Jake Tapper Presses Jay Carney on Benghazi Terror Attack

Press secretary defends White House response despite early misstatements.
3:00 | 10/10/12

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Transcript for Jake Tapper Presses Jay Carney on Benghazi Terror Attack
It's an internal look and her -- or reason secure real sir. Both suggested. That there were efforts from the US embassy in Libya. Have more security and State Department State Department officials. Wouldn't let. Why why -- the State Department listen to -- These men on the ground wanted -- more secure. -- as I said. There's no question that. The result of what happened in -- Gaza is not acceptable for Americans killed is not acceptable. Situation and that is why the president moved so quickly to ensure that. An investigation was launched to bring the perpetrators to justice the killers to justice and a review was launched. At the State Department. To look at our -- our security posture at the bank -- facility and at the -- -- facility and elsewhere. It's those matters are under investigation there are also being discussed in -- public hearing on Capitol Hill today by individuals officials vote. Korea and otherwise who know the specifics of that. What I can tell you is what the president's interest is he's very interested in bringing the perpetrators to justice. And ensuring that we find out what happened. Why it happened and taking steps to ensure this never happens again. You have absolutely no idea why -- -- don't know why the state park 88 as we're hearing on Capitol Hill today we have learned a great deal as this investigation -- Progress. And we have been very clear about. What we have known -- different stages of this. Process over the last several weeks and what we have yet to learn and the fact -- at each stage. The investigation continues and more facts may be developed it change our understanding of what happened. State officials on Capitol Hill today being very clear about what we know now based on. -- several weeks of investigation has taken place. They are also making clear that the investigation continues and that the accountability review board. That is looking into the issues of diplomatic security. Is continuing its war on not prepared to. Preview the results of investigation or review that hadn't that are not yet complete. -- to second guess. What the experts in the field -- going to. -- -- And Obama shortly after the attack -- Sixty minutes. -- Mitt Romney's response to the attacks specifically -- you. President says that Romney has a tendency to shoot first and -- later. Given the fact that so much was made video and apparently. Had absolutely nothing to do here right -- wasn't even a protest. Outside. Didn't President Obama -- first inning later. Fertility any assessment about what we know now is not complete. But I would simply say it the the state -- There is no question in the region including -- there were demonstrations. Reacting. The -- -- of that media. And I will leave it to. Those who testify -- hill to talk about it as they are yesterday there was no protests. That. -- And in God's wrath. I'm not disputing -- but what we said at the time is our intelligence community assessed the attack began spontaneously following protests earlier that day and our embassy in higher. Again this is a moving picture. And people who on the night of an attack Wednesday after claim they know all the facts. But. Without making clear that. What we know is based on preliminary information. Aren't being straight and -- in some cases trying to. Politicize the situation should not be -- I think that's what the president was getting and I think many other people felt the same. This president's focus has been from day one. Line. Going after those who killed were Americans. On protecting. The thousands of diplomatic personnel we have around the world and those facilities that they worked in. And on. Making sure that thorough investigations conducted to find out what happened. And looked it looks into security posture in -- else. Transcript that I remember about President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Talking about video. In the remarks in the ceremonies and events for students from Gainesville returns in this country union members -- view it was a lot. Talk about the video in relation to the tragedy that -- I don't have anything new for you about what the assessments are now. The attack came about. What the role. Protests and demonstrations and other parts of the region more I -- when you to those who are testifying on Capitol Hill about this very matter as we speak. Question -- as Democrats talked about budgets being cut four. Anderson security. I'm wondering something that the White House believes what's problem as well there was there had something to do. Money being. Withheld. House Republicans are -- book. But this is -- that this the issue out. The security specifically. -- -- -- more broadly in Libya. And more broadly than that in the region and around the world is under. Review by the accountability review board and those assessments should be made by those who -- investigating. What is simply a matter of fact is that this president has. Fought for and put forward. Funding -- he believes is necessary for our diplomatic personnel -- diplomatic security around the world and others have. Sought to reduce that funding of these past several years. Because of an approach to our budget priorities that. Prioritize -- tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires that's just a fact I'm not making an assessment based on this incident there's no question that. What -- -- -- Ghazi was a tragedy and it was that that there was not and you know. The security enough to protect those four Americans.

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{"id":17445483,"title":"Jake Tapper Presses Jay Carney on Benghazi Terror Attack","duration":"3:00","description":"Press secretary defends White House response despite early misstatements.","url":"/Politics/video/benghazi-terror-attack-us-consulate-jake-tapper-presses-17445483","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}