Ben LaBolt Rebuts GOP 'Recycled Attacks'

Obama for America campaign spokesman discusses President Obama's vision for his second term.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Ben LaBolt Rebuts GOP 'Recycled Attacks'
-- little hope this won't happen at this event I haven't seen one yet right now doubt nothing nothing of the sort Olympic by the Clinton -- So bent. What will we hear from the president tonight we take away one thing for the president's speech what's the -- Well it's going to be a road map to restore economic security for the middle class to create good paying sustainable jobs for the middle class ultimately we think those of the voters. That -- -- of the questions that voters out there. Want to hear the answers to that didn't intend the last week they heard the same. Recycled widely debunked attacks against the president the president's going to look forward -- forward looking vision tonight his agenda to restore economic security for the middle class. Well I want to bring up and I thought it had it right in front of me but there's an -- sent him out. From the president's speech naked when he -- one line that -- says not every problem can be remedied. Another government program and that -- at ninety up from Washington. And you know -- -- I think there's a bunch of Republicans will say this -- images of the same resident news. Touting the success of the auto recovery which obviously was very. Budget about governor. It was the only option right. Right on that there -- no private financing available and that's what it added we're in the midst of the severe economic crisis at this is the same president's cut taxes for small businesses. Eighteen times recognizes that there the engine of job creation. But there are steps we can take to create. A strong business climate investments and education investments in research and development. It infrastructure these are some of the pillars of economic security for middle class that you'll be hearing those -- a government. It programs though largely you're talking about government programs supporting it's been a big feet. Here this week so well well I think investments and education let's talk about that and in the fact that we've offered a 101000 dollar tax credit for. Students to pursue. Higher education. That's going to ensure that our workforce has the skills they need to compete and win in the global economy. So in some -- that's about unleashing. Individual initiative and make sure that people are taking advantage. Is not the message slightly kids we don't want ever have to do another -- we don't want to have to get another stimulus we don't wanna have to get another auto -- absolutely -- -- and that's what Wall Street reform was all about it was -- -- taxpayers never have to bail out Wall Street again like -- did in 2008. That's a big difference with governor Romney who. Repeal Wall Street reform allow Wall Street which -- -- rules again and to pursue risky financial deals that put our entire economy and taxpayers at risk. We've got right behind us now Mary Washington the -- is that quite put -- It would close it got going on. This week that will I think if you turned out last week you certainly saw -- and participate he's hosting. A live stream tonight. But nobody's been more involved in getting young voters. Involved in this campaign I think Alan I think that's a straight to the -- city's gotten people involved in politics -- never been involuntary. There ought to the -- the ABC programs scandal which it which had been. It was a -- -- -- -- get but you know he wasn't able -- it was not and it can say it helped. -- it now and what happened. -- -- -- We wanted to start threatening and we only got 31. You give -- headphones now they have magnet and we're just -- -- -- and you can do you get the president this Brooklyn at Passaic just you know it is got a big speech and hurts a lot tonight. He wants ago there were right we can lead to the problem right OK so Joseph Biden has been a very important surrogate for you while on the campaign trail. But it we're only hearing from him now for the first time -- about. -- and -- overnight money. Not getting sort of the missing billing of people like Elizabeth Warren are our President Clinton got. -- -- -- This is actually the traditional format of conventions we want to make sure that you heard from the vice president. And president back to back in the same night because it's important that you hear from the vice president about the tough decisions that the president made. When the politics weren't always good in the short term but he thought he was doing the right thing for the country and then -- the president's fourth looking vision. For how we restore economic security for the middle class 1996. And before you typically heard from the number two and number one on the ticket. On the same night we've returned to that format and secondly you may have noticed last week. That. Viewership on line was almost as high as network -- really like that and David -- exactly -- that that -- so I think there'll be millions and millions of viewers around the country we're not concerned. About reaching the American people I think they'll seek the vice president's speech tonight another tradition that -- -- -- tonight not entirely by choice I don't -- -- -- -- roof over our head here. Disappointing is that that -- happy 65000 people out there who had tickets were expecting to a -- that the the event down the street at Bank of America Stadium and other gonna have a lot to look immediately got. What else I think there's understanding that public safety has to come first the present at a conference call with his supporters earlier today to make sure that they. Heard exclusively from him. In advance of the speech only people across the country -- heard from him today and -- -- to try to -- an opportunity to catch up with them along the campaign trail. We're still using this convention its organizational -- -- Jim -- talk about the 5000 watch parties across the country that'll be hosted tonight people are texting -- calling friends and neighbors who were undecided. And we look forward to catching up with the supporters like the campaign trail. So right right after -- speech the president will actually -- the president and along went. The First Lady the vice president and and -- a doctor -- up to New Hampshire. New Hampshire if -- that -- -- -- that's not exhibit critical election but. It seems like if we we're gonna pick one state that the president who adds that more time never going to be a high -- or -- around. -- -- you've seen a strong presence from our campaign in all the closing competitive state since the general election. Began. There's no doubt that all of those -- principles will be traveling to the -- -- states in the months ahead but New Hampshire. Is -- important to them that it's a critical state it's close and competitive but we think that particularly with the -- into the economy built to last. And economic fairness and tax fairness as it is -- Best of the residents there.

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{"id":17177219,"title":"Ben LaBolt Rebuts GOP 'Recycled Attacks'","duration":"3:00","description":"Obama for America campaign spokesman discusses President Obama's vision for his second term.","url":"/Politics/video/ben-labolt-rebuts-gop-recycled-attacks-17177219","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}