and he's gonna lay it out. Clearly with facts. -- he can reach people he's a teacher in many ways you know he lays it out and brings it home I'm very excited. They're still look mentions. Well the honest answer -- Well this when -- -- Because of the -- here's somebody sometimes. Kind of down this -- -- way out and people are charged and they are charged after. I think. And that's very. -- -- -- I hate to -- You -- -- old fashioned but I love conventions. I think it's a chance for both parties to land division and I think it's happening here. And there is palpable excitement here instrumentalists. And the interest people sitting here for I sat for four hours and went -- yet. It's exciting. -- -- senator boxer in the next hundred senator Clinton's breaking.

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{"id":17166233,"title":"Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein on DNC Excitement","duration":"3:00","description":"California senators discuss delegates' enthusiasm at the Democratic convention.","url":"/Politics/video/barbara-boxer-diane-feinstein-dnc-excitement-17166233","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}