Beau Biden: Penn State is a Tragedy Happening Everyday in America

Del. Attorney General advocates laws requiring adults to report child abuse.
3:00 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Beau Biden: Penn State is a Tragedy Happening Everyday in America
Now we turn to the state of Delaware were pleased to be joined. By the attorney general of Delaware Beau Biden we should mention as well on this veterans day that he is a major in the Delaware National Guard and thank you sir for your service. Want to start with me the Penn -- scandal. I was -- the -- a scandal that has been rocking your your neighbors just over the border from Delaware. It because you made it such a centerpiece of your time as attorney general -- the -- prosecution of a doctor molested more than a hundred. Kids in that case what is your advice for the law enforcement authorities in Pennsylvania as they wrestle. With this situation involving mr. San dusty both Paterno and all the rest of the folks at Penn State. -- number one I have great confidence -- not. Governor Corbett and the attorney general governor Corbett -- I served together as attorneys general when he was the attorney general. So they they they they know what they're doing and are -- I'm not gonna try to. You know involve myself -- -- on what I would like to say in in what you're covering -- -- You know the nation and and and and Americans need to realize that. One out of four girls is sexually assault before -- 181 out of six boys are sexually assaulted for the very -- Only one out of ten of those victims ever report their crimes. In nine out of ten of the perpetrators who who who perpetrate these crimes aren't kids no war say they love the -- that they harm. This is a national problem and end unfortunately what's happened in the tragedy -- the -- -- the victims up at Penn state College Station. Highlights. A tragedy in that exist every day in America that sometimes people don't want to face. Attorney general John Berman here in New York there's no question you know is a moral outrage sexual abuse is a moral. Outrage for the full legal perspective. What needs to be done what do you see as the changes that need to be made. Johnson great question and in and it's brits both legal and societal change -- -- -- -- States need to have statutes on the books like we do here in Delaware that mandate that require by law that. Anyone who has a reasonable expectation that their child is being abused either emotionally or physically. On especially physically although wouldn't emotional abuse is real has serious consequences but when there -- abuse. That citizens adults adults have to report to the authorities the authorities being law enforcement. Pennsylvania -- as far as I can gather the deficiency of errors that it doesn't require a report to law enforcement -- law in Delaware is that. Anyone who reason we believe the child that is being abused they see it may reasonably such. They have to report to law enforcement if they don't. There are consequences. Some states have -- more states all states should have some form of that -- from my perspective my experience here in Delaware. Look kids. It's adults' responsibility to protect kids it's not the kids responsibility to protect themselves from these predators. And what is the enforcement have to be along those lines you need to go after know -- -- repercussions are people who don't report whatever is whatever position of authority there and whether it's a coach or or priest or teacher. One. The required mandate by -- for reporting. In number to their -- be serious consequences for failure to do so in Delaware we had a criminal statute. -- was -- -- enforced because he had a show that the person intentionally did not report something. How will we found is that that law was often -- not prosecute hard to prosecute because it's hard to -- prove the intent -- We change a long 2009 to say that it's a civil panicked exodus civil enforcement action. That's a 101000 dollar penalty would -- demonstrate that someone simply failed to report. A reasonable suspicion of child abuse. There need be consequences for this -- it just a straight out moral obligation. On top of any legal requirement both of those need to go hand in hand. Can do -- we need to recognize that children cannot protect themselves from this. Not nine times and attend -- being harmed by someone that -- entrusted to someone that they that they were believed that cares about them. -- often ten times is related to them. So you can imagine white kids have an incredibly difficult time only one intent -- ever stepped forward and tell their mom or dad or anybody about it. Attorney general Elena Rios -- -- a change subjects and a very very big way here on. You know we all have fathers that are there as those from time to time my father makes me cringe sometimes when he when he tells -- If your father who is got a pretty high profile job -- the vice president -- states. It who talks a lot. And had a tendency to say things in public which sometimes. General to get -- -- trouble the people comment on it I'm wondering as a son. As a sign do you ever -- your father about some of the things get up in all the press and in either make you cringe. Now never Marten look my father is a great listener if you talk to any of the kids I grew up with to consider my father second dad to them. My dad -- -- the great great listener better listener that he's a speaker happened also think he's one of the greatest speakers in and orders of his generation. Com and on top of that he's a phenomenal that -- look. If I'm half as good a dad and my two kids is my dad's been to me and my brother my kids will be in good shape I've got. I've got a dad who I think is about one of the finest vice president -- our country scene but he's even a better father. All right Beau Biden the attorney general of Delaware and again thank you for your service service in the in the Delaware National Guard we all appreciate that and they like -- say thank you so much. Thanks from me on -- interview with you. All right Donna doesn't this edition of top line is -- -- icons let's reclining -- -- slash John S -- Change -- eligibility issues huge.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Del. Attorney General advocates laws requiring adults to report child abuse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14933814","title":"Beau Biden: Penn State is a Tragedy Happening Everyday in America","url":"/Politics/video/beau-biden-penn-state-tragedy-sandusky-14933814"}