Biden promises Floyd’s family ‘justice’

“I promise you we’ll do everything in our power to see to it that justice is had in your brother, your cousin's case,” the former vice president said Friday on the death of George Floyd.
5:27 | 05/29/20

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Transcript for Biden promises Floyd’s family ‘justice’
You know of just an opportunity to speak with. The Florida family. A group of most of them are close decent honorable found. Lowly one another. Once again. We had the words. Heard yours and then her can't really. Connect brutality so aluminum. Did more than denying one more black man in America. His civil rights as human rights denied him of his very humanity had denied him his life. The primary and George floor it is. As it deprived area garner. One of the things every human being must people who do dream. So simple so basic so brutal. Noah. It was the same thing that went over to Santa Ana winds around Taylor and essentially mean George florid you know we've spoken their names aloud. We cried mountain painted in our reach saloon to a long suffering hearts. The latest additions to the endless list of stole potential wiped out unnecessarily. You know solicit dates back more than 400 years black men black women black children. The original sin of this country is still stains our nation today and sometimes we managed to overlook it we just push forward. The thousand other tasks and our daily life but it's always there. Weeks likeness. Received plainly. Governor country with an open wound. Not always get her way notice can be silent. Now is can any longer can we hear the words I can't breathe. Do nothing. We can't feel victims like you know what Martin Luther King called the appalling silence of good people. Every day African Americans go about their lives with constant anxiety true wondered who will be next. And soon. If every time your husband or son wife or daughter left the house you feared for their safety from bad actors and bad police. Imagine if you had to have that talk if your child about not asserting your rights. Taking the abuse he handed out to do so and so just so. He can make it home. Imagine having please call money just for sitting in Starbucks or or run in the air being indeed or watching birds. This is the lure black people in this country dew points. I don't have to imagine. The angered frustration. And exhaustion. It's undeniable. That it that's not the problems America. It's long past time that we made the promise of this nation real for all people. You know this is no time for centuries treats tweets. It's no time to encourage violence. It's a national crisis we need real leadership right now leadership there were everyone to the table so we can take measures route are systemic racism. It's time for us to take a hard look at the and comfortable troops. This time for us to face their deep open wound. We have this nation. We need justice for Jorge fluent. We need real police reform hope costs to a higher standard that somebody and actually me. It holds bad cops accountable. The repairs relationship between law enforcement community they're sworn to protect we need to stand up as a nation. With the black community we've all minority communities. And come together as one America. Passage. Case. New. It's. Could require. Those of us citizen position and who's to finally do the abuse of power. The pain is to millions for wood community. I believe is a duty of every American ground. To ground with the with our complacency. Silence we are complicit. Perpetuating these cycles it's nothing about this will be easier comfortable. We simply want this wound to the scandal over once more. About treating underlined injury. Let virtually ill. The very soul of America is at stake. We must can be it as a nation. To justice without with every every and every ounce or being we have to pursue it was real urgency. Make real. Promise America. Which you've never fully grasped. That all men and women are equal. And only creation. King. George's family. Thanks for taking time to talk to me. And from wish. I promise. You everything. C two. Justice. Is had. Cousins case. Folks we can understand. And who. Can change.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"“I promise you we’ll do everything in our power to see to it that justice is had in your brother, your cousin's case,” the former vice president said Friday on the death of George Floyd.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"70958262","title":"Biden promises Floyd’s family ‘justice’ ","url":"/Politics/video/biden-promises-floyds-family-justice-70958262"}