McConnell: White House Found Libya Terror Attack 'Inconvenient'

Senate majority leader discusses VP debate, Obama response to Benghazi, Libya consulate attacks.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for McConnell: White House Found Libya Terror Attack 'Inconvenient'
We're very pleased to have the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Republican from Kentucky senator you served. In the senate -- Joseph Biden for many years what skills -- he bring to the table tonight. That worries you the most. Well Joseph is a Smart guy you know a lot of people think he commits -- lot of gaps but I've noticed that when he commits those -- they tend to be. The before audiences when he is frankly pandering to build. His debate performance is a girl have been quite good I expect him to do well tonight and of course we don't know all -- is no slouch himself. -- going further on that point you know I just reading through the Bob Woodward bookend. And you know he where you were called there the are -- July concert called them on the whisper. You will are you don't -- whisper in Kinney did you did you whisper anything -- -- Paul Ryan's ear and there has to be something of the out. Joseph -- and you know and nobody else dies and that he could give to Paul Ryan adds a little something special. Yeah actually I don't have any Joseph Biden secrets at a Colorado division detonating advice. From may look I think the mission tonight is really quite simple. We had an unusual event last week a debate that actually made a difference. Clearly had an impact. On the election you know when it went when the spending occurs after the debate when even the president's campaign manager basically concede. He got -- It had an impact. And I think both these guys are looking at this debate tonight is an opportunity in the case of Joseph Biden. To try to have a restart. Of their campaign to try to get the momentum. And in the case of Paul Ron clearly. To keep the momentum going. And momentum is not -- -- -- -- -- in the numbers I'll look at numbers every day you all do as well. And there's no question that last week was a significant debate and I think it raises. The interest in this debate whether this debate ends up making a difference -- not we'll find out. But it sure has heightened interest I was here for the one -- college twelve. Years ago I don't think it was nearly the interest and that one that there isn't -- Senator we're we're -- -- escalating campaign rhetoric about the yet the attack the American compound and things got me I'm wondering are you satisfied with -- Briefings from the administration. About that attack I know that you and and the leadership of -- the key committees are getting briefings. Are you satisfied with the level of detail the level of actors in the level of frequency -- Well we're finally getting the right story from the professionals -- the State Department have been saying apparently from the beginning it was a terrorist attack I don't know whether this where this notion. That this site was video inspired came from in the first place and it leaves you with suspicion. And that is since the president was in the campaign going around reminding everybody. Someone was gone and we're out of Iraq and we were accidentally out of Afghanistan and implying. That the war on terror was over that the campaign just felt it was inconvenient. That we had a terrorist attack. That killed four Americans. As I say inconveniently within a month of the election. So yes it's quite disturbing -- and there's no evidence that the video. That was the cause of this a terrorist attack all the evidence is that it was a terrorist attack and the professionals. In the State Department felt that from the beginning. So I think it's quite disturbing and they should be an issue in the campaign senator -- but now we really appreciate your time thank you very much for joining us tonight.

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{"id":17457228,"title":"McConnell: White House Found Libya Terror Attack 'Inconvenient'","duration":"3:00","description":"Senate majority leader discusses VP debate, Obama response to Benghazi, Libya consulate attacks.","url":"/Politics/video/benghazi-libya-terror-attack-mitch-mcconnell-white-house-17457228","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}