Barbara Walters' 2011 interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Barbara Walters talks to the Syrian President about the state of his country.
46:18 | 12/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Barbara Walters' 2011 interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Mr. President you have invited us to Damascus. And you have not given an interview. To the American be -- since this crisis began. What is -- you want us to know. Electorate Torre who -- the fifth and events of September as an American dedication -- -- for with the -- commitment -- people could know more about what's happening. Beyond the ocean thickened. American Media -- like and competitive. -- -- the truth about what's happening in the world. And for the American administration. Notebook full puppets I don't know what our policy do you. With that inflation -- -- people that continue no fault with because what's happening in the world -- -- taken bullet quote. -- of what we need know is we need to do with the reality. So that the message now we've spoken yet. Tell me what the reality here isn't -- countries. What is the reality is for complicate it takes -- -- -- I lost my tenacity specific. Not long ago you were widely seen. Fresh pragmatic leader. A doctor whose life was in him -- Not so where much of the world and -- as addicting to tie. It wouldn't say it. What's important -- defeat him people who cut through a political -- of final -- -- complaints have. This has been -- spoke -- the thing. The dictate and dictate what it does big difference between the two -- to -- his -- -- when deficit will democratic country. But could -- the thing we we are moving -- it. And uniforms -- should be doing the lost. And -- so I think moving forward with additional time to fix -- maturity to -- wouldn't. A few rich do not think conflict between moving -- -- for me as a person. What if type two communities along the -- -- of the people because you need popular legitimacy. And the fifth against the tape -- you -- us. But you talk about the support of your people. You didn't have the support of -- people. And then again these demonstrations which I won't discuss in more detail and -- -- And you have people are -- out who don't want you to leave you don't have to some. Port. Of your people -- they all of it. It if -- will contribute well that's but -- it and that's conducted but having the support of the people the people who support you. Mean something. What you -- -- -- -- and people against through development if he went on. It'll after that we'll. But you have people who are against you -- -- protest -- every day it started as a simple -- has sent a budget spotted. With people marching with olive branches and -- their children asking for more freedom for freedom of press you on this expression. And much of the country. So is not supporting -- that's when things that's what your questions -- -- -- That's -- -- it the full -- quickly after the failure beginning and that he defied a simple. So we didn't think go to -- to include the rule of -- -- government this kid anymore freedom we like to -- you -- fuels. And you -- media no new election knowing you're looking -- mr. Kendall. And we are. You're fighting old prostitute who now -- -- -- -- with the -- on the field goals and -- compliment -- president who always vote should be through the election. The -- the folks. The civil into it. If you have elections will let the elections for president. No no we're going to -- the -- of milk and fish and and -- -- administration what but as yet the who's going to the punishment Indian nation which is the most important. To -- -- presidential election going to be in 2014. With the people don't want to -- that we're told 2004 to which people the people who are protesting. -- -- -- Of immaturity or not that's -- you need me to wait for support for the -- and Canadian election. These election within you Google and let me -- -- -- Poland and then going you can think about. Presidential election but -- before before that people have any indication -- any clear indication. In 2014. -- their presidential elections where you allow opposition parties that's -- politician. Constitution okay. And if somebody else wins will -- stepped on in 2014. If you means he's going to be left both and I don't have to Thibault is going to be opposed. So we both adults who -- a conservative but hesitant to step down means -- -- When if you -- that Richmond is going Oakland is going to be that pollution and -- from. Mr. President you once had positive things to say about President Obama. Not hasn't Obama's hands and -- president Assad has lost his legitimacy to -- he should step down. -- -- -- -- I'm not political commentator who -- comment more on election. Event was that the the second time -- want to care about something like this healthcare -- -- -- -- care about what to feed -- people. -- -- -- -- -- Responsible for all what can -- -- basically we support we don't he's legitimate political. -- -- For me. For me what this deep -- -- -- all this of the popular legitimacy. That with indefinite future and -- that the -- before but can pick me. A threat to anyone could have his own opinion with a president global FICO oh and sits at the same form of title report. Public opinion doesn't. If -- protection. Issues. But -- Almost completely isolated prime minister of Turkey who was your ally has said and I quote not a regime can survive by killing that jailing. Jordan says you should step down the Arab League share was a founding member has said that they had suspended -- You've lost all the support of your neighbors and friends. Does that matter to you. That depends how to describe -- hundred -- and sedition and support podium they support me and coded if anything. As a nation of Islam by 58 -- by supporting by what it's both total would cope with the public in support can -- -- eight. The vehicle the pole position that's happened in 2005 and they couldn't bush like like that if he the issue. This everybody they couldn't we have ruled complete we ought to really two different problems is that -- -- that it's the area. Theater. -- -- -- and he's going to be doing nothing about himself so they don't have interest that -- you know monopolies that it. Certainly a hot isolating you they have economic sanctions against you they may have further sanctions. All of these neighbors so called friends have not abandoned you need so you -- isolated. We've we've been under the initiative of under -- -- enough for the people to fly -- the twelfth -- you. But it's fluctuating up and down depending on the situation both come through the typical people have been completely influence on the situation in -- Staten Island -- laugh with him the -- would then definitely that it would you have people coming going you have pretty evident it so let's play it how do you define his position if you don't define it. -- -- -- In -- -- -- without incident. -- sanctions against. What kind of -- economic sanctions against. Well implemented vehicle with a phone companies only through the content of but all the conflict but well meaning -- -- took the pulse. They want implement. Quality and locals they -- -- that depends on the political entity but play it that it can fit the company's these well. Only be a decision to implement it's not if thought of optical and float the whole -- it and -- -- and and what -- hidden beneath the appointment of optical. And I said that many. Leaders in the region have been over time you have seen I'm sick and the pictures sent agents from the president in the back in jail. At pictures. And -- Moammar Qaddafi. Killed. Are you afraid that you might be next. -- confident that the people. What's important to him to -- The launch -- thought -- happier than I mean don't want anything that you could be fatal for us president to do with the support of the people suddenly don't industry could be a fatal. -- not to -- -- you think that it. Do you feel. That that you still have the support of -- people. If people have the support of the people who cannot be and youthful -- The fifth well if it is very cooperative village could complete the gulf and if you don't of the public support. Mr. President you have people are not and a half away from here protesting. You have people who have been. Kiloton people who had been tortured and steal their protest in and you -- you have the support. Don't know the only thing between the Protestants and thinking is different Phil. I think terrorists. -- in many cases -- Now none of them -- on you know before -- you can no no no no it's the cold -- in the media that the difference. But from the very first few weeks we've built -- with -- getting more and more. -- -- Fifteen kidding we have 1000 -- and health and well with food and when you think it who could then -- would come through and that's not those of the applicable. Let me ask the question again do you feel not even with people who had been protest. That you have the support of -- people. The majority of feminist cause you know pocketbook but to support my -- the majority of people who fails to support him. Not the majority of the people on intimate orderly and I could feel defeated people -- intimate. And and you have people who support -- -- -- -- people who load against. For the majority the only thing and vote majority on topic -- -- if -- if you you can -- Table. Most of -- experience -- as anything grouping if we're pretty. Here feels a majority of people in this country supports. And the -- he Huntington. And I -- up against I think that -- -- -- The majority that is in the middle support. Do you protests really. Began -- after the detention and torture. Children who were writing graffiti pollen from -- down. I've seen awful pictures. Of what happened. Why this is -- -- group who cracked but. Why didn't some recent Boston you can tell me -- -- -- These are some of the images and stories and some of the images that -- a thirteen year old boy who was arrested in April. A month later his body was he turned. To his family -- us. A famous cartoonist who you know who was critical of him badly beaten his on -- A singer famous -- who -- a popular song calling for -- ouster he was found with this thought. You'd seen these pictures have -- not. You know but if I assist this team and -- a new assignment -- -- although the although. And he's been to have pulled and he appeared on the media you have to see we have the few things into the -- of school because that the life of the -- I -- the cartoonist. The cartoonist who was critical -- you are seeing his pictures his hands were broken. There's -- many people such. Particular open who could who most of the people that being -- our support to political ferment of the five cents. In the beginning out of what about the single that this outcome ultimate and although this -- famous -- from the -- it -- -- -- fitness and although. You don't know I -- has been -- but look into this is to develop and the fifth editing. Equivalent and get done done. I think his authority the first -- which cut diamond with -- and -- efficient and to think you can call me he could to if you don't vote for those opposed to. The thoroughly before authentication to -- could keep us posted -- amendments before the media content to open a simple rule of. Well. In the thinking these protests. -- The women were marching with children -- our branches -- nobody. At that -- was asking you to step it has escalated. Do you think that your forces. Cracked down too hot. -- -- -- Bill me beautiful for the bill for the government a -- if you had a little bit of president a political fold it up and you have to gives you what. And we wish that in the constitution. In Google and the mission to turn to put -- the people. -- stand against any details or any. That did go according to the constitution. -- -- -- things. The crack. Let's without -- commission -- -- would mean. Seeing their reaction to the people that does some of the managers some of those things that. No this difference between having political crackdown and between having come through its content bicycle fish -- -- the difference put only Coco loco or defeat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't pass through political quite comical -- for people. You have mystics come to -- from school because we have some indications about who thinks that's that's -- and -- -- -- to investigate. What happened and then we can and according to. Evidence -- you have with excellent but does support -- you know we pulled. Have they have been mistakes made. In this practice yes. -- evidently just flow underneath and cause we don't when you don't put phils have both the poignant situation of conflict with thinks. -- -- have the people who made the mistakes been found a comfortable had -- been punished. Pummeled him yes according to the evidence that you can look and -- punish anyone according to rule with. Leakage and focuses -- calling -- independently difficulty. -- from its fuel to became -- who -- Did he and defendant to the court for the prosecution -- some people have been found a comfortable. Yet according to -- -- and. Last week an independent united nations commission who interviewed more than 225. People. Issued a report but it said respect your government committed. Crimes against humanity. And they run on torture rape and other forms of sexual violence against protesters. Including against children. What do you say to them I mean what I'm saying again and again is that protesters who work. We're beaten cut things happen to them. Do you acknowledge that you acknowledge what the UN said. They think notes they've handled the documents and -- concrete evidences that you have. And we fear -- formal you have not often engage in a -- with them. Did you -- not send -- these documents being told. You -- the frustrating. And they don't have even the names. -- of the date April of this but told that you want but I think it is an additional. -- Mr. President they have issued this report they have accused. You and your regime including -- -- according to what they said just 225. People witnesses. Men women children whom they interviewed and identified. And that's when they -- -- crimes against humanity. On compliment we have government institution between standoff. The documents don't if you don't -- the documents and that evidence that we cannot say it. That's -- -- -- just because peanut commission -- that the net nations. It's accredited institution wistful says this president we don't we we we we know of -- in view of the public that was. In the United States policy -- the net income that's proposed by the fifth and would think -- and if so if possible evidence that and documents planet that African discuss if to discuss the report that we don't think an area with you -- -- -- -- With with. You do not think that. The United Nations is a credible organization you know. For anything they haven't implemented this in haven't prevented any -- visited him but predicted. Two -- puts them with the Palestinians to -- him. What will it. If physical quality all right football the Palestinian suffering and look like and -- it bought mine and -- people but if the island of its buys -- well. You have what every -- -- -- thoughtful Armenia's president opinion about the but that can built on region. You didn't you do not think the United Nations cut -- -- that note that both hoping youthful look and image it's something we noted it is called it. But -- You -- an ambassador. Didn't -- It became deeply puzzled mean if you. I think it is. Even some of the armed forces and not remain loyal some of them had defected. And some of them -- fighting. And -- against you. Agreement -- then that some of the armed forces have left. The military. But if you're an -- situation enough of little flotilla boat flip phone -- -- Norman when you have the situation you which it more. You have higher percentage. Ending thumb fuels oil for food that live on B two B against and it's from the three if you -- quote. Deflection and on -- different from having few people depicted so we cannot you know life. You don't think that there gold medals and others who have differences which. You are you on TV you know if the woeful looking for -- -- and if you deficient -- on me because well that's typical for. -- mean major cities next month clinical and women who -- fitted him. You described a country -- -- -- country -- that if it you have to all you have -- evidence but. Look -- look to the extent that you. -- -- divided along. If you have divided on me. Musical -- You won't you don't -- you have -- have been a few different for more. You do not feeling the -- at the brink of civil war. No not because they'll follow policy because of the three before this the flight we don't think -- the on the brink fit you'll. -- the people of William. Involved and you too pretty to Canada that's -- I want to make this could -- say that. The country in general and state certainly we see here in Damascus since we've been here it's business as usual. But there are areas of this country and non Hathaway. And which there is still fighting in which they're still protests. Do you do you receive that is something important people fighting for their freedom or do you see it a little something here a little something that. It's completely different components. Of but -- -- for the freedom you have people who want freedom and that's part of reform course we -- -- ninth. Those people and most of the people that they need -- don't think you can demonstrate. Welcome but he of the few tools -- -- for freedom you have different components of extremists. British excellence. You have uncles people who have been convicted. In the quote and -- -- -- -- for years now. -- -- And you. Like like the people of a -- them both so it's it's different components. You have money coming from outside this. -- the media. Propaganda. They give money people -- to -- -- fifteen minutes before often though it and to make it suitable for you have different component you have to have a thing. We have freedom officials have people don't taken mutants you have to that this -- In the same -- So. -- you have what seems to be much of the world condemning. So. What's the biggest misconception. Why is all this misconception -- you're saying the country is stable we have some factions. What's the misconception. With the -- who lost most of the local -- -- -- Not just -- question it looked like electric heat. -- -- -- will remember if that's not the west the members of the Arab League. Thing to you they imposing sanctions. Some of them telling you to start to her -- our neighbors. This agenda for both countries excellence for the few -- -- -- because they don't care about Keating they don't get a -- democracy. Most of these countries that have been into political football potential political -- -- -- close enough information between -- evidence. Would announce that. This will be -- with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But going back to the combination that we've sixteen could eventually most of the world a place that's. Even with the neighboring country with his normally. This with the alternative without Jordan with an anomaly -- -- -- -- eleven. With yuk back. What is the agenda for example. Turkey on June have. Why -- of them owed it to Arlington off. -- would it is and does that wanna destroy you. That's been can applicable -- -- available to. One of the things that the Arab -- has asked -- consistently used to have monitors. To have objective people. Com and visit these areas where there's discontent will you now allow monitors. To come into this country equals that of course. We we we're on but in. Feldman. Like -- What does that mean everything incorporate truth in government -- a -- -- got but it looked just come into whatever they want. But if you have monitors. That have to be -- to. To look around -- and now we -- -- but I guess I have to defeat. Them with your people accompanying that led to another and. For protection so big you -- people. -- people with the -- and people who called picks and being kids if they don't pay this is that this author of. I'm -- the second person -- clear. Will you allow monitors outside -- -- to come into your country. And look around to go out to these of the city's two arms again. We'll allow them to come that's enough. That's -- of course with -- under what circumstances. Opinion polls often do for pain corporate and with the union government that cannot -- -- -- -- science and foreign companies. Feet 151000 pistols its fiscal practical technical excellence -- To sit picnic Barbeque picnic and if that normally this thing promote peace picnic and -- -- -- -- two will hold the group AM. -- appropriate and what isn't mutual what's this -- to -- -- -- You can look -- for the quarter with a -- cubic that you cannot exit for quote that's made there and -- don't have anything to discuss beneath him. I am not negotiating with the have a -- but -- -- he would of course between -- Do you think that monitors will be -- -- camps and both listed and we ask that people last summer. The facility if it and they travel -- -- a lot of quote. But according Sutton -- opens they'll be through the vehicle when you make Copeland who discussed. And editing and it didn't want to discuss it with us with it know if we don't -- that we can play it could be discussed indicative. I you know are discussing with the Arab League allowing monitors to -- -- -- outside foreign reporters -- they have not been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hear. And I have across. I'm content and that -- ended but you -- -- Two days now did anyone to do it -- cool enough to open your feet to go and if they want. I am appreciative that I had been -- -- And that -- -- lenient and other foreign correspondent. -- American and others. Come into this country now we have not heard this USA yes. You have to that the prohibitive -- to look for the truth about asking and asking you not that doesn't mean they can't come without if you we country. We -- they have to take FISA. Review visa to people if you don't if you that we would have a conflict against both -- a -- but doesn't mean anyone can come anytime intuitive -- -- -- I've -- you but as soon as you say visited means this and can't come that. In general you can foreign correspondent come to this country. And we've who've been with him defeating the dedication Flamengo -- that states. From the political balloon so you have not been receiving nine impotence and put them. Foreign correspondents. Of course when Atlanta they can give you ought to have -- to -- -- with -- but not included may put -- but it could and one a -- we remain. -- Let me ask it. Want my country in general and foreign correspondent at fair credit -- credited. Come to this country -- -- -- can't. You said. That if there is sending it. Outside attempt to bring it down that would mean. When you. As for the full -- In communities you know to me he's -- -- -- dozens if in the fifties and -- thing no revisions. But -- animal that both and that's the before applying went all of these deficit -- me. For -- night before kind of the 30 of the -- -- both when you clearly that you have of the -- that is going to think the whole region -- -- -- mean. School of formula -- be -- been felt about me it's the pulpit. Topic off of the society -- three. -- -- -- You know -- -- father led this country for thirty years until his death you have not -- the country from in the decade. If the Arab Spring means anything it seems to me that the era one family -- grew. And so. Side of the support to it being -- dynasty. That equipment -- threats that have been done yet not raising your sons -- and V McFarland of. Spoke would mean what if you don't believe that. We defend and if -- fight to put an analyst wanted me to be president. Against what you -- in the media that he asked me to come from London who wanted me to collect relevant to quote can you and -- -- But it -- brother was supposed to be. Take -- -- this place from that was filmed now got a father asked you to come back my brother had no position when much of the look and I had no position. Thousands of looking in the -- A Lithonia a -- of them Dominican if his notebook. Bosnia. Yeah father did not expect his -- to take his place -- -- -- at a local altered feeling it and then then. The -- back you know you're a doctor you're an ophthalmologist how did you become the leader of this country. -- admit that he -- and according alone knows that's who. Mean -- you you can move homes it's fifth. Two feet thick and particularly we've been built on -- slight -- -- community don't even -- in the look of the militant -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Means -- education for his -- and people of the university and university. And of themselves and on anything thinking if you find if those committed student -- the school few people knew that allowed into the gulf. Who annually and came when it became president I became president from the pot the president's conduct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But when your father die. The son. Became the -- So that -- that we're not free elections to make you the daily news don't we accident and to vote constitution say -- constitution said we want the sun. -- of the constitution. The pot heat the Padres sent. And the people -- -- making. And that's the wrong but the parliament within -- president so. Many people who didn't want the president and the government they accepted this new president the -- -- -- a minute to myself before that and quote. So. When you have elections which you say this is in 2000. -- have opposition parties. Yes -- we would have been had and if they want somebody else in mind you you say OK -- -- step down. The people who -- -- the people with the crew of course you have to be to -- this month that everything you don't have to discuss it. To state to be President Clinton who don't want to OK you can -- -- -- -- You know I'm not trying eldest -- enough paint you -- me no take their place. You'll never claimed to be to attribute -- You sometimes wish -- it was still an ophthalmologist. No because -- of -- the public fifth and January. President couldn't my only clinic and get wonderful people. Oh the public -- nothing white. Obviously and this came -- so. You if you wish you still have kind of the state emotion defeating quote for the children that's an -- -- -- Stephen -- with a mule. Innovations in that field. But you -- -- two field -- of the book the -- we have more important position. You have -- and that you don't see yourself doing this job for life -- -- doing -- here. With all the Tehran and you can't. Is it. Perhaps that -- Syria. Did you no longer than men Sweden. Hopefully -- poetry on the if you don't succeed you don't in which. You can depend upon to support the top of the fourth. With the US diploma with multiple election. If both public support for the most important -- the way I feed them the public support if won't be even if they think -- -- and could be invisible public support up that's. Conclusive. US still having protests. And a young militants involved and on people on the other side there is -- morrow and your country. What you are saying that in general. You have the support. Of -- people. He particularly -- to -- student but -- -- you that's that's this isn't 2011 what happened that skakel wants to hit. And an -- can now focus next action quote the parliamentary elections. We did about you -- -- 200 local Baath Party -- -- of the political -- ought to. -- this is an indication it's important if not only that both. You'll -- -- of -- popular and although I think that yup body is not gonna wanna give -- power. To keep up what we've got pizza party -- likely develop a typical people -- elections -- if you -- English and do we think support the party. If yes. -- this is an option and if not they have another option. And Europe parliamentary elections which it went in two months into an agreement to complete and they will be -- and not so that people can vote again -- And that would be the end of the box body and you. -- -- -- -- And if the -- they've been known to upon quality -- off. You can -- with the pain and fear of defeat if there -- poking a fifth of appealing to -- -- election. The -- is an opposition that they can go to. We have a petition but takes time through -- -- postage. That's -- feet of snow is being flight incidents -- -- the nation you can enough one organization that canceled effective that date. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little about how -- Among the people of -- support among the people. Before I ask other questions pop up I want to cut back again to the to to protest and do you think. That's a cracked up in the beginning. Blessed to. Have it -- that. Thibault. Confidence takes up about -- Bill with no -- -- cracking. Only there was put fuel facing the camera when you have maybe tenth. You have to implement it and people below him the benefit to have militants and to remember what happened in north and good thing the nineteenth within the army to the city to face the terrorists. But the thing. Our practice when we we don't kill people and we have we have press. Thing about -- if you look at the people can find. But it -- of the tenth with -- -- a problem with Portsmouth. If you don't know if it'll look at both the -- -- -- the opinions that crackdown in the beginning -- the brutality. Do you think it went to for a. He uses with if it ethnic group that knows according -- -- -- local news reports it's not -- but it. Full -- -- this put the equity units -- went -- individuals with concrete evidence in the pick up the phone did you give the order for the pact. Refused to order to implement because through and and the that often that the -- the president. You get -- the order. To react against the practical people because that's that then to -- somebody had to say. You know here is guns somebody had just. -- -- there was even -- musicals but plenty -- and April to prevent people like any other country was confident -- only means when -- -- -- Matching gold begins to Begin with -- preaching of know it happened. In some cases youth and these new local and there were detained. People went from -- -- to hamas' children were arrested. I saw those pictures. The -- to -- who -- -- and they don't you think you'll be with you have to -- -- to see. We don't feel this fictional the influence and hit and -- let us not being an artist who brought back pictures -- of the definitive by both the truth. Yet so it's Toyota took about -- publications -- spokesman -- -- it. In between. What -- think that and -- the idea of the fifth in the media and being frank with you so I cannot answer the bald faced intense that I can only talk about to end. Some people say that this not the protests that. May didn't but the economic sanctions. -- now. Not just the last sectors as recent pew -- seven -- economic sanctions in -- country. Shell oil for example. Which is alive just projections area has stopped production how much of the economic sanctions. Going to hurt say. How much -- this could petition but -- the we have homeless women ethnic -- all of -- it you can read positive. Growth of course with a surprising. Through the -- of the -- and -- sanction. In the second half of the eighteenth and repeat -- industry. In that period. Of -- so you can you thank -- put up. The agreement between Syria and Turkey wasn't -- because the kids alone and with meaning industrialists and -- -- meaning. Businessmen. Most of the economy -- that went against it and to ask -- government many times to stop what can with the -- -- -- room that they tend to -- I think who fourth export. Thoughtful candidates both of the numbers -- so you have if you if you if you smoke enough -- creative enough. You know if -- connote a -- line. And to help local political clout in -- to a local development but you have to see -- have a minute about who the -- -- -- to -- -- take -- back from one site but you can. Decrees the -- -- I think -- can we know this multi century but -- -- -- that can't you get some benefits for. How how can benefit from his handling of that thoughtful and ultimately. Producing -- Wouldn't affect yuck -- what the -- oil dependent when coupled dependent recruit youth -- we can't leave we we exported the four week old fruit. So US saying that it would take more maybe creativity more industry and in the sun country before becoming dependent. And we. Have problems and diseases that -- be -- point. I had a scientific another that if they cannot us. I have seen the market filled with food side news you knew why -- To keep feeding your Paper pulled over McCain McCain to -- -- -- vote we've -- -- We explored we. -- wife was based -- went to school in England. It has been said she is a force. For moderation. I'd like to know. When -- she discussed things. What she said about what's happening. Who used that he has launched an -- few vehicles here is more -- -- in a field of one crime or come through it evolved the city's fiscal. -- through this campaign for the future -- vote. What's happening but and the discussion. Foolish and I think if -- it as part. What can we do. To put to prevent more -- shooting. -- you -- -- has had on projects in the country yes. Development project to quote. Do you do you discuss the situation. We'll. But with a thin notebook part of the solution it helped me confident that -- different. That's been difficult to spot with the formation. If -- political demonstrations and mutants and -- and things. How to make the country that Israel like the source of support. Quote. When live from -- But let me ask about the children because you have three young children nine point 806. What -- -- -- about what's happening yet. It is likely that there was one saint. -- is -- -- volatility in -- noted that was in -- vote. People and an innocent people being -- Devoe investigation we have to know who. We hopefully we can if you've told them about innocent people don't count quote. -- from the children. We've been -- -- -- innocent is innocent whether institute and old within its. To see pictures to they have faced of course we'll quote his ass question -- -- -- -- Of course they liked the answer that I dedicated -- what -- sudden. I'll put the question about what's happening why why do you have -- immediate and what you have given people like that when -- those people to kill I want audiences. But most of them a positive -- -- people commute to Oakland people. In everything thank you have -- people so they can do more to undermine the government. Let's politics and too -- how does this and how do you restore peace -- it on -- -- reform. And fifteen terrorists. Is some reform too little to -- it. No because anyway -- -- that it impact. All the terrorist cause muscles -- terrorists and -- people the terrorists didn't have -- -- contingent capital can about a informing him. The reform for the majority in the middle but according to -- and the people who support -- and the people who -- against -- -- -- pinnacle that's. Will you allow freedom of expression freedom of press. What went interchanges and old he's going to -- have the potential for youthful. We have it -- only to have it you don't have freedom of press you can criticize your. But -- -- -- you have significant if you society you have. Like. -- quote oh. Close to me that does not in -- we have freedom of press how do you hope that you will be -- amendment. By doing the best I can control for fiscal. Whether you agree with -- people agree or don't don't agree but -- -- and -- and pocket. I can -- about being independent president for independence -- -- And eleventh. According to my conscience. The most important thing and -- even if they disagree with you do. Respect you. What do you think it's the biggest misconception. That my country. Hasn't what's happening here. If indeed there is a misconception. Misconception. About local things -- and foaming facts distorted facts you have been in meaning of the most important thing. As a committee shall be flexible efficient the problem with the -- -- -- -- it's been president since they don't have -- -- But he's -- region of the people while political food fading in you know pining for guns fitting if -- -- -- The switch in cooking was into us and -- -- the bullet the question -- -- as Americans what did you get what would be doing -- this thing through youth. We could spend. Feel that the media would give the peninsula. So that would review UUU comes through -- the for the same time -- -- -- includes for the opening schools and. Dealing with the project with the protest. What is that the misconception if there isn't a vote of battle contests and that's what is being focused on. OK we don't you -- people will but the key is no government can go wouldn't keep its people and its. If -- buddy Chris because of -- as president I became president equivalent of public support. It's impossible -- -- anyone fifth state to be able to compete people we have militants those militants killing. Photos and kiting scheme in this morning we lost. Nine civilians killed in homes in the -- studio and they'll support. Lawful that it can also was the -- support and that's something that a little bit -- -- civilian you -- both NATO and if it threw me against the government which has walked. But the protesters in the beginning who were killed. What about them. -- -- -- time to get as we. We see. Our view is that peaceful protesters -- our view is that a peaceful protesters. They -- Float -- tortured. It was a brutal. Reaction. I went wrong in thinking that. Every. Single. Three. -- -- reaction was buy individual. Localized secure but -- you have to know. Not by institution execution means policy. We don't have put I think we've done will not have institutions that -- people old people order tool for -- the reaction. This that the individual and that's what they quote what they described as individual and -- I've done by the military had done by whom we don't know if -- thing but some kids who don't let the police -- -- -- by civilians. Civilians with political will but we'll take a -- but relief but not by your command. You know we don't -- nobody Norm Coleman there was no comment too cute look to people who. So that was individual people -- individual that the other reacting -- and closing half of the film that India's unity. Anyone could make this mystique who committed a crime goal conditionally if you remorseful no. -- -- -- to you Utica between you do when you -- listed. When your comments and think -- respect protect -- people can feel -- if a truck with a few people do you feel. -- And I didn't have -- support that the people think not treated you when you're -- ovitz to -- -- -- -- that involves. People if you duty when you don't keep people. But spoke about it he do we ovitz and you have to deal with and you have to fight that with -- -- the other students and thank you.

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{"duration":"46:18","description":"Barbara Walters talks to the Syrian President about the state of his country. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15125366","title":"Barbara Walters' 2011 interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad","url":"/Politics/video/bashar-al-assad-interview-15125366"}