Biden says Trump’s comments about Floyd were ‘despicable’

President Trump on Friday said he hoped George Floyd was “looking down” from heaven" and saying ‘this is a great thing happening for our country."
10:58 | 06/05/20

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Transcript for Biden says Trump’s comments about Floyd were ‘despicable’
Before I speak the economic situation. Just a moment. President said this morning. For the end of his remarks. Prison terms says he hopes that quote George Flores. Looking. And seeing. This is a great day for our country. We speaking to a man who was brutally killed by an active needless violence. Mine larger. Tide of injustice that is the test is size. On this president's watch as he's moved into slowness and based on race and religion ethnicity. George floors last words. I can't breeze. I can't agree. America and all across this nation and quite frankly around the world. For the president to try to put any other words in my house and George Florio I frankly think it's despicable. The fact that he did so. The day when black unemployment rose. Hispanic unemployment rose black youth unemployment skyrocketed. Tell you everything you need to know about this man. And what he really cares about. Today. Like all Americans. Who truly glad to see that tune half million Americans. Have gotten jobs back. For those families. That's a sigh relief. For all those of us it reminds us that resilience of the American people. To those Americans I'm so proud of you. So happy for you in for your families. I was disturbed or to see the president crowing. This morning. Basically hanging in a mission accomplished banner out there. When there's so much more work to be done. So many Americans are still hurting. More than twenty million Americans one out of every seven US workers who still. Out of work. Foreign armor swathe of our country their dreams are still on whole. There's still struggling to put food on the table. Wondering what's gonna happen tomorrow cannot pay my rent will I be able to maintain my mortgage payment. The unemployment rate remains the highest suspended nearly a century. As I said. Black employment went up this month that you know employment. Jumped to over 37%. Hispanic unemployment over almost four times are that was before the president Fox's response the pandemic. And I Maurer. When you look deeper to the doubt that. While temporary layoffs went down permanent layoffs without. Don't trump still doesn't get it. He's out there are spiking the ball. Completely oblivious to the tens of millions of people who are facing the greatest struggle of their lives. These folks aren't feeling any less pain today they knew where yesterday. People lost their health care and the crisis there are not celebrating today especially when Donald Trump is still going to federal court Friday to strip away. Health care protections to more Americans. The fact is about. Thirteen million fewer jobs today. For American workers in the day President Obama and I left office. So it's wonderful a C 10% of the families. Who lost their jobs due to Charles disastrous pandemic response start to make their way back to president's behavior makes me deeply word. For the 9% who have. But all those families. Or scared. We're fright but we're hurting are wondering what's gonna happen next I want you to know. I am a lot of others see you. Ran forgotten. I won't be satisfied in this country starts working for everyone. Just not. Let's be clear about something the depth. Of this job crisis is not attributable to an active got. But two of failure to present. Church days. Every country don't want their job losses due this pandemic but America was hit much harder out of the gate. Due to the complete incompetence and mismanagement of the response. This morning the president try to compare the response of Germany. And South Korea's OK let's compare. Germany has 13 of the deaths per capita. Than we do. The South Korea has lasted three pondered debt total. America has 4% of the world's population. And farther than a quarter of the world's debt due this pandemic. 4% of the population. A quarter of the world's debts. Oh sugar why. Let's get something strip. The president did not act quickly when he was warned to act when he was spoken in his in his own team talked about an act. New studies this week from Moody's and Brookings confirm. That half or more of those who lost their job. Would still be employ. Had trumped my own and a competent response like Germany and South Korea did. And other countries. When he should. We don't why this happened. Donald Trump was more focused on the stock wealth of the biggest corporations and he wasn't well meaning the American people. That's why he and his top economic advisors telling people buy stocks are sort of preparing our nation. To brace for this pandemic. Now after over 1101000. American deaths. More than twenty million people still lot of work. Consequences are clear. We're still face she devastating unemployment. And that they seem to still patient historic health crisis. Forward to continuing crisis of violence injustice and indignity. This devastating black Americans. Million Latinos for losing the soul of this country. You know. There are some of the stern is challenges our nation has ever faced. And Donald Trump is patting himself on the back. Just has no idea in my view what's really going on in this country. There's no idea the depth of the pain that so many people are still endured. Remains completely oblivious to the human Cole incident indifference. It's time for him to step on his own bunker. Take a look around the consequences. Of his words and his actions. Let's be clear. The president who takes no responsibility. For costing millions and whose Americans are jobs. Deserves no credit. When a fraction of them return. But there's a deep return. As we recover. Some of the temporary job losses. We're still not on track to grow back and ways that war actually. Really serve working people. President Charles bestow rewarding wealth over work. All we hear coming out of the White House these days as calls for more tax cuts. For big investors big corporations. When they didn't build this country. Middle class but this country. Use both of middle class that's who I fight for. If trump continues to put the interest of CEOs and shareholder that in America work. We never knew we need to be in this country. Look. Every American has a choice to make in November not simply to cruiser perhaps the president or senators congress people. What kind of country do we want to be. What kind of economy. We want. And who Willis sir. In the coming weeks. Away the plan I've developed for my conference who plan not just to build back the economy. The way it was before Covert team but to build it back better it was already heard for so many people. A plan to create millions of new good paying jobs and benefits for people get. A fair return on work would make countries stronger more resilient more just. As you'll see their plan is anchored in job creating investments in small businesses. True dollars in infrastructure. Investing in innovation. Manufacturing. Caregiver it. And rewiring a faulty structures of our economy to ensure the dignity and equality. For all American workers. There's a monumental amount of work to be done to repair the damage has already been done. And simply tweeting slogans like transition to greatness and to quote. Won't solve anything for the families who were herded. And wondering where do I go next. I look forward to introducing I would have already done it had not had and we've not had death. George had not been held up against that curb. I would plan and Henderson earlier. I'll be introducing very quickly. Implement any real job planet when you're create. And meet this moment. America's can't afford to have any more of their time voiced. In the economy that works for them and needed. They need jobs and bring dignity and he did now. They need equal justice and equal opportunity. Now. Do you the president cares about them who cares about helping them heal that. Can't wait. The response of so many people across the word world across the country. Including many of our Republican Colin. Former military commanders. Sooner. This cry now. We need justice. Opportunity. And hope. Faith in the American people. We didn't happen shoes there's nothing you can do. We need to unite. As one nation. When we had. We've never ever ever fail. To solve problems it faces. Thank you for Mr. Bush wrongly got protect troops from.

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{"duration":"10:58","description":"President Trump on Friday said he hoped George Floyd was “looking down” from heaven\" and saying ‘this is a great thing happening for our country.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71094008","title":"Biden says Trump’s comments about Floyd were ‘despicable’","url":"/Politics/video/biden-trumps-comments-floyd-despicable-71094008"}