Biden on Chauvin trial: ‘Praying the verdict is the right verdict’

Plus, negotiations on President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan are underway, and the Senate holds a hearing on restrictive voting laws.
4:51 | 04/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden on Chauvin trial: ‘Praying the verdict is the right verdict’
Negotiations are underway and president Biden's giant two trillion dollar infrastructure plan. Biden says he's prepared to compromise on this plan but he remains firm. On raising the corporate tax rate to pay for the package ABC news deputy political director Avery harper. Joins us now for more so every president Biden wants to see out counter offer from Republicans. By mid may he says so why what does is gonna milligrams didn't have proper negotiations over a bill like this in a long time. What is the president and compromise on what do you see don't come and had. Right well president Biden has signaled that he is open to negotiating the size of the costs. And the scope so what what this infrastructure plan covers. We know that Democrats have a much broader interpretation of what. Infrastructure is. Then Republicans what Republicans want to agency. And and that's fixing things either conventionally consider infrastructure your roads your bridges. You know in some cases brought band. How we know that here is a Republican counter offer that is in the works and that. Asked senator Mitt Romney is going to be playing a large rolling in and how that all comes about he told reporters yesterday that. He wants to see a planet in part uses user fees so likes holes for for roads or bridges to cover the cost of some of these infrastructure plans rather than pushing it all to the corporate. Tax hike but you know here is a long road ahead before this infrastructure plan makes it to the president's staff. And Ingrid president Biden says that he spoke to George Floyd's family as they await a verdict in the trial of dare show many also offered. Some of his own thoughts on the case Elena play that supporting him. I can only imagine. Depression and anxiety are feeling. So I waited. Television. They're called. Peace. No matter what day. You heard it. I wouldn't say that. Injuring this question. As a little hard to hear Mason I think it's overwhelming. So Avery how unusual is the first sitting president. To comment on a pending verdict like this. Right I we haven't seen president Biden do you guys in the past and we know that he has given me the justification that the. I jury is already sequestered in this case and so he feels felt the need and felt like it was okay to come out and say that. How we know that the president has been watching this case closely I this is a case that. Had started a movement in every state in our union and so there's a lot of us out of things at stake when it comes to this verdict I know that. Out there are the verdict we can expect to see the president in in some of the shape or form. Address the verdict that'd be details are scant from the White House at this time that covered I see him continue to talk about this. And hey Avery lawmakers met today on no new wave of restrictive. Voting measures that are going through state legislature's Republican controlled state legislatures across the country. Democrats in congress are working to pass new federal voting rights laws. What Kim out of that hearing today and when might we see a vote on those bills in the senate what are they hoping to accomplish. Swallowed tuner that that hearing was need. Democrats who have they have dubbed. This trend that we've seen in India and most states. Filing love restrictive voting legislation. I'm me you know we saw on WC they knew Jim Crow. That this is this is a regression in terms of voting rights for for these Democrats and how we saw Republicans come out and end. I you know cry about integrity voter integrity and that there that federal lawmakers shouldn't have. Happy place in in in state elections and in house states run their elections in south we're waiting to see what happens with HR one with the for the people. Ask we know that it is in the senate. I'm ready does not have the votes to pass and as if there is not a change in terms the rules around the filibuster. It's it's really hard to see this passing at this point. We know that he he senate majority leader Chuck Schumer he said that he is going to bring it up for a vote that sometimes we're just all waiting on pins and needles to see what happens. And ABC news deputy political director Avery harbor thanks savoring.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Plus, negotiations on President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan are underway, and the Senate holds a hearing on restrictive voting laws.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77196840","title":"Biden on Chauvin trial: ‘Praying the verdict is the right verdict’","url":"/Politics/video/biden-chauvin-trial-praying-verdict-verdict-77196840"}