Biden raises speculation over serving 1 term, Buttigieg challenged for transparency

Biden reportedly told aides he is committed to a one-term presidency due to his age, Sen. Elizabeth Warren challenges Mayor Pete to be more transparent on the 2020 trail for his ties to past clients.
5:46 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for Biden raises speculation over serving 1 term, Buttigieg challenged for transparency
Filing out of the race to 20/20 and some campaign headlines that have people talking today starting. With polling front runner Joseph Biden today multiple anonymous aides to Joseph Biden have. Told Politico that Biden is committed to being a one term president given his age. And then he sees his role as bridging generations and the party perhaps. His vice presidential pick been something of a bridge itself and. A mine isn't the first time that Biden is faced questions about potentially. Agreeing to be a one term president if he wins. On but it was struck a lot of people that this was floated to political what do you make of. Yes that this is something that price has mine has an ass I reporters on the trail he was asked about it in his first interview after announcing his running for president right here on ABC on the view. I'm that he categorically said no he's not committing one way or another tick whether he would not ruling it out not really now but not committing to it aipac. Everybody I've spoken to has categorically denied that from the Biden campaign aired tribute trying to push back on this on Twitter. One senior advisor that I spoke to said its presumption you here and say it's presumptuous to talk about a VP pick. Well how presumptuous as it to be talking about one term when you're not even nominee that so clearly they're trying to push back and that's pump the brakes but. I'm does get a lot of questions about his age when he's out on the trail he'd be 78 on inauguration day the oldest president. Ever elected and in this is something that comes up so and some people think that committing to only one term. Could benefit handing could you know get some younger voters on board with him as a way to. Smooth things over between the trump administration and and then peed paving the way for a new Democrat to take the reins. Some people say that it would make him a lame duck that would congress knowing that they only have four years of a bite and an offense that they could just weaken out so he's. And in politics long enough to know how to do use trial balloons in the media for sure we don't know that's what happened here but it does smell like that a man director Rea. With the former political director for the Hillary Clinton Campaign she joins us now as well because. I want get your take on this Amanda is a Smart politics to sort of float this out there and get people thinking about the possibility that Joseph Biden could just be a one term. I think trial balloons are always educational for any campaign. But it's Smart of him and the team to not really get. A reality is staying open and flexible going to be absolutely critical in this election cycle bull from the primary. And then certainly in the general in Europe we're gonna I'm incredibly intense. And environment up flexibility in that openness is actually a good a good thing the half. And certainly floating so. Ideas with the press and seen how people respond is is really intelligence that you out maybe not today maybe in a month from our two miles an hour maybe about your. Vice presidential candidate are your rights Brent presidential partner. I'm in all of this spot I do you want to say I think most of the discussion. I'm reading me is this new idea for Democratic Party that this is gonna be at teen effort. And you know there's a lot of people who are very excited about different people here are our. I think where the way the party is gonna come together is really what does the school teen look like. And this is study not that stage for the kind of discussion at the party's gonna have as we gets further down. I'm into the 21 year. It's a fascinating conversation ahead of the next debate as well in Los Angeles next week a matter terrific so much as always for joining us mine eagle thinks. A freer reporting meantime to a Biden's top challengers are right now people who judge and Elizabeth Warren are duking it out over transparency in their campaigns. And in fundraising ingesting Gomez is our Bhuj edged campaign reporter joins us now. For more on this just a great to see you because. People to judge overnight took the step of releasing the names of all of his clients. After the consulting firm he worked used to work at McKinsey and he also now is letting reporters in. To his campaign for the first time telephone wire how this came about what we learned. Yes that these are two kind of separate issues but both really just focus on transparency here on the campaign trail the first one involving fund raising that really came to light. After senator Elizabeth Warren who really push the mayor to open his private fund raisers to impress. And discloses by anglers. The press has been asking me or. If he would be willing to open them up his senior comes advisor Liz Smith jumped in kind of like interjected them the mayor from answering and said it was more of a campaign question. So since then the press has been really on into open these and see if you would it but it wasn't until recently when senator Elizabeth Warren. Really challenged him on this issue and eventually the mayor caved and did switch his role switches tune and decided to open these. To press last night he held his first open press fund raiser at one of these private events and he is more going on at. In this city this week and as it. He's in New York mayor reason many right now she is remind everybody that he's it's it's important for the sake of transparency to allow reporters in to see what you're telling donors it helps. Build public trust in our political process and what. I these candidates are telling the rich and famous if you will what's Warren's response been to these developments. To us. Weren't so this is glad that he made these that he made the move to open them up at bend mayor Pete has really pushed back every time that she does to say that Warren herself should reveal her tax returns. From her years of corporate interiors as a corporate Wear what she hasn't released the returns but she did disclose how much she made during that time we had anyone ask the mayor yet if that's enough for him. We'll see what he. He says in the front all right both of these democratic act contenders. Working with. Big big money I donors there are out on the campaign trail just in our Gomez think you so much for that.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"Biden reportedly told aides he is committed to a one-term presidency due to his age, Sen. Elizabeth Warren challenges Mayor Pete to be more transparent on the 2020 trail for his ties to past clients.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67667236","title":"Biden raises speculation over serving 1 term, Buttigieg challenged for transparency","url":"/Politics/video/biden-raises-speculation-serving-term-buttigieg-challenged-transparency-67667236"}