Barr addresses sheriffs at Major County Sheriffs of America conference

The attorney general spoke to members of the law enforcement association Tuesday.
5:03 | 02/11/20

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Transcript for Barr addresses sheriffs at Major County Sheriffs of America conference
We have no higher priority of the department. In the safety. And security. Of this country. And as I said. We can only accomplish that in close partnership. With you. This administration is dedicated to strengthening that partnership. Enhancing our cooperation in delivering the resources. That our state local and tribal partners need to succeed. Each of you has selflessly chosen. To devote your lies the law enforcement. And as I have said many times before there is no more noble profession and our country today. And serving as a law enforcement office. You in your deputies face unprecedented. Challenges. Every day at the beginning of the day deputies on patrol never knowing precisely. With trials. Face. Anthony's list of assignments we give our deputies. Our officers keeps getting longer and longer. We no longer merely asking that keep us safe. We asked them to manage the fallout from a vast range of social pathologies such as mental illness widespread homelessness drug abuse. And it's quite a lot to acts men and women trained to protect the public from dangerous criminals to simultaneously. Do that job. And the job of social workers psychiatrists. Yet are committed law enforcement officers do their best. To carry these carry on these ever expanding. Duties. The sept administration understands that. And rest assured that we will continue to have your back as we work together to protect the public. A week ago president trump delivered his third State of the Union Address and he said there as he has said many charms before. That we need to support the men and women of law enforcement at every level. And indeed I think I can safely say. That our law enforcement people in the United States have no greater champion. Than president wrong. And we all know that unlike most politicians. When this president promises to do something he does. He loves this country. He especially loved you do and those who strike every day. To keep the American people safe. In his state of the union president trump delivered a message of genuine optimism field within an apologetic faith in god. In American greatness. An and the common virtues of the American people. Altruism industrious this self reliance. And Jen Ross. But he also emphasize something artfully. That is that the people cannot enjoy freedom. Or achieve prosperity without the rule of law to protect them. And there can be no rule of law. Without. Brave deputies and police officers on the front lines upholding. Our shared commitment to the rule of Floyd central. To the Department of Justice initiatives. In which many of you practice it. The project safe neighborhood. Operation. Relentless pursuit. Project guardian. Are all working to reduce crime across our country. And together we've been battling gun violence gangs. Human trafficking. Were aggressively fighting the drug war. As the president mentioned last week we've begun to successfully overcome PO PO eight epidemic. Drug overdose deaths have declined for the first time in nearly three decades. We have a lot more work to do but it's good to see some progress is being mate. And we are escalating fight on the scourge of methamphetamine. Which no affecting so many years jurisdictions. Last month we implemented president trumps executive order directing us to establish. The president's commission on law enforcement and the administration of justice. This is the first commission on law enforcement since president Lyndon Johnson's commission in 1965. And I think we can all agree it's a long overdue. This commission is bringing together all of the law enforcement community. Of our country to study. The unique challenges. Facing us today. And develop strategies to address. And I'm looking forward to working with major Tammy share us on this important. Effort.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"The attorney general spoke to members of the law enforcement association Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68910389","title":"Barr addresses sheriffs at Major County Sheriffs of America conference","url":"/Politics/video/barr-addresses-sheriffs-major-county-sheriffs-america-conference-68910389"}