Bernie Sanders Discusses His Anticipation To Meet the Pope

Senator Sanders discusses the Pope, his wife Jane, and his family.
5:04 | 04/08/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Discusses His Anticipation To Meet the Pope
As they wanted to carve ice kind of on the issue I hope people don't forget but I have a from the NRA and probably lost an election way back in 1988 in Vermont. Because I said I think these assault weapons should not be sold or distributed in the United States of America. They have somebody a Jewish guy running for president I I like it it's like. Cruises eating mozzarella from the Bronx now does your meeting with the Pope. Pub Francis has invited. Bernie to visit. But let me be. Very clear you know obviously I have disagreements. With the Pope of the church regarding. Woman's right to choose gay marriage and sofa but. This Pope has been unbelievable. Indy racing is so different in raising consciousness. All about. Dealing with trying to create an economy that has moral it's. And he has around the world said we cannot forget what he calls the dispossessed. And he's the unemployed. The elderly people wore a loan without. In called the children. All and he is trying to say how can we create an economy which is moral. Not in one not an economy which so few have so much and so many have so little. We take it that was so that you think trickle down economics is in morrow yes surely do and photos the Pope and the Pope has moved very explicit about. He does not believe the giving tax breaks to billionaires a large corporations creates a delightful ordinary. People need all the thing that he says which is really radical. He says we have got to stop this idolatry. And worship of money for the sake of money yes software to worship. Were shook the billion answer Altria. We have talked to pay attention as to how the economy works for the children. In and our country we should not have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major country. It's too ingrained in human psyche about having more than the next person that's so hard to get rid of that money got driven we're talking with you and commercial break how you gonna Davis needs 73% of the remaining delegates I know your campaign manager when records say that if Hillary doesn't. Reach the majority that he will 100%. Absolutely challenge her for the nomination you've seen what this is doing to the GOP a possible open convention are you willing to risk that. Aren't your own aren't gonna get until all the details we hope to have a majority as we go in to Philadelphia for the convention. A home but I think what Democrats are also seeing an right and it if you look at the polling up there poll after poll shows a loss. It's a much stronger candidate against trump and the other Republicans. We be trump I think in last CNN poll by twenty points. Did that he's got to be the nominate. Ought to slow it may be maybe not the Mandel with a broken convention and somebody else that's the moment but in the end the little they are isolationists and lecturing without publicity a oh I think I emotional was converted an and one of the reasons. And of the I think we will obviously of overwhelming democratic support but I think we're also doing well with independents. And occasionally some Republicans are fairly confident that if I am the nominee. Not only will we be the Republican candidate will be gone by pretty launch watching. OK and don't let me you love to talk about coliseum record but we're gonna ask you some some personal questions animal satisfy a little while ago. I ask that first line is. Favorite fictional president. Well I like the west wing will remember the west. Pack. What she nothing and I put that was actually. Fairly reflective. Of what really goes to one winners not add two more celebrity crush. A moon and. Ever talk and joy. Every single morning meeting now it really is the end wins yeah. Isn't like other Whitner 24. I mean twenty tweet forced out and 27 years. What would she say. How high are well she faced her most annoying habit. But I'm probably say we're still working pivotal break. Take some time off spend more time with the grandchildren thus would choose. Oh yeah. What's hot are the grandchildren of your president acting they'll. Well clearly you actually. The kids are already planning to movement art. Okay. I had nobody is something I am very blessed. With seven beautiful grandchildren fourteen. How much like the good old up opposite wrestled as well as the created said. If I knew how much full and grandchildren. Our I would have them first and drove.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Senator Sanders discusses the Pope, his wife Jane, and his family. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38259645","title":"Bernie Sanders Discusses His Anticipation To Meet the Pope","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-discusses-anticipation-meet-pope-38259645"}