Barney Frank at DNC: Mitt Romney Is 'Myth Romney'

Massachusetts congressman sharply criticizes President Obama's 2012 opponent.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Barney Frank at DNC: Mitt Romney Is 'Myth Romney'
A lot of -- to talk about so the question who -- once you pick there -- a number that interest being night. Why it is youth so many Republicans are afraid that my marriage will threaten there's. -- -- Why Mitt Romney thinks it's a bad thing. That the president of the war in Iraq but. But stick to the central -- of the economy. So if in fact Mitt Romney's private sector experience. Makes him the superhero of job creation. We would've seen that in Massachusetts. In fact the record is that. During his term. -- job growth was only about. One point 4%. Which was a quarter of the national average. We were -- Mitt Romney 47. In job growth. Under Mitt Romney we got no help. And -- Mitt Romney we got no job though I was puzzled. And I hear about this and I wonder how comments I now hear about the great ability. Of -- wizard -- private sector financial engineering to create jobs that we didn't get me and I realize there is the problem. And this is a hard one for me because of my -- so please listen carefully. It turns out our governor was -- Romney. What we should have had -- governor was Mitt Romney. Today wonderful. Private sector. Executive. Who when he moved into the public sector can transform it. I wish Mitt Romney had been governor -- Thursday night live did. If it had been Mitt Romney I'd probably be writing the commuter train from New Bedford to Boston right now. -- we hadn't. Romney and so we had to wait for the great Deval Patrick to get that -- -- what will anyone -- you know there were a lot of Romney's. Did the Romney who was going to be better on gay rights than Ted Kennedy now that the -- who -- with Rick Santorum on that issue. There with the Romney would -- climate change and now that the Romney who believe that -- that -- admits to going to freight but. What's let's look at what we have from the Mitt Romney who's running for president. He has now basically committed himself. To repeat every failed and mistaken policy that the Republican Party employed. To bring our country into the greatest recession in years and which they have followed to try to retarded recovering. And -- the reason for it for all of that talk about how Mitt Romney understands the private sector and that clearly is a little bit -- He had no understanding whatsoever of the public sector of course we want -- private sector. That is prosperous. That creates jobs this hall is full of people I know who have been successful in the private sector and do that and -- entrepreneurs and business people. But sensible people also known as civilized society. You need a public sector to do those things that the private sector isn't meant to do. To deal with the quality of life there are things that -- civilized society need that we can only do if we do them together.

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{"id":17175043,"title":"Barney Frank at DNC: Mitt Romney Is 'Myth Romney'","duration":"3:00","description":"Massachusetts congressman sharply criticizes President Obama's 2012 opponent.","url":"/Politics/video/barney-frank-speaks-dnc-17175043","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}