Bernie Sanders Delivers Remarks Amid West Virginia Primary Victory

The Democratic candidate stated he will continue to fight for every last vote.
56:45 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Delivers Remarks Amid West Virginia Primary Victory
Am. Thank you know little. Okay. Yeah it. You know. And air jaws sound like. It's ready but the political rabble look at. This is a great turn out. And I want to thank all of you would be here let me begin. Like giving you also pretty good those. Last wing. Lastly. We've won. A really. Great victory. Yeah add up. And it appears that we want me. Victory it was a kid them. And you saw no. We're gonna we're and our kid. That's way. And I want to. I want to take a moment to thank the people of West Virginia. Well the tremendous. Victory I think it ends up being a double digit victory tonight. And s's aides today list which Hillary Clinton won. Opel forty. Points again it's. Barack Obama in 2000 today. Wireless. Virginia. It is a working class day. And like many other states in this country including hard. Working people are hurt. And what the people of glass that gently. Said tonight and I believe that people are again and to talk we'll say next week. Is that we. Better work. Fool all of las. Not jealous. The one good thing. People of this country. Wallace and admired. While working to look three jobs. I had all. Working longer. The little wages. They all worry. That about the future all of their case. And today do not. Want custody. All bulls bull and the well. Going to the top Watford side. They all worth it. The congregated. And an economy that works for all of us. It. I. Every. A very. And three. All need at the right. Day long it. To rebuild. Outlook worldly infrastructure. And create our. Good job. And the people of West Virginia and the people of Kentucky. And the people are acted on this land. That in the year. Six me we got got today. Public colleges and universities. To orchard. And it it's. Math. It and quality. Where there 110 of 1%. Now role almost as well as the bottom 90%. Happening I Erica. The people of argued in Kentucky and West Virginia ago. That it is high time for the wealthy and logical operations. Does not pay. Their fair share of taxes. Without victory tonight in West Virginia up we have. Outline. Primaries and caucuses. In night he states. Flattening. Lear I'd be we are. Eight. So wed. That. And wing on the go away so polite polite every last vote in a direct hit. Hockey. How low blood. That the motive. We've always acknowledged we hooded written but it. That we and all uphill climb I had Obama's. But we feel like you're. Loans to of fighting uphill climb. I have been fighting. Bill for of the first. Today of this camp today. Let people consider not infringe. Candidacy. Oh. With the there if one. And Whitney. Donald dropped. And am very happy that value. We will. The V Donaldson. And it you. Well over the laugh. Six weeks. And it every. Journal poll. Earnings. That these Donald Trump. I picked up. But it is not only in national polls where we that the trial like bigger numbers. Then Secretary Clinton. It is state people at the state little amp does state call. Shots in the last day just in the last. National balls Beatty from like bigger margins Secretary Clinton. Fought state light poles. That's the way. And that's no way go. Ohio barber in New Hampshire in every one of those polls we need strong. Would do better against strong that does Secretary Clinton. What the reason. Our campaign. Is the strongest campaign against strong. It's not just the polls it is that outlook campaign. Is generating the and edgy and the enthusiasm. That we knew. I have outlawed voter turnout. Democrats and progress. We in the national elections. When the voter turnout. Is high when millions of people awkward and it does stand up and fight back. That is lot. Our campaign it's all about how. I am very proud to tell you. That taking on virtually the end high democratic establishment. Senators. And governors and members of congress and mayors despite all of that opposition. We have now we're at sea well below 45%. Of the pledged delegate. And well in the coming weeks in our again. One and accuracy. And it's not yet the other things. Les. Wrote that victory is winning. The shark. And actions something else that doesn't get a lot of attention. But that I am very very proud. In virtually. Every. Primary and caucus. We win. The significant. Majority of people floating applied years of age and young. Now. They're true this that we don't go to work on this we got to do battle. With all the vote. That we are gonna do withhold vote. But quietly quit. In state. Is eight significant. Maturities of young voters. What that tells me and I think the American people. Outlook nation. While he Vietnam. Social. Racial and environment hope justice. Is. Look snapshot of America. Our pleasure and our vision is the future. All of America and does the future of the democratic polity. Animal control. Is not. Trump is not going to become president. For a number of reasons. Yeah it that the American. Plan. That we can not. President. Who adds insult added. He knows and Mexican. We'll pass in salt. More beloved. We'll every day is insulting women and 11. Has insulted veterans like John McCain and others. We'll it is all the African Americans. In a very profile way. People some minds forget. That before miss the trump was running for president he was one of the leaders. All of the sole holds first call movement. And that movement was theory oddly after it. Does he legitimized. The presidency. Of the first African American president. And ally history. That's the trump. Will not be president. Because the American people on that Stan. That our strength is in outlaw diversity. All are eight rate days. Beat wall. We all black and white and it got me. We are re write this page the clause we are today and we yards right. We are a great nation. Because we all women and men. And our greatness and hours grave. It's blatantly come together as one. Proud people. And the American people understand. That bringing us the gavel. Always trumps the biting. I saw. And the American people on this land. That we are great land we support. Each outlaw. Often. He is heard. My family has done a you know. And when my Bentley or hurt. You have got I helped us. America excellent balance. Not tolerate hate. Exits wage in which children go hungry. Well veterans sleep out on that street. And the American people on the thin. That supporting. Eve job. All ways trump selfish lifts. And the American people all settle on this plan. Perry filed lasted well it was like every major religion on Europe. Whether it is christianity. Unity Islam Islam. Buddhism. Lot apple. And that profile. Message. Is that at the end of that. Mall. Always trumps hatred. Our and our camp. Now Juan. Primaries caucuses in nineteen states because we got Billy Bob thing. Mary usual in American politics. We are treating the American people like colleges. Human beings. And we August howling about. But true. I have always believed. That it is all the more important that yield we have unpleasant. Truth. That just this week. Under the wrong. And let me discuss with you. Some of the truth. That we have gone to address. As Americans humble one. Men and women for and sought. To help preserve American. Democracy. And we all our veterans hate that a brother salute. That we can now book read many. And that is why you are every thought it as a polling. That today we. Eight campaign. Finances. Film which is core rock and undermining. American democracy. Mark earth today is not a complicated. Idea. It means one person. One vote. You've got to vote your got a vote and you got to vote. Lockers today. Not mean. Billion as body. Elections. Though mocked for us today. Not being. Walsh Marie and the wealthiest people in this country. Current trade creating. Masks of amounts of money. In those super pacs. Democracy. Does not me. Republican. Governors suppressing. The ball. About it why the gavel. We are going to all the concern. Is disastrous. Supreme Court decision on citizens unite Ed. Why are we are going to boo. Floyd public funding of elections. I hope. Passionately. In democracy and what that me it's. Is. If you law or a progressive. Moderate but conservative I don't care what your ideology. It's. You should have the right. To wrought parole office without begging. Million ads for campaign contributions. I laud this country. Well I rate. All voter turnout. Any country on earth. Not one of the lawless. But it's not shots a corrupt campaign finance says. And the super pacs that we have got to deal what it is the plaque. That we live in a rape. Now quote fairly obvious reasons you're not gonna see much of this loose collection. On television. But here awful. Unpleasant reality. Is that we as a nation are going there were threats in that area. We have more in com and well in the quality. That old bulls any major country on earth. And it is worse today. That inequality. Than at any time since nine he went the eight. In America today and what city in the exclusion occupancy on May as well. Purity. And that is. 110 of 1%. One head of 1%. Now holds all Mobil's month well. As 09. America today it looked like he wealthiest people. Old mobile well. Then the bottom half. Of America a 158. Million Americans. In America today. One family the Walton family of wal bought. And I. Own wolf well the bottom. 40%. Of the American people want them. And here is bought eight rig the economy really means. The Walton although wal malt O lodges Margaret suck the company in this country. What they pay their workers wages that are so well. That many of their employees. Of course the call on food stamps and Medicaid. In who days. For those foods stamps and Medicaid you don't know. It seems to me that being a little bit absurd. For working families I have to subsidize. Well wealthiest family in this country. And I say throw the Walton family. And by the way one all of the wall opens made me. Campaign contribution. That Secretary Clinton. While hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ice. And may instead of making large. Campaign contributions. That Secretary Clinton. Hey you don't workers and let. Field. Not eight that line is hearing that Lance. Not just fact that we. Open 20%. About children living in poverty. Not shots that we outlook rock campaign finances them. We also. Eight brocade. Criminal justice as well. There Reyes on very very wrong in this country. Lately. Walt people change now than any other country on our. Way I spent any any building. Yeah the lock up. Absolutely so billion Americans. That has got to change. One of the reasons that we have so many people who. Is that it may be home our inner cities in many of our rural communities. You'll have used on the deployment. Of thirty quality 50%. White kids Latino kids African American kids will have no jobs and have no education. And when you hang out on street colon is. Bad things happen. And that is why I believe. And a elected president we will implement. And that's me you know it young people. Jobs and actor Craig. Dogs that education. Not channels or it cause erosion. Reuters the lives. Speaker's eyes. These laws we need to me. We ought radical. Well I'll this may be its product alike you know maybe it's not. That might want this country. That's educated population. Not bought people in shall. When we talk about growth along main criminal justice. It is also important to deal with the local police departments. All across this country. I was that they error of Burlington Vermont. And we want all of you to come visit us in Vermont. Like Oregon it is a beautiful thing you'll enjoy it. I was the mayor there for eight years that I work with Howell police Waldman. Not only in Burlington products they have worked with Belize offices throughout this country. Vast majority of lethal offices. Are honest and hardworking. And have a very difficult job. Like wed April lethal assault like any other public affairs shall. Rakes the long battle with must be held accountable. Have gone TV. Demilitarized. Local police departments. We have got to make believes the omelets reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. We have not and book written ownership. Up prisons and detention center. Were today. Along culture in this country. Where it says the police Altman's leave vote law's killing people if the last thought. Not a person reform. We have got. Who read date but so called war on drugs. In the last thirty years. Millions of Americans are proceed movies racquets. We'll possession of marijuana. And it theory hers and tried again urge all. That please directed use real. Issue. And that is why I hardly. Right now when the federal control. Substance act. Lists marijuana as schedule one wrong right along on an up arrow and that it crazy. That is why if elected American elected president we will take marijuana. Out I'll. The federal controlled. We walk about. Let me tell you we he made major prices. In this country. In terms of opiate addiction. And in terms of heroin addiction. And drug abuse substance abuse. To my mind that both effective way to treat. That prices and it is the crisis because people are all over dosing every single day and dying. What we have got to do is on this land. That addiction is pay health quiz show. Not a criminal or true. That is why we need a revolution. In men that'll help treatment. The. If you are addicted you. You should be able look at hope you need. Today. Not six months from. All also faces. A very serious crisis. Influence the line in this country. And when people also was a idol. Oh win they all are almost. The people of Oregon about mass killings. We need an actual that people who mental crises. Yet how they need. Way today. This campaign has got to win because we all listening. Who the American people and not just the wealthy campaign contributors. Worker. Eight. They cannot make. On 819. Months now law we need to raise the minimum wage actually. Fifth name Donald. And when we've talked about equitable wage is we all got make sure that women. Do not continue to earn 79. Cents on the dollar. And I know that every band hero. Will stand with the women. In the fight. Full pay equity. This campaign. Is soliciting. To seniors and disabled veterans. And the veterans community in general. And what they are telling me. Is that no senior note disabled veteran. Can't make it on ten and 111000 dollars a year up Social Security. Rob look ends. Want you bought Social Security benefits. I. All we have some bad news for them. We're not gonna cut Social Security with the elderly and the disabled where got to expand. Social footprint. There's cab name. Is listening to young people. And where we. Lead me outside of the law says. All. We have Wellesley very simple question how does it happen. That when young people do exactly the right thing and go out and get the best education they can. Light at the end all. With 385070000. Dollars up that. Think about it for one thing you. And you can clue parents nuts. Thoughts. We want to. To get the both and that's education. That they cat. Range. Not. Be punishing people but getting an education. We should be re watered down. And bad air why we're gonna do some things. Number one we ought go intimate. Public colleges and universities. To which should free. Let's hope for the millions of people and how many people here tonight. Ideally it was noted that. What we are going to bill is allowed people with that to refinance. Enhance their loans at the lowest interest rates they can't find. And we are gonna pay but. Through attacks on Wall Street speculation. Says contrary bailed out Wall Street when their greed and the legal behavior. Drove this nation into the worst economic downturn since the great. Rest Great Depression. Now it is Wall Street's slide to help the middle class of this month. There's you have name. Is listening. So outlawed African American Brothers and says there is. There were asking me how does that happen. That we had petroleum. Dollars spent on the war in Iraq. We have bush should have gotten into blue. Lots of all of that lately though not. The money to rebuild crumbling inner cities in this country. It will act dead presidents that get we're going to be changing Alan national priorities. We're not going to be rebuilding infrastructure. And I Iraq. We're going to be rebuilding inner cities in America and it will. This campaign is listening tomorrow. Latino Brothers and since there. Now there are in lab then million undocumented. People in this country. We he comprehensive. Immigration broke long candidate pat. Flawed senate such. This camp hey they're soliciting fluent people. Whose pain is almost a barber. And that is the native American community. Every one of the air and I'll. Probable law that time this country. Any country. Native American people life through they would treat they would cheated and trees they negotiated. Or broken. Yep that native American people. Have. Provided us with Seoul march. Week. We eight and one. Things that well. You mean the we all lot of nature. We want co exist where. Extra. And that FAA. Couldn't. As we are doing today. If we continue to teach rolling nature up. We are ultimately. Running the human species. Yet today. On reservations. And in native American communities poverty unemployment. And suicide rates plus a life a life. If elected president we all going. Do profiles we've changed our relationship. To the native. American thing. When we day today. And not possible when we think outside the status quo. We asked ourselves a very simple question how does it happen. That the United States is the only major country on her. Not that guaranteed. Health capped the old people as they write. Lot of there are. Buried. They. Me. I. I. Sound system has reappeared. That's think tidbit you don't have it and suddenly it's a broad view. But. The Affordable Care Act has done some good things but we have got to do war. What this campaign is about whole respects. It's making the American people on Stan. What we and it's America. Every day immediate hopefuls this. Things goal. Imagine you really think you aren't high help Anthony Wright who do you think you off. Well I'd kind of thing. And the people in the United Kingdom France Germany Italy Holland Scandinavia. And Canada. Can have health care as a write in a lot. I don't know. That the America they. I'll watch little thing they're a good thing about this. When we pass a medic to four. Goal helped he passes them. What it me it's. Any body blows to the dock. When they did go to that knocked off. Not worry about it deductible. Oracle pay. When we pass a medic and a for all losses. We will not. Continue to be ripple by the drug companies who shot just. The highest prices. And when we pass a medic and a four whole system. It will mean that millions of people the long happens day on jobs. They don't like. Simply because they're getting good health insurance. Name for a moment what it will mean. Our economy when we leave the entrance but memorial. Spirit. Of millions of people who currently. Their jobs now and go out and thought no that's that since. Check wounds. 2.2. I. Okay. I. Walk away. On quality. Yeah pounders to Jesse my body. It's. When it was. On Friday and technology. On. I. You're going. Host and. Why. We yeah. A. During the Clinton. It's very. Holes blown park. Martin. It was over moment. Yeah. The warning and I'm. Yeah. Yeah. OK my. Earlier this morning. EO. Oh. Yeah I do an area. Whole life he repeat. And. You know. Normal normal bedtime. Chanting. Or. America. That we. Always takes place. On Bob on all. Following the creation of trade unions. 30 invisible lives. It. The wrong to get education we'll that you all stay on. Why Alan OK I don't know quite how. Second class citizens. Okay. Yeah. All the cool yeah. Moments right. And why. Or one dollar and creating. Cool. Laura and. Or. Submit good to me. Yeah hey. I do hear you now. Yeah you're the only. US. Visible. Product line. Qualities they that he ends and the nineteen life. Yeah. That's that's counting a territory Alice doing dates do you want me to do. Territories also. Okay and yeah. And okay now it's. Ma others say nineteenth state when he continent these about it and it went. Yeah I do here.

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