Beau Biden Says Mitt Romney was 'All Over the Map'

Joe Biden's son offers his opinion on the foreign policy debate.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Transcript for Beau Biden Says Mitt Romney was 'All Over the Map'
Let's get it out to vote Biden was the attorney general in the state of Delaware also -- to -- the son of the vice president. We have heard from -- Olivier -- in the last ten -- -- -- -- to take the first crack at this. Sure I'm curious though you can repeat the balance here tonight between the foreign policy -- and domestic. He's visited the economy component. Mitt Romney it seems to me neither did a good job of bringing it back. Two to that investigation to the top issue on voters' minds and I'm wondering how you feel the president did on that front tonight. I think the president did except for -- on he talked about ending two wars. In stopping having to -- UConn two countries didn't start rebuilding our country talked about how we do that. Infrastructure investment teachers Community Colleges. In a whole host of things including reducing the deficit plan to distance. -- four trillion dollars. We saw from governor Romney is a bunch of talking points from neo conservatives people that he's retained look tonight we saw. What happens when. A governor who has zero foreign policy experience runs for president of the United States we saw that in 2000 and we have to look and -- -- -- -- -- and saw. Governor Romney -- the lines of -- -- -- answers to these cities hired to advise him. I'm not sure many would -- be very happy tonight because you seem to try to embrace some very popular decisive stage. And foreign policy that the president is not undertaken over the last three years. I'm you know I'm curious is this the follow up -- What we've been hearing now about. That the president and that's what Mitt Romney seems it. Focus on -- -- at least he did that especially is closing at the president. Really doesn't have a second term agenda that he said he'd much rather fight famine and criticize him -- put forward his own agenda so. What do you say to that criticism that the president spending much more time. Really making this a referendum on Mitt Romney sent a referendum for a second term. When someone gets up on the stage in the -- statement governor -- Tends to run a race record if he has -- foreign policy and completely -- -- himself. You have to -- Nazis all the presidents states do what is the present or not he has to call governor wrong so we saw as governor. We talked about Iraq just take each issue Iraq the president said he and the war in Iraq he -- governor Romney thought of the tragedy. On Afghanistan presents an -- -- -- handing over authority Houston. Governor Romney is sad that it depends on what the facts on the ground -- the time on bin Laden. Present United States as a parent you don't. You know going to take out been -- Governor Romney publicly said the debate that he wouldn't move heaven and earth to go after him -- -- you know the president had to make sure he did exceptionally good job about it. Calling governor Romney out on the things he said on foreign policy. Look he's been -- consistent on it throughout his entire time -- candidate he's been all over the map. And this is what happens when you when someone who has zero foreign policy experience running for president states. At least George W. Bush. You know hired someone as his vice presidential candidate with him. I had song I happen it's the wrong -- -- -- and hats on. Governor -- chosen -- guy you're younger than me congressman Ron nice guy good dad good husband but has been. No foreign policy experts didn't look we've been a war for a decade in in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan with the longest -- this -- is -- and we hear from governor Romney there's a lot of chest were being. You know you know bellicose words about well it was to present it. Yes but you gotta be tougher and stronger not apologize immediately give me. -- -- Son of the vice president attorney general of the great state of Delaware we thank you for joining us from the spin room at Lynn University vote -- -- towns and I think is there. That's not me not.

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{"id":17540891,"title":"Beau Biden Says Mitt Romney was 'All Over the Map'","duration":"3:00","description":"Joe Biden's son offers his opinion on the foreign policy debate.","url":"/Politics/video/beau-biden-mitt-romney-map-17540891","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}